Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ma Chérie Product Launch

Thank you very much to Lisa who got me the invite to Ma Chérie's latest product launch which was held at Zender's Restaurant and Bar last week. It was such a well-decorated event with all the princessy elements all over the restaurant that really touches my heart upon my arrival.


These Ma Chérie products are already available in the market!
I loveeeeee the smell!!!

Ever since I was invited to Ma Chérie's bloggers workshop last year, I've been keeping an eye on Ma Chérie's products and also, using them for my daily haircare. My hair can never smell better and I never feel more princessy than ever! Ma Chérie is truly a product which brings out the feminine and princess in you and made you feel like you deserve all the goodness in life because you're an awesome female! This time, collaborate with Armadale Weddings and Edwin Tan Photography, Ma Chérie did an awesome product launch with performance by models that will make every girls drool - bridal gown show with latest hair arrangements by celebrity hairstylist Ckay Liow and his team.

Wedding gowns and Ma Chérie products, definitely a princessy life every girl been dreaming living in.

Did I tell you my friend Sheena, a professional runway model cum host is hosting this product launch?
So proud of her!!!

The only thing I wanna do when I reach Zender's Restaurant and Bar is to just keep on snapping photos around. The decorations are so pretty with the bridal gown showcasing around, lots and lots of roses and hydrangeas and of course, Ma Chérie products that looks so well alongside with all the girls accessories and table arrangements. That's how a girl's dressing table should look like, don't you think so?

candles, flowers, pink stuff, such romantic arrangements this is my dream dressing table, or at least home decoration!

It was a windy afternoon, the product launch were held at the outdoor section of Zender's Restaurant with all the elegant yet comfy sofas, chairs and tables decorated with roses that welcome their guests. The launch started shortly after all the VIPs from Ma Chérie Malaysia department arrived. Welcome speech were given and of course, the next big thing that everyone were waiting are the bridal show.

Look at how pretty their hairstyles and bridal gowns were!

Live demonstration of bridal hairdo styling.

Such nice change of hairstyle!!!

All the hair styling products were using Ma Chérie's latest styling products - Decoration Keep Spray, Honey Gelée and End Cure Milk. These latest styling products are in for the latest hair trends which are styling and providing treatment and protection for your hair's moisture at the same time. Of course, these products are keeping Ma Chérie's signature floral and fruity aroma, and signature ingredient - Honey Gelée will infuse every strand of hair with abundant of moisture.

Last but not least, the Princess of Ma Chérie hairdo.

Do look at the descriptions of the latest styling products from Ma Chérie.

Now you can pamper yourself and your hair with Ma Chérie products from shampoo till hair styling, that gives your hair abundance of moisture along with the sweet yet romantic fruity and floral aroma that brings out the princess feeling in you. Life indeed feels like a bed of roses whenever I use Ma Chérie's products. These latest hair styling products from Ma Chérie will be available at selected Guardian and Wellness Aeon outlets from August 2013 onwards!

Living a princessy life with Ma Chérie.
Prince Charming, where art thou?

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