Saturday, August 31, 2013

Marquee Club Launch Party

It's good to let loose yourself once in a while, enjoy the drinks, food and company that brings the joy and relaxation to your hectic life. Thanks to Donovan, me and my friend were invited to Marquee, a club located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur for its launch few days ago. 

Refurbished, Marquee is now more comfy!

Was late to the party that night due to an appointment earlier and by the time we reached, everybody were half way drinking and dancing already. Saw a lot of blogger friends there and seriously, this is gonna be the first time I party with my blogger friends especially with Jean! Jean brought her friend KJ as well, the last time we met was at Swedish House Mafia tour, no wonder he reckon me as party animal. lol. I seldom party one okay~! LOL

Drinks of the night - Bollinger Champagne

I saw the video footage that introduces Bollinger champagne. From France, this champagne were featured in many, many of James Bond movies. Suddenly felt so "atas" as we're drinking what all the James Bond characters were drinking all these years! Sipping and tasting the life of rich and classy.

Finger foods were served around that night. Yums!

Several DJs rock the club that night.
Mixing the dance music from the 90s to what's hot nowadays.

Me, Jean and Cindy.
This is the first time we danced together in a club! Yay~ *bucket list crossed*

Thanks Donovan for the invitation.
Had fun and enjoyed ourselves that night!

Both me and Jean were pretty tired that night as she just came back from Bali and I didn't have enough sleep and was running around KL for events and works. I glad I still went to Marquee Club Launch (wanted to ffk already initially because gawd, so tired I cannot open my eyes) and she was so happy to see me. Yayy~! Had so much fun and drank few cups with her that night. Happy times with friends are time well spent.

Spacious, comfortable, nice ambience, good lighting, friendly and cute bartender, awesome DJs and crowd, Marquee is a good place to go party with your friends. Convenient location, located at BB Park and not to mention, cheap parking at Plaza Low Yat if you plan to head to Marquee, only RM5 per entry after 6p.m.! Isn't awesome!

Now you have a place to head to for Merdeka holiday party celebration!!!

Last but not least, here are some details for the club:

GL-10, BB Park (opposite Plaza Low Yat), 

Business Hours: 
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 3:00 am

contact number: 012-661 5245

(Photos are credit to Jaz Khai (Official photographer of Marquee Club Launch event), Jean and Marquee)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pawn Stars Asia Tour 2013

Any Astro History Channel viewer here? Did you know that the hosts of Pawn Stars just stopped by Malaysia yesterday and thanks to the invitation from ChurpChurp, I get to see Rick and Corey Harrison in real person!

Pawn Stars is a big hit reality show in US and of course, they have a lot of supporters in Malaysia too, saw a hardcore fan with Rick's book "License to Pawn" in his hand and won himself a chance to take photos with the hosts of Pawn Stars. Lotsa supporters come in Malay traditional clothing too because it's still in Raya festive mood.

While the two event emcees testing Rick's evaluation skill of the value of items they brought, It's amazing that Rick able to describe the history of brands and collections as well as knowing the value of the items. Being a pawn shop owner really isn't easy as you have to know a lot of things and not to be fooled by those who come to your shop to pawn stuff.

Rick and Corey told us that they film 5 days 12 hours a week and the crowds in their pawn shop is just as same as the supporters at this event. From there we can see how successful the show is and how happy I was to be invited to the event. Bumped into HuaiBin from SixthSeal at the event and had a good chat with him. It's been eons since we last met, how time flies!

Once again I would like to thank you ChurpChurp for giving me this opportunity to meet the two hosts of Pawn Stars in person, such a wonderful experience! They rockkkk!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

La Cremeria Launch

Did a show for Nestle's La Cremeria launch today, wearing MarryMerry's gown in nude colour. I fell in love with the dress design, cutting and chiffon material when I first saw it. There's something about me towards chiffon like cats to catnips. lol.

Everybody is so kind today I met one of the most gentle make-up artist and hairstylist. I love how my makeup artist draw my eyes makeup and it was done under zero pressure/stress. So is the hairstylist who minimize the usage of hairspray too. Thank you very much, definitely looking forward for future collaboration again!

La Cremeria ice cream tubs are now in 6 different flavours, hence you can see we're 6 models dressed up in different colour evening wear to represents each flavour. I'm the first model to walk the show and shocked me when I saw most of the medias are my blogger friends. Same goes to them, they're shocked when see me on stage. lol.

Although I didn't even manage to try one scoop of ice cream, but it was a fun work experience and a good time for a mini chit-chat session with all my friends, and bumped into Lumi as well! Haven't saw her since January! Envy her stylish hair colour, but everyone been telling me that they love my hair colour now, guess I can't make drastic change yet huh. lol.

Thanks to Amber Chia Academy, Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, all the models for making this show a successful one. We are the beautiful La Cremeria Bellas who looked very much like taking part in Nestle's La Cremeria Pageant 2013 lol. What a happy Tuesday!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Leftovers of Malacca Trip

The 2nd day, which was also the last day of me and my friends Malacca trip back in April. Wrote the first day blog post back then but the second day four months later wtf!!! Hahaha. Hopefully I can still recall the stuff we did back then.

Hotel breakfast to start our day.
If you ask me, they are not really tasty. lol.

Random photos we took inside the hotel room.
A lot of em. By a lot I really mean A LOT!!! lol.

Jonker Street as our first destination that day after checkout from hotel.

Basically, this group of people like to take photo.
It's been quite some time since I last took photos like how I did back in this Malacca trip.

Gwiyomi? lol
It was still a big hit back then! Jason's phone ringtone was that song which made Kevin damn pissed off, especially when they share room and Jason's phone keep ringing. Hahahaha.


The reason why I didn't blog about the 2nd day of the trip straightaway is because aside from the photos I took with my phone, there are tons of photos in both Elise's and Jason's DSLR, so have to wait them to upload the photos so I can grab and share in the blog post. Didn't realized that procrastinate till 4 months later, lol. Hence you can see the difference in terms of photo quality.

The first thing we do when we reach Jonker Street - Eat.
Chicken Rice Ball is yum!

Tried a few restaurants for Malacca's signature dish - Chicken rice balls and in my opinion, the best will still have to be Restaurant Chung Wah, the very first restaurant where the origin of chicken rice balls come from. Although I'm not a big fan of steamed chicken, but somehow I like their steamed chicken, and the rice balls are tasteful too. That's why you never see the restaurant empty, and always long queue outside of it. 

It's located at the small roundabout at the entrance of Jonker street. Not a fancy restaurant but they got the taste where you will go back again and again!

Kota Laksamana18, Lorong Hang Jebat, Melaka, 75200, Malaysia

Stuff 2 heavy meals in just few hours time is really something difficult, and we decided to go for dessert, which is the coconut shake everyone been talking about. Tried to visit the place once but too bad it was closed for Friday prayer so this time, I did my research and decided to visit the shop again during its opening hours. 

Klebang coconut shake.
Without ice cream is Coconut Shake normal where with ice cream is Coconut Shake Special.
Seriously, forgot how much it is. RM2-ish I think.

Yum yums!!!
Love it with vanilla ice cream!

Klebang coconut shake located at Kampung Klebang, a seaside village. It's kinda hard to find the junction to turn into the shop if you're first time there, but just keep an eye on the roadside you will find there's a stall at roadside selling coconut shake so turning into the small road beside the stall and you will reach the shop. The business is running by Malay family so they won't be open during Friday morning till noon and business hours start from 2pm on Friday.

It's kinda far from Jonker street and the main city areas of Malacca, so you will have to possess own transportation to Kampung Klebang. Walking from Malacca town area to the place will be impossible so don't even try. 

Jalan Klebang, Malacca, Malaysia

+60 6-283 6538

After food and desserts, it's time to explore some of Malacca's historical places. Too bad it was going to rain that day and we don't really have enough time to visit St. Paul's Church up on the hill. Just roughly visited A Famosa below, took tons of silly photos again. lol.

Or maybe I should say I'm the only one who took silly photos.
Friends don't let friends do silly stuff alone, remember???

Loving this cat shop.
Tons of funny cat names and quotes.

Have no idea why there's a T-Rex in front of the building. lol.

Awesome tree is awesome!
More than hundred years old!

Fly me to the moon~

From Jonker Street till A Famosa.

Group photo ala gangster style.

Hahahahaahahahaha~ Speechless!!!

And continue walking, we reached Dataran Pahlawan and its huge field. We spent about half an hour there just because we can't get a satisfying jumping shot of four of us. So hard when using timer to take action shots. Maybe we're just too noob, lol.

Footsteps we made.


It's been 4 months already and the photos of our jumping shots are still not yet being upload by Jason!!! Now only I remember that most of the shots were taken using his DSLR but I've forgotten that he's more procrastinate than I do. Hahaha~ So no shots of jumping photos at the field of Dataran Pahlawan. I doubt that I'll be uploading them in the future too. =/

Then, I remembered it rained that afternoon and we went to Mahkota Parade's branch of Nadeje and chill. I have no idea what's the hype is about for the mille crepes but we still ordered one piece each for ourselves that day. It's not that special and "only-can-get-in-Melacca" anymore as there's a Nadeje branch opened at Jaya 33, PJ months ago.

How many of you have already tried all the flavours that Nadeje have?

Bon Appetite :D

We walked from Jonker Street to Dahtaran Pahlawan to Mahkota Parade and walk back to Jonker Street for its night market. It was kinda tiring but fun. What we did during that 2 days 1 night trip is just eat. Stop by here to eat, stop by there to eat, eat everything we find delicious. lol. So how can we miss what's selling at Jonker88, right?

With super delicious gula melaka! Yums!!!

This Laksa!!! One of the best Asam Laksa I had in my life,

Although you have to queue for quite some time, and hard to get empty tables and seats inside the restaurant, but the food is worth for your time and every cent you spent. Go earlier as some of the food will finish before evening, as this was my experience for going late to Jonker88 for my past 2 visits to Malacca, I only can eat their Asam Laksa but not their Baba Kahwin Nyonya Laksa! Sobs. I will go earlier for my next visit to have what I'm craving for!

Address: No. 88, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200, Melaka, Melaka, 75200, Malaysia
Phone:+60 19-397 5665

Headed to Seremban for its famous Grilled Crab because none of us had that before and since it's on the way back to KL, so we search and asked some friends and got to this restaurant that served grilled crab. But compared to grilled crab, I'm more obsessed with this:

Fried wanton skin with the restaurant's signature chili sauce.
It is OH-EM-GEE delicious I don't know what they used to make the chili sauce so irresistable!!!
Wish I can buy a big jar back to KL with me.

Grilled crab of Seremban.
Kinda Salty, as told by most of my friends who ate before. 

This Malacca trip was the most intense one compared to all my previous trip as we were non-stop eating. In just 31 hours we've already ate 13 times regardless heavy meals or light snacks. LOL. How can not gain weight right? But yeah, overall it was a fun trip and I'm missing the laughter, the beautiful sceneries and the delicious food of Malacca again.

But guess what, I'm heading to Malacca again tomorrow! Wahahaha! Can't wait to stuff all the delicious food inside my tummy!!! YUMS!!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hair Prep

Preparation for tomorrow's hairshow competition, gonna model for Snips.

Nothing changes to my hair as tomorrow's competition is more to hair updo, somehow I wish I can change my hair colour or something. Getting bored with my current hair colour, miss those funky colours back then!

Hair treatment now~! Can't damage my hair for now so no bleaching no chemical damage. Is good to give a break for my hair once in awhile I think. lol.