Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bell 宇田 Beautiful Live

Got the invitation from Laogao to this local singer whose name is Bell 宇田's live mini concert that was held at Penthouse, The Icon on 27th April. (Hah, another backdated blog post).

That day was a super rush day for me as I was rushing all over the places and got myself stuck in job and being late for the show. End up Laogao felt so upset for me being late. I'm sorry~ T_T. Heard he said that the first half of the show was a nice one, pretty wasted for me to have missed the first half. In case you're interested bout what's the highlight of the first half that I've missed, Laogao shared the video link to me...

Isn't it make you wanna cry? A lot of people cried during the video, and the best part is - the woman of the above story was there, at the mini concert, and was invited to the stage by Bell. I'm sure that if I was there, I will cry like nobody's around too. That's why Laogao was upset with me, that because of me he can't really enjoy the show. Sorry sorry :(

But the lucky thing among the unlucky things is - I still get to see Bell perform my favourite song of hers live that night. Of course, they save the good stuff at last, right?

Bell and friends jamming session.
I couldn't recall their names.

Bell have this sweet voice that I couldn't get over with. The first I heard her voice was in the movie Paper Moon 纸月亮. Her voice in the song 带我走 really touched me, and from there I know that Malaysia have this talented singer called Bell 宇田. She's really good at singing, at times I wish that I have voice as sweet as hers. Imagine you talk to everyone in that voice, sure their heart will melt.

Stunning beautiful.

Nothing too flashy, just her, a band at the background, and her beautiful voice.

The two songs I like of hers are 雨是甜的 and 带我走. Love her live performance, so nice that I felt touched by her singing. Her fans did something even crazy when she performing 雨是甜的...

All bring out the umbrella they brought purposely for the song.

It really wasn't easy to become a singer in Malaysia, it wasn't easy to be recognise and also not an easy route to release an album. Many have tried, many have failed as well, but I'm glad that Bell did it and Malaysia have a unique and sweet voice like her singing. I would never forget how well she sang that night, and how touched I am to have attended the mini concert that she prepared with all the members of her team that have made it a success. Of course, a truthful thank you to Kevin who invited me to this mini concert even though I am not really a mandarin song lover.

Wish Bell all the best in her singing career, more and more songs from her to be release in the future!

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