Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day, Year 2013

My mum is a strong and tough woman who fight for a lot of things in life. She's kinda busy all the time and we couldn't find a good timing to spend dinner together with all the family members except celebration day like today - Mother's Day.

I couldn't go back to Ipoh to accompany Xuan this week due to work, so I celebrate today with my mum and my family instead. Decided to head over to Publika in the afternoon but what's keep running in my mind is: What to eat? Which restaurant? Initially decided to dine at B.I.G but they're closed (we reached kinda late as my family's dinner time is kinda late compare to others). We walked around and I saw Rakuzen so suggested that. No objection heard, so that's it. 

I've only had Rakuzen once with my friend and that was a long, long time ago, about 4 - 5 years? LOL. I remembered their food taste pretty delicious so I guess it'll be a good choice. Rakuzen currently having Spring Season menu as well, we ordered some from it too.

Haru no Mikaku, The Taste of Spring
Love the design!

Le mum and dad.

We spent quite some time browsing through their menus and deciding what to order. Rakuzen offers plenty of choices when it comes to Japanese cuisine. The only dish I'm interested is Salmon Sashimi. lol. We discuss and discuss then finally ordered these:

Sayori Sashimi
(half fish)

Hahaha, when Sayori sashimi arrived at our table we're like... Is this the sashimi of ikan bilis or something? The portion is so friggin small I LOLED! Hahahahaha. My dad couldn't stop laughing as well. Glad that this Sayori is not my type of fish or else I'll cry begging for more.

Sake no Oyako Sashimi Sanshumori
(Salmon, Salmon Belly and Salmon Roe)

The salmon sashimi taste fresh and the chef cut it into thick pieces and I just couldn't stop nomming these. The dish gone in just 1 minute. LOL. Salmon roe is my brothers favourite so I leave it to them to finish it up.

Unaiyu Zen

I'm not a big fan of Unagi but my brother is, he ordered this Unagi rice in hotpot that smells so nice when the dish was sent to our table. The female waitress helped to mixed the rice, unagi and the sauce together. The sizzling sound and good smell really get us all hungry. The set comes with clear soup in pot as well.

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice

Satisfying portion of chicken katsu curry rice that able to give my bro who is big in appetite to actually feel full after he gulp the whole plate. My brother have an appetite like a black hole and this Chicken Katsu Curry Rice deserved an award. Haha. Taste good, not that sweet, a hint of spiciness and its curry just smells so good!

Nabemono Udon and Salmon Don Zen

Didn't try the udon but I had half of the Salmon Don. Just like the salmon sashimi platter, the Sashimi in this Salmon Don were cut into thick pieces too. Yummilicious! Chawanmushi is soft and smooth but not taste of egg imo.

Another drooling dish from the Spring Menu -
Lobster Mentaiyaki

It was tad bit salty according to my parents but I find it quite nice. Not a big fan of lobster meat but still acceptable and goes well with Mentaiyaki. Mentaiyaki is my favourite!!! My dad keep munching on the cucumber slices with sesame salad dressing, he say that tastes better than the main dish. Hahaha. I think imma buy one bottle of sesame salad dressing for him tomorrow.

Thankful that we can sit together and celebrate Mother's Day with all the good food. Although it's just a mere few hours of gathering but I'm grateful for it. Hope my mum enjoyed the dinner as much as we do. Once again Happy Mother's Day to all the great mothers in this world, you ladies totally deserve a nice celebration on this day.

A not-so-formal family portrait. lol.

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