Friday, July 19, 2013

A Day at IKEA

A silly day well spent with Sheena perhaps. Meet up with her at IKEA to pre-celebrate my birthday last month. Then we decided to do nothing, just simply grab a dog and roam around IKEA without any purpose. 

Oh! Perhaps we're waiting for dinner time. lol. Took tons of silly photos as well.

Painted my lower eyelids that day with pink eyeshadow.
Just because I feel like it. lol.

Pretending we're dining at our own house lol.

And Sheena is so happy with the dog, playing with it at the sink.


Some so-called vogue at the laundry area.

And then... It's dinner + cake time!!!

Thanks love for such a wonderful day even though we did nothing that day, but let's do this again!!!

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