Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pawn Stars Asia Tour 2013

Any Astro History Channel viewer here? Did you know that the hosts of Pawn Stars just stopped by Malaysia yesterday and thanks to the invitation from ChurpChurp, I get to see Rick and Corey Harrison in real person!

Pawn Stars is a big hit reality show in US and of course, they have a lot of supporters in Malaysia too, saw a hardcore fan with Rick's book "License to Pawn" in his hand and won himself a chance to take photos with the hosts of Pawn Stars. Lotsa supporters come in Malay traditional clothing too because it's still in Raya festive mood.

While the two event emcees testing Rick's evaluation skill of the value of items they brought, It's amazing that Rick able to describe the history of brands and collections as well as knowing the value of the items. Being a pawn shop owner really isn't easy as you have to know a lot of things and not to be fooled by those who come to your shop to pawn stuff.

Rick and Corey told us that they film 5 days 12 hours a week and the crowds in their pawn shop is just as same as the supporters at this event. From there we can see how successful the show is and how happy I was to be invited to the event. Bumped into HuaiBin from SixthSeal at the event and had a good chat with him. It's been eons since we last met, how time flies!

Once again I would like to thank you ChurpChurp for giving me this opportunity to meet the two hosts of Pawn Stars in person, such a wonderful experience! They rockkkk!!!

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