Saturday, August 31, 2013

Marquee Club Launch Party

It's good to let loose yourself once in a while, enjoy the drinks, food and company that brings the joy and relaxation to your hectic life. Thanks to Donovan, me and my friend were invited to Marquee, a club located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur for its launch few days ago. 

Refurbished, Marquee is now more comfy!

Was late to the party that night due to an appointment earlier and by the time we reached, everybody were half way drinking and dancing already. Saw a lot of blogger friends there and seriously, this is gonna be the first time I party with my blogger friends especially with Jean! Jean brought her friend KJ as well, the last time we met was at Swedish House Mafia tour, no wonder he reckon me as party animal. lol. I seldom party one okay~! LOL

Drinks of the night - Bollinger Champagne

I saw the video footage that introduces Bollinger champagne. From France, this champagne were featured in many, many of James Bond movies. Suddenly felt so "atas" as we're drinking what all the James Bond characters were drinking all these years! Sipping and tasting the life of rich and classy.

Finger foods were served around that night. Yums!

Several DJs rock the club that night.
Mixing the dance music from the 90s to what's hot nowadays.

Me, Jean and Cindy.
This is the first time we danced together in a club! Yay~ *bucket list crossed*

Thanks Donovan for the invitation.
Had fun and enjoyed ourselves that night!

Both me and Jean were pretty tired that night as she just came back from Bali and I didn't have enough sleep and was running around KL for events and works. I glad I still went to Marquee Club Launch (wanted to ffk already initially because gawd, so tired I cannot open my eyes) and she was so happy to see me. Yayy~! Had so much fun and drank few cups with her that night. Happy times with friends are time well spent.

Spacious, comfortable, nice ambience, good lighting, friendly and cute bartender, awesome DJs and crowd, Marquee is a good place to go party with your friends. Convenient location, located at BB Park and not to mention, cheap parking at Plaza Low Yat if you plan to head to Marquee, only RM5 per entry after 6p.m.! Isn't awesome!

Now you have a place to head to for Merdeka holiday party celebration!!!

Last but not least, here are some details for the club:

GL-10, BB Park (opposite Plaza Low Yat), 

Business Hours: 
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 3:00 am

contact number: 012-661 5245

(Photos are credit to Jaz Khai (Official photographer of Marquee Club Launch event), Jean and Marquee)

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