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Project "HOPE" by World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013

Many may know that there are kindness happening around us, under our eyes, but sometimes we are just too busy to notice bout it. Thanks to Manoah Consulting, I've witnessed another act of kindness which is helping the future of Malaysia to grow bigger and stronger. It is none other than the Project "HOPE", a project by World Summit Marketing Malaysia 2013(WMS Malaysia 2013).

The official launch of Project "HOPE" took part at Komplex Kraf located at Jalan Conlay on 11th June and the event was well supported by strong turnout of VIPs such as Ambassador of Chile to Malaysia - His Excellency Christian Rehren, General Manager of Karyaneka - En. Mansor Abdul Latiff, Director of Marketing & CSR for Asian Football Confederation - Mr. Stuart Ramalingam, Head of CSR for Asian Football Confederation - Dr. Annathurai, CEO of Staedtler Malaysia - Mr. Christopher Huehn, Y.Bhg Dato' Tom Abang Saufi and professional singer Donne Ray of The Platters.

Everybody dressed up nicely in suit and batik dresses.
I felt so underdress T_T


So what is Project "HOPE"? According to the Organising Chairperson of WMS Malaysia 2013 - Dr. Marceline LeMarié, Project "HOPE" is the integral part of WMS Malaysia 2013 and is committed to address the issue of poverty eradication and basic education of Malaysia, according to the Millenium Development Goal (MDG) of the United Nation - MDG1 which is Eradicating Extreme Poverty & Hunger and MDG2 which is achieving Universal Primary Education. Project "HOPE" gave the opportunity to children from schools, orphanages and NGOs both coming from Peninsular as well as Sabah & Sarawak to express their dreams through arts and craft, striking a balance of children chosen between the east & west of Malaysia.

Thanks to AirAsia, the kickstart of the Project "Hope" is flying in 40 children aged 8-12 and their chaperons from Rumah Anak Yatim Tambunan in Sabah, to join the other 60 children the same age range from Peninsular for a 3 days fun activities and unforgettable experiences. From playing football with professional footballers and coachers (courtery of Dream Asia, Asian Football Federation), free medical checkups courtesy of Columbia Asia Hospital at Setapak and tour around Kuala Lumpur and meeting world-renown Malaysian Idols.

When I first arrived Komplex Kraf, the place was full of laughter from kids and smiley faces from adults. I guess gather together in order to contribute the lil power of ours and bring changes to the kids really does make people feel good, doesn't it? The last thing we need to do for an orphaned kid is to pity them. They are just normal human being like us, and are entitled to access for basic primary education, which will be the key to end poverty with their own hands and knowledge they gained in life.

Combining the strength between small to medium enterprise, WMS Malaysia also launched an extension of Project "HOPE" - 8 Billion which is a global scale project to increase the sustainability of Malaysian efforts in achieving both MDG1 and MDG2. Dr. Marceline Lemarié stress once again that this is not charity nor pity-kind of act towards those who receive help from Project Hope, instead of giving those who need a fish, they're being given a fishing rod and taught to fish so the effect can last them for a lifetime, and for the coming generations as well.

8 Billion, a collaboration between WMS Malasyia and local SMEs to create/allocate a product line that co-brand with the logo,
a new way to give back to the society.

After the opening speech by Dr. Marceline Lemarié for Project Hope, we were shown documentary videos during the speech of the Chilean Ambassador His Excellency Christian Rehren about his country, Chile. It really makes me feel like visiting Chile is not a bad idea at all. The Ambassador's support in Project "HOPE" does make the project garner the attention at the international level.

After some videos, is time for some real entertainment brought by Donne Ray from The Platters. Now when I think back, I felt so wasted for not getting any autograph from him!!! He's such a talented singer and the oldies that performed by him that day is just indescribable awesome! I bet those who love oldies would melt on the spot. Besides, he invited his friend to join in the performance along. Guess who is his friend that made an appearance?

Donne Ray!!!

YES! Mr. Bean was there!!!
He's like the duplicate of Mr. Rowan Atkinson can!

Although now Project "HOPE" is still at its early stage, but the WMS Team has already trying their best to plan for what's next. The 100 children who was present at the official launch that day were asked to draw what they want to be in the future. Their art pieces will then be auctioned during World Marketing Summit Malaysia 2013 which will be held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre from 28th - 30th of September 2013.

The panel of judges(bidders) will decide the 3 best craft among all art pieces and these 3 best art pieces will be rewarded with a fixed deposit under their name which will made available to them when they reach the age of 18. The creator of the highest bid art craft will receive RM5,000, while the runner-up will receive RM2,000 and 2nd runner-up RM1,000. These are called seed "HOPE" fund which will help them kickstart the life that they want.

Kids at their best, with their creativity roams around
I bet it will be such a difficult time to determine the winner.

Project "HOPE" by WMS Malaysia 2013 is indeed a new way for the society, especially those who are in the marketing field to find ways helping those who are in need as well as able to sustain their own business. It is the vision of create "A Better World Through Marketing" that make all these possible. It will be a never ending cycle for those who wanted to help by their business and contribute to the Trust Fund which will be given to those who are in need, to achieve the MDG1 and MDG2 which some areas like the people of Sabah and Sarawak who are still struggle through their daily lives.

Supports from every aspects in the business industry.

The passion, generous contributions and efforts of partners such as Kraftangan Malaysia and Karyaneka, AirAsia, Staedtler, F&N, Volkswagen Group Malaysia, Manoah Consulting, Alcom, BMI Research, Columbia Asia, Jim Liaw Photography Studio, AOS Conventions & Events, Dream Asia and Asian Football Confederation made the official launch a successful one. More companies and corporations are welcome to participare in this global social purpose initiative, urge Dr. Marceline Lemarié.

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