Wednesday, May 22, 2013

La Senza Body Kiss Bloggers Party

Summer all year long in Malaysia you just wish your bras are from La Senza's Body Kiss Collection! Was so happy to be invited to one of the sexiest and funnest event - La Senza Body Kiss Bloggers Party which was held at KLCC's La Senza boutique. Thanks to The Butterfly Project, Tammy and La Senza for organizing this event for us bloggerlingeristas. 

Summer colours and neon hues.

Was a lil late to the event, but luckily I still get to participate their sassy game session, if I missed it I would really bang my head to the wall, because you know, it is so fun to run around and ransack the drawers at La Senza boutique to find for lollipop sticks. Bet none of you get to do that under normal circumstances hahaha.

The lollipop sticks found is the ticket to win in the game session and the winner gets 30 seconds to grab whatever she puts in the shopping bag, which has to be the size of the winner. Great reward to be the winner, so each and everyone of us are so eagerly searching all the drawers, the whole place is at war. Hahahaha. Bad news is, I got none. Zero. SAD!!!!!!

Showdown time to both of them because they have 4 lollipop sticks each.

She is the winner!!!!

This is the first time I roam around freely and really into looking, touching and feeling the Body Kiss collection by La Senza. It is invisible, it is smooth, it is sexy and it is available in 7 fashionable choices of colours and designs.

Leopard prints, neon hues, summer colours, lace and diamonds, so beautiful and sexy!

For invisibly sexy fit!

Fun night with all the girls at La Senza. 

To all the Lingeristas out there, La Senza is gonna spice up your summer days with a ONE DAY ONLY shopping spree at La Senza boutiques this SATURDAY (25th May 2013). So mark your calendar and set reminder in your phone because these are what waiting for you:
  • Smashing discounts up to 40% off!
  • Prestige VIP gets additional 10% off! (That means up to 50% off!)
  • Get a panty with any Body Kiss bra purchase for absolutely FREE!!!

That is not all! For this Saturday, visit these four La Senza outlet (Pavilion, Suria KLCC, 1 Utama and Sunway Pyramid) for the amazing gifts when you purchase a bra from the Body Kiss collection.

  • Be the FIRST Lingerista who buys a Body Kiss bra and ge a RM300 La Senza Gift Card
  • Be the next 30 Lingeristas who buys a Body Kiss bra and get a La Senza goodie bag worth up to RM150
  • Be the next 100 Lingeristas who buys a Body Kiss bra and get a La Senza goodie bag worth up to RM50

Of course there's this MEGA HUGE OFFER going on for a limited time:

Enjoy a limited time offer of Buy 1 Get 1 60% off.
Applies to Body Kiss Collection only.

Get the fun and sexy bra from the Body Kiss Collection today.
Brought to you by La Senza.

Do drop by at La Senza boutiques for more information! xoxo Lingeristas.


Tammy said...

Thanks Reiko for being a part of our exclusive La Senza Body Kiss Blogger's Party for The Butterfly Project Malaysia! <3 as usual... love u lots & thanks for sharing.

muah muahhh I'll share your post on our fb wall for everyone to see!

wiida said...

Hi Reiko! I took your picture which is the group photo and put it on my blog. I did credit your blog too. Are you ok with it? :)