Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What We Chinese Want

Actually come to think of this, should be thankful of Utusan for giving us such an inspiration to write out what we want. Like seriously, we don't even ask ourselves this question most of the time, only when we're in doubt or something, but here it is, time for us to think about what we want.

I realize there are so many things that we want!!! If you already read this in my Twitter, you probably already knew what I'm going to post, but those who doesn't have one (and I've added more into the list), here are some things I think what we Chinese want.

In Reply of "Apa Cina Mahu"
(I've translated them into English. lol)

  • I bet all of us want to hit Toto Jackpot, like at least once in our lifetime, right? Haha
  • in a winning streak at Genting's Casino.
  • Minimum height starts from 170cm. 
  • Free wifi throughout the nation with high-speed.
  • Cheap concert tickets.
  • Taxi drivers who uses meter. 
  • Pudu roast pork.
  • Cheap branded apparels.
  • Public transportation that aren't flooded by Banglas.
  • Crunchy pisang goreng that isn't deep fried along with plastic.
  • Mashed Potato machine located in cinema that operate.
  • Only one type of durian selling, which is the D24.
  • Friends who love cats. Cats are so adorable can!
  • Security guards in shopping malls that aren't Banglas. They can't even understand a single thing we tell them sometimes. *face palm*
  • Uncensored movies show in cinema. (or make guidelines for censoring, why some movie can curse the F word some can't? )
  • Conversion rate of Malaysia Ringgit to British Pound RM1: 1 Pound. 
  • Longer battery life span. At least able to power phone for 16 hours without recharge.
  • The ability to eat spicy food. (Because I can't!!! SOBS!)
  • North-South highway free of toll and AES.
  • Free live broadcast of English Premier League on local TV channels.
  • Ipoh Coffee available in any restaurants of KL.
  • iPhone5 or Samsung Galaxy S4 for free.
  • Coconut Shake Klebang selling at KL.
  • Cheap Indonesian maid, not psycho ones of course.
  • Free local TV channel that only shows cartoon and animation like Pokemon, Spongebob, Adventure Time etc.
  • Understand all those Bahasa Melayu shortform used by Malay bloggers, because I really don't understand most of what they typed.
  • more Farid Kamil's movie. (Okay this is what I want, personally. lol)
  • Jay Chou's concert will be held one week long instead of just only 3 days. So hard to get concert ticket can.
  • Price of Milo reduce 50%!!! We Chinese love MILO, same as Malays, Indians and all the people of Malaysia.
  • A Gwiyomi video of Farid Kamil, Siti Nurhaliza, Our Prime Minister and Rosmah.
  • Dance anyhow we like on the streets like the movie Step-Up.
  • More 24 hours Starbucks outlets.
  • able to sing like Shila Amzah.
  • All night markets are as long as the one at Taman Connaught, and open till late.
  • Running Man being film at Malaysia.
  • Buy Perodua Myvi with the price of Kancil.
  • Keropok lekor.
  • Fashion streets like Shibuya, Harajuku, Milan, New York.
  • Cheap Bakgua!!! (Top in Chinese list I think hahaha)
  • Dine at KFC without worry being beaten up.
  • Cute and pretty school uniform like Japanese's.

That pretty much conclude what I've written in my Twitter for the whole day. Yes, I guess I'm a bit lifeless for today. And sorry for spamming their timeline to those who followed me in Twitter. It is so funny to when I think about it that there are so many things that we Chinese want but normally we just don't tell. LOL. 

Anyway, what we really want is just a harmonious country where all Malaysians live together peacefully, love and care for each other. I guess this is what everyone who live in this same country hoped for to. My love for this country and the people will not fade away, because we are Malaysian. :D

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