Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pureology - Save Water. Give Water Campaign 2013

There's always a story behind every successful brand, and I've never heard one as beautiful as Pureology's brand story that it touches me so much and made me believe that there are always love and kindness in this world that we are unaware of, and we SHOULD aware of.

In conjunction with year 2013's World Water Day, Pureology has announced its innovational campaign which is called Save Water. Give Water Campaign 2013. A series of campaign activities and efforts will be launch and the benefit made will be contribute for the communities who are in needs. 

Water conservation is the biggest initiation for Pureology worldwide yearly since year 1998 and the brand has been partnered with Green Cross International (GCI) to sponsor and help the children and women in Ghana to enjoy safe drinking water and proper sanitation. It is real saddening that when some of us wasted all those precious clean water running from our tap without a lil bit guiltiness, children in Ghana have to walk miles and miles away from home to the nearest rivers just to get water for their daily use. 

Pureology is a pioneer in sustainability among all L'Oréal brands ever since L'Oréal corporation set its ambitious goals for waste, water and CO2 reductions. Sustainability is all about preserving the natural resources, the environment, benefiting communities and generating positive profits. L'Oréal Corporations has a heritage of environmental consciousness, using green botanicals and 100% vegan formulas since its inception. It is no longer about traditional marketing trend, but the future of business strategy.

In year 2012, Pureology has re-launch its new packaging renovation with breakthrough formulas and production method to reduce water usage at company level but they didn't just stop there. This year, Pureology has leveled up their effort in their sustainability endeavors and which consists two support strategies:

Launch of the Limited Edition Hydrate

Whenever a consumer purchase products from this stunning collection, one Euro will go to the Green Cross International clean water program as part of the fundraising efforts. The vibrant artwork on those Limited Edition Hydrate packaging is actually a compilation of drawings by school children at the Makango School in Northern Ghana.

The compilation drawings on the packaging and merchandise for this Limited Edition Hydrate range shampoo and conditioner touches the hearts of consumer. 

Opening remarks 

A video clip were showed to all the guests before the presentation of Pureology and seriously, the children and women in Ghana is living a hard life without clean water and personal hygiene is at its worst that it breaks my heart. In fact, 800 million people all over the world doesn't have access to clean drinking water and more than 1 billion people are lack of proper sanitation. At times like this I am thankful for being born as Malaysian, at least I have access to clean water and drinking water as well as proper sanitation system that others sees as a privilege in life.

"I sincerely appeal to people everywhere to come to our aid, because we really need their support to make a difference in my region. People are suffering and I pray that they will come to our aid."These words are said with tears by Sharifatu Yassif, a 21 years old assistant teacher from the Makango School in Northern Ghana. My heart breaks at the same time when she cried, hoping that more people in the world realize the difficulties they are in and hoping for help that can improve their lives. It was such a relief to know that Pureology is playing an important role and giving help to the children and women in Ghana and now they have access to clean water without walking miles afar.

Awesome product presentation from Pureology Malaysia Team

Pureology caters for every type of hair needs and care for the hair color that you into taking care of. Its 100% vegan formula are made with plant extracts and its AntiFadeComplex includes essential antioxidants to defend against colour-fading free radicals  + full spectrum of UVA/UVB helps our colour-treated hair to stay vibrant as if we just step out of salon. All ranges of shampoo of Pureology are ZeroSulfate shampoos which are formulated naturally with ingredients such as coconut, corn and sugar which gently cleanse our hair scalp but at the same time maximize the colour retention of our coloured hair.

The founder of Pureology Jim Markham created the brand on behalf of his beloved friend, who is a cancer patient but still loves to make herself pretty by dying her hair. The harmful ingredients in conventional shampoo made her suffer and there's where Jim Markham started to create Pureology, a ZeroSulfate shampoo which uses natural ingredients to protect coloured hair and also, protects our natural hair colour away from the damage.

There's no excuse for not supporting Pureology
Such a good brand for hair colour protection at the same time contribute to the Green Cross International.

With my girls at the Pureology Save Water Campaign 2013.
Tammy, Fatin and Lisa

With Jojo Stuys and Ning Baizura who graced the event with their appearance.

Thank you to the L'Oreal Malaysia and Pureology team who organized this event, to once again reminds of how grateful we Malaysian should be to have unlimited supply of clean water to our house everyday, to have clean drinking water without having to suffer and walk just to get a bucket of water. Please be thankful of what we have and cherish them while they're still available. Save water, and give a bit of your support to those who are in need!

Water Saving is the IN thing!
Don't forget to do it everyday, for a longer sustainability for us, and the next generation.

Get yourself a bottle of Pureology shampoo and conditioner to experience the Sulfate-Free hair washing and long lasting hair colour with radiant shine. Available at selected hair salons.  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Juice Beauty

The haze is getting serious lately that the poor air condition we're having here is making me sick. Except drink more water to replenish and hydrate our body all the time, fresh juice is another solution too to boost our body immune system. 

Received a very delicate box from Tammy, courtesy of OnlyBeauty that I have no idea what awesome products are inside and it is from Juice Beauty.

The Organic Solution

People nowadays are so concern about what they eat or drink so that they can improve their health through their lifestyle and eliminate all the harmful pesticides from entering their body. Beauty lovers can too, by using organic beauty products. Juice Beauty are made with certified organic ingredients, allow consumers to enjoy the benefit of beauty products made of high quality organic ingredients without the worry of unhealthy ingredients usage.

Our skin absorb 64% of beauty products we place on it, so instead of using products which made from harmful ingredients, use products made with organic ingredients. Juice Beauty organic products gives better age defying and blemish clearing results than conventional products. Their clinical validation result showed up to 87% reduction of free radical scavenging on skin's surface. Time to say goodbye to wrinkles and sunspots!

Juice Beauty is so good that I can drink it.

Time to reveal what are in the cute Juice Beauty box:

Cleansing gel, oil free moisturizer, blemish clearing serum and stem cellular repair moisturizer.

Come to think of it, Juice Beauty is the first organic beauty products that I get in touch with, and I'm glad that I get to know more about Juice Beauty through OnlyBeauty. They have the highest percentage of organic ingredients juice base. Every drop I use will be feed to my skin with powerful antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and more! And that also includes jojoba, aloe, grapeseed, organic shea and 30 more organic juices which made Juice Beauty products contains very high level of goodness that are feed to my skin.

Juice Beauty Cleansing Gel - Antioxidant Cherry Juice.

Today would like to show you the Cleansing Gel of Juice Beauty. Another thing I've been worry about is will these healthy beauty products smells bad, as if it smells like medicine or something that isn't appealing. NOT AT ALL I TELL YOU! I like the smell of their beauty products, it's very natural and full of cherry goodness. 

The cleansing gel is very lightweight and non-greasy at all, not in a very thick form, but easy enough to apply all over my face and start cleansing. Not much foam, but easy to rinse off from skin and therapeutic as well as the aroma lingers on skin surface. I can feel my skin is clean and feeling refreshing, not even slightly feel of tensed skin at all after cleansing, which proves that my skin is cleaned but moisturized at the same time, not over-dry and able to restore the balance of my skin condition.

Juice Beauty's Antioxidant Cherry Juice Cleansing Gel is now one of my favourite cleansing gel after I found out that my skin absorb what I apply on, even during cleansing. The cleansing gel is gentle but still cleanse my skin thoroughly even after I removed my make-up. I strongly recommend this cleansing gel to all those organic beauty lovers who are reading this! 

Care for your health while looking fabulous, Juice Beauty is the organic solution for beauty lovers skincare regime. For more products info about Juice Beauty, you can always refer to OnlyBeauty's website to know more, or visit Juice Beauty Official Website. 

Juice Beauty Cleansing Gel
Your organic solution!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kiss Me Mobile Makeup Station and Launch of Heroine Make Brown Mascara

Althought Kiss Me's Mobile Makeup Station has come to an end, but still I would like to write about the cute launch of the mobile makeup station and also a mini giveaway *ahem* to bribe thank you all the support I've got from all of you, to be a reader and friend of my humble blog, to see me grow and also allow me to share all my experiences through my life, events I've attended and things I've been experiencing and blogged about it all along.

This is the 2nd year Kiss Me Malaysia has launched this mobile make-up station thingy. You know it is kinda like a Japanese culture to have trucks serving as mobile advertisement medium to create more awareness than a still advertisement at a particular location. Kiss Me's Mobile Makeup Station creates the same effect as well, but more than an advertisement itself, it is a truck full load of Kiss Me's awesome products imported from Japan, you can try it on the truck or ask help from the sales assistant and let yourself drown in the world of cuteness overload princessy mobile makeup station!

The launch took place on a super sunny Saturday morning.

Nobody has seen the mobile makeup station yet, but it's gonna unveil soon!

That day will be the same day Kiss Me launch their latest brown mascara in the market that's available at selected SASA and Watsons store nationwide! The event dresscode is pink, too bad I don't have any pink stuff in my wardrobe, gotta make do with a purple-looking fuchsia pink dress.

With Jean at the launch, she's going Korean lately! Love her style!!!

We waited for the VIPs to arrived and the launch started. Firstly, an opening remarks by Mandom corp. director. Mandom corp is the distributor of Kiss Me products in Malaysia.

Later, another opening speech by VIP of Watsons Malaysia.

Watsons Malaysia Merchandise, Space and Planning Director- Caryn Loh.

Here starts the official launch of Kiss Me Mobile Makeup Station. 

Cheeky Japanese song dance performance.

Jeng~ Jeng~ Jeng!!!
Kiss Me's Brown Mascaras as well as mobile makeup station is official available!

Doll-like princess walked out from the mobile makeup station.

Kiss Me Heroine Make series is one of my favourite when it comes to Japanese brand cosmetics. It is affordable, princessy packaging and of course, of its lasting lipstick and lipgloss and water-resistent mascaras which always on the top of my list when it comes to buying one. The brown mascara is a must for girls who wanted to look naturally especially those who have dyed their hair brown. The brown mascara gave a natural and gentle impression and is a good match to pink, brown and pastel colour eyeshadows.

For all the guests, medias and VIPs who were at the launch, there was a make-up demo session and the make-up artists was invited all the way from Japan just to teach everyone how to do a Japanese-ish makeup by using Kiss Me's products.

Makeup demonstration by Ms. Sayaka Kondo, professional make-up artist from Kiss Me Japan.

Learn ALL the makeup tips and be princessy!

The Kiss Me Mobile Makeup Station went literally everywhere. From KL to Ipoh and Penang and back to KL again. A peek inside the cute truck if you didn't manage to encounter it during its nationwide tour:

Shopping in a princess house is my feeling. lol.

The official launch ended with a pretty group photos of everyone from Mandom corp, Kiss Me department as well as representatives from Watsons Malaysia.

I know what you guys been waiting for, and here's the prize of mini giveaway:

Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara in Brown worth RM49.90

Now, enter the giveaway and you might win yourself a brand new brown mascara from Kiss Me Heroine Make series!!! This giveaway will ends on 24th of June.

Be pretty, be princessy, use Kiss Me!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Project "HOPE" by World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013

Many may know that there are kindness happening around us, under our eyes, but sometimes we are just too busy to notice bout it. Thanks to Manoah Consulting, I've witnessed another act of kindness which is helping the future of Malaysia to grow bigger and stronger. It is none other than the Project "HOPE", a project by World Summit Marketing Malaysia 2013(WMS Malaysia 2013).

The official launch of Project "HOPE" took part at Komplex Kraf located at Jalan Conlay on 11th June and the event was well supported by strong turnout of VIPs such as Ambassador of Chile to Malaysia - His Excellency Christian Rehren, General Manager of Karyaneka - En. Mansor Abdul Latiff, Director of Marketing & CSR for Asian Football Confederation - Mr. Stuart Ramalingam, Head of CSR for Asian Football Confederation - Dr. Annathurai, CEO of Staedtler Malaysia - Mr. Christopher Huehn, Y.Bhg Dato' Tom Abang Saufi and professional singer Donne Ray of The Platters.

Everybody dressed up nicely in suit and batik dresses.
I felt so underdress T_T


So what is Project "HOPE"? According to the Organising Chairperson of WMS Malaysia 2013 - Dr. Marceline LeMarié, Project "HOPE" is the integral part of WMS Malaysia 2013 and is committed to address the issue of poverty eradication and basic education of Malaysia, according to the Millenium Development Goal (MDG) of the United Nation - MDG1 which is Eradicating Extreme Poverty & Hunger and MDG2 which is achieving Universal Primary Education. Project "HOPE" gave the opportunity to children from schools, orphanages and NGOs both coming from Peninsular as well as Sabah & Sarawak to express their dreams through arts and craft, striking a balance of children chosen between the east & west of Malaysia.

Thanks to AirAsia, the kickstart of the Project "Hope" is flying in 40 children aged 8-12 and their chaperons from Rumah Anak Yatim Tambunan in Sabah, to join the other 60 children the same age range from Peninsular for a 3 days fun activities and unforgettable experiences. From playing football with professional footballers and coachers (courtery of Dream Asia, Asian Football Federation), free medical checkups courtesy of Columbia Asia Hospital at Setapak and tour around Kuala Lumpur and meeting world-renown Malaysian Idols.

When I first arrived Komplex Kraf, the place was full of laughter from kids and smiley faces from adults. I guess gather together in order to contribute the lil power of ours and bring changes to the kids really does make people feel good, doesn't it? The last thing we need to do for an orphaned kid is to pity them. They are just normal human being like us, and are entitled to access for basic primary education, which will be the key to end poverty with their own hands and knowledge they gained in life.

Combining the strength between small to medium enterprise, WMS Malaysia also launched an extension of Project "HOPE" - 8 Billion which is a global scale project to increase the sustainability of Malaysian efforts in achieving both MDG1 and MDG2. Dr. Marceline Lemarié stress once again that this is not charity nor pity-kind of act towards those who receive help from Project Hope, instead of giving those who need a fish, they're being given a fishing rod and taught to fish so the effect can last them for a lifetime, and for the coming generations as well.

8 Billion, a collaboration between WMS Malasyia and local SMEs to create/allocate a product line that co-brand with the logo,
a new way to give back to the society.

After the opening speech by Dr. Marceline Lemarié for Project Hope, we were shown documentary videos during the speech of the Chilean Ambassador His Excellency Christian Rehren about his country, Chile. It really makes me feel like visiting Chile is not a bad idea at all. The Ambassador's support in Project "HOPE" does make the project garner the attention at the international level.

After some videos, is time for some real entertainment brought by Donne Ray from The Platters. Now when I think back, I felt so wasted for not getting any autograph from him!!! He's such a talented singer and the oldies that performed by him that day is just indescribable awesome! I bet those who love oldies would melt on the spot. Besides, he invited his friend to join in the performance along. Guess who is his friend that made an appearance?

Donne Ray!!!

YES! Mr. Bean was there!!!
He's like the duplicate of Mr. Rowan Atkinson can!

Although now Project "HOPE" is still at its early stage, but the WMS Team has already trying their best to plan for what's next. The 100 children who was present at the official launch that day were asked to draw what they want to be in the future. Their art pieces will then be auctioned during World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013 which will be held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre from 28th - 30th of September 2013.

The panel of judges(bidders) will decide the 3 best craft among all art pieces and these 3 best art pieces will be rewarded with a fixed deposit under their name which will made available to them when they reach the age of 18. The creator of the highest bid art craft will receive RM5,000, while the runner-up will receive RM2,000 and 2nd runner-up RM1,000. These are called seed "HOPE" fund which will help them kickstart the life that they want.

Kids at their best, with their creativity roams around
I bet it will be such a difficult time to determine the winner.

Project "HOPE" by WMS Malaysia 2013 is indeed a new way for the society, especially those who are in the marketing field to find ways helping those who are in need as well as able to sustain their own business. It is the vision of create "A Better World Through Marketing" that make all these possible. It will be a never ending cycle for those who wanted to help by their business and contribute to the Trust Fund which will be given to those who are in need, to achieve the MDG1 and MDG2 which some areas like the people of Sabah and Sarawak who are still struggle through their daily lives.

Supports from every aspects in the business industry.

The passion, generous contributions and efforts of partners such as Kraftangan Malaysia and Karyaneka, AirAsia, Staedtler, F&N, Volkswagen Group Malaysia, Manoah Consulting, Alcom, BMI Research, Columbia Asia, Jim Liaw Photography Studio, AOS Conventions & Events, Dream Asia and Asian Football Confederation made the official launch a successful one. More companies and corporations are welcome to participare in this global social purpose initiative, urge Dr. Marceline Lemarié.

For more details, visit:

Thursday, June 13, 2013


I know many have not heard about this brand, but seriously, it is by far one of the most awesome product presentation I've seen with my own eyes. The award-winning French skincare brand Novexpert organized a talk for their invited guests to get to know more about the brand's product, I am glad I am one of them who get to receive the inivitation and precious knowledge about Novexpert.

It is no secret that all the skincare products and cosmetics we apply onto our face and skin will penetrate into all layers of our skin and eventually, end up going into our blood stream and being transfer around our body. Yes, you hear me right, that includes all the chemicals that's been used to produce the skincare products, be it toxin or not toxin. Although we can't really see the effect of these chemicals residue inside our body, but a life long exposure of the chemicals to our body may bring harm more than we realize, that's why Novexpert, new generation and technology of skincare is created.

The talk and philosophy of this natural, clean anti-aging skincare was explained by the co-founder and Chief Execitve Officer of Novexpert - Cyrille Telinge. This new technology anti-aging skincare is targeting those modern techno-parano consumers who are afraid of chemicals but yet want medical quality and effective products that are safe, natural and organic when used over the long term.

Cyrille Telinge - Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Novexpert

The creation of Novexpert is based on the combination of two experienced business families - The SIROP family who are well known as the Thalgo group who owns 9 brands known among more than 60 countries and The TELINGE family whose the owner of luxury clothing line "Cyrllus"who later sold its company to one of the major luxury group who owns Gucci and Le Printemps. Both entrepreneurs families share the same value: entrepreneurship, innovation and ethic.

Both families joined well-known senior researchers who worked for prestigious cosmetic brands such as the former World Technical Director Shisheido, former Wold Scientist Director from Nuxe, former World Researcher Director from Kanebo, former World Director from Sederma in order to achieve excellency and expertise of Novexpert's own Research and Development laboratory in 1999.

Introduction of the products from Novexpert Doctor Line

The Novexpert Doctor Line consists of 3 ranges: Integral Anti-Aging Range, Express Anti-Aging Range and Eye Expertise Range. These products are developed by its team of French doctors who are recognised as experts and researchers in the skincare industry. Without any marketing and financial constraints, these doctors only focuses on developing the most effective anti-aging formulations that will also be suitable for sensitive skin as well as for long term use.

Novexpert has already garnered 11 awards within 3 years since its launch in Europe. All formulations from the Novexpert Doctor Line are Ecocert certified 100% natural origin (you know, even organic brands can only claim 95% to 98% natural origin.) Novexpert is 0% chemical, they uses natural system of preservation which makes the products of the brand so unique, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and certified 100% hypoallergenic.

Fragranceless, and light weighted!

If you ask me: How can a product maintain in a good state without any support of chemicals to help preserve it? The answer that Novexpert will give you is - Novaxyline. It is one of the key ingredients in all the products of Novexpert which is a complex combined with 3 types of sugar created by the process of bio-fermentation and an algae extract (can be found offshore Brittany). These ingredients are able to jellify water in just 3 seconds and bacteria cannot develop without hydration.

The experiment Cyrille Telinge did infront of us
Showing the technology of the natural system of preservation used in each and every Novexpert product

It's jellify!

Our body needs good bacteria to survive, using preservatives will kill all the bacterias in the products that we use, including the good bacterias, and that is why more and more skin allergies were reported each year. Purify our skin too much, leaving it no good bacteria to fight with the allergens that come contact with our skin will eventually cause inflammation and allergies. It is a kind of natural protection that our skin needs.

To show all the guests how 100% edible and biodegradable Novexpert is, Cyrille slab tons of Novexpert cream into a plate of fresh yogurt and another plate of yogurt were mixed with another brand of cream, to see if there's any changes in texture because yogurt contains all the good bacterias which is good for our body, if any preservatives were detected the texture of the yogurt will change because the good bacterias were killed. While the brand X cream's plate of yogurt become all sticky and clumps all together, Novexpert's plate of yogurt still look smooth and silky that there are no changes at all.

Before showing Novexpert's plate of yogurt to all the guests, Cyrille even dipped his finger into the yogurt then put it in his mouth, that's how he's sure of the 100% organic, edible and biodegradable Novexpert is.

Use anti-aging products before your first wrinkle appears, which the ideal age of 25 for Asian skin to start fighting with aging skin and it'll take 5 years for the wrinkles to be visible. Normally for caucasian women, their wrinkles appear around 25 years old and Asian women, 33 years old. As Hyaluronic Acid is involved for tissue repair, all Novexpert products have "encapsulated and non-encapsulated" Hyaluronic Acid in them. Non-Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid will remain on the skin surface to bring moisture and superficial lifting effect while the encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid will go deeper into the skin to increase the quantity of the dermis (for a deeper lifting effect). The Express range contains 7% (highest concentration) of Hyaluronic Acid while other ranges contains 5% of Hyaluronic Acid.

Novexpert, a technology that you wouldn't want to miss!

It was a wonderful presentation.

Here are more details of the products range of Novexpert Doctor Line:

Intergral Anti-Aging Range:

  • The Expert Anti-Aging Cream, 40ml tube
  • The Expert Anti-Aging Fluid, 40ml tube

Express Anti-Aging Range:
  • The Repulp Cream, 40ml tube
  • The Repulp Mask, 50ml tube
  • The Instant Lift Serum, 30ml airless pump

Eye Expertise Range:
  • Expert Anti-Dark Circle Eye Contour, 15ml tube
  • Expert Anti-Aging Eye Contour, 15ml airless pump
  • Expert Lifting Eye Contour, 15ml airless pump

Prices range from RM99 to RM178. Available exclusively at SaSa outlets nationwide and online purchase Novexpert products at

For more enquiries:
LiveLife's Infoline: 1800-88-0488
or email to:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Timeless Elegance from Samsung

Yes, I'm referring the title to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 latest limited edition colour addition - Amber Brown! 

Amber Brown - Limited edition colour, available while stocks last!

Brown, a colour that is down-to-earth that approaching anyone at anytime is possible. Samsung Galaxy Note 2's Amber Brown colour is a 'timeless coloured' smartphone that can be match simply with anyone. Its sensual and warm colour gives the supportive feeling to anyone who owns it. 

The colour of this phone kinda reminds me of chocolate - sweet indulgence and yet giving me all the satisfying feeling once I had a bite of it. Besides me, I'm sure Amber Brown coloured Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are what the guys are looking for, something that stands out from the norms but yet not too flashy. I find it is a perfect gift for guys, don't you think so?


Just like the other Galaxy Note 2, this smartphone have the 5.5 HD Super Amoled screen, which not just providing sharper and glare-free images on screen, but at the same time consumed less battery power than traditional touch screen. Quad core processor with 1.6GHz CPU speed, running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, with Air View gesture and enhanced S Pen benefits, this timeless beauty truly cater the needs of an elegant gadget lover.

Sleek with a comfort grip.

Hesitate no more, if you're looking for a gift for your guy friends, boyfriend or your one and only beloved father (Father's Day approaching *hints), Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Amber Brown is the best gift in my opinion. Remember, experience this timeless elegant creation from Samsung at any Samsung Outlet nears you.

Still need a more solid reason for purchase? Watch this heart-warming video clip:

For more information:
Samsung Careline: 1800889999
Samsung Facebook Page

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bell 宇田 Beautiful Live

Got the invitation from Laogao to this local singer whose name is Bell 宇田's live mini concert that was held at Penthouse, The Icon on 27th April. (Hah, another backdated blog post).

That day was a super rush day for me as I was rushing all over the places and got myself stuck in job and being late for the show. End up Laogao felt so upset for me being late. I'm sorry~ T_T. Heard he said that the first half of the show was a nice one, pretty wasted for me to have missed the first half. In case you're interested bout what's the highlight of the first half that I've missed, Laogao shared the video link to me...

Isn't it make you wanna cry? A lot of people cried during the video, and the best part is - the woman of the above story was there, at the mini concert, and was invited to the stage by Bell. I'm sure that if I was there, I will cry like nobody's around too. That's why Laogao was upset with me, that because of me he can't really enjoy the show. Sorry sorry :(

But the lucky thing among the unlucky things is - I still get to see Bell perform my favourite song of hers live that night. Of course, they save the good stuff at last, right?

Bell and friends jamming session.
I couldn't recall their names.

Bell have this sweet voice that I couldn't get over with. The first I heard her voice was in the movie Paper Moon 纸月亮. Her voice in the song 带我走 really touched me, and from there I know that Malaysia have this talented singer called Bell 宇田. She's really good at singing, at times I wish that I have voice as sweet as hers. Imagine you talk to everyone in that voice, sure their heart will melt.

Stunning beautiful.

Nothing too flashy, just her, a band at the background, and her beautiful voice.

The two songs I like of hers are 雨是甜的 and 带我走. Love her live performance, so nice that I felt touched by her singing. Her fans did something even crazy when she performing 雨是甜的...

All bring out the umbrella they brought purposely for the song.

It really wasn't easy to become a singer in Malaysia, it wasn't easy to be recognise and also not an easy route to release an album. Many have tried, many have failed as well, but I'm glad that Bell did it and Malaysia have a unique and sweet voice like her singing. I would never forget how well she sang that night, and how touched I am to have attended the mini concert that she prepared with all the members of her team that have made it a success. Of course, a truthful thank you to Kevin who invited me to this mini concert even though I am not really a mandarin song lover.

Wish Bell all the best in her singing career, more and more songs from her to be release in the future!