Friday, September 20, 2013


ESCAPE to a world that you'll never be alone, or feel alone, how's that sound?

The latest entertainment app by Celcom - ESCAPE is now available and free for download at your device's App Store, compatible for laptop, tablet and phone and available for iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows. ESCAPE is irresistible and entertaining function are gonna make you hook on this app, bringing the entertainment world with you everywhere you go!  

With ESCAPE, you'll never be alone anymore.

From only 80cents per hour, you can choose the movies and drama series you wanna watch and watch them whenever and wherever you like. Over 500 movies in the library from all sorts of genres - Action, thriller, comedy, drama, romance, horror, I found a lot of movies I missed from cinema screening and now I can watch them all whenever I'm free!

As you can see, the collections are massive
I'm slowly adding the movies to my want-to-watch list already!

Pause & Play function, you'll never miss a second of your favourite movie from now on!

The Pause & Play function of ESCAPE let you continue your movie at any time and other devices if you want. You can sync up to five devices with one account and watch with your preferred devices as you go. Its seamless and uninterrupted viewing across multiple devices provides best viewing experiences to ESCAPE users anytime, anywhere.

Besides movies and drama series, you can catch the latest entertainment news, concerts and exclusive news pieces as well as red carpet events worldwide, all with the device you held in your hand. With internet connection of minimum of 1Mbps, be it WiFi, 3G or 4G, you can enjoy the content without any interruption. 

How bout watching clips during mamak tea session?

Register yourself at to get all these exclusive content from ESCAPE. Available for Celcom subscribers nationwide, and that's not all!

ESCAPE is holding a contest of "Who am I" and you could win fabulous rewards on ESCAPE!

It's very simple, follow these clues and guess who is that person:

  • "I've been to Shanghai twice. In a rush hour, three times."
  • "I guided the kid. I became The Master."
  • "I'm Mr. Nice Guy, but don't pick a fight with me."
  • "I've been a panda. I've been a Hyena."

He is one of the Hong Kong's cheekiest, lovable and best known Kung Fu film star. He is a police, a monkey in kung fu panda, involved in Project A, drink to fight, and martial arts in his own style of film making. Can you guess who he is?

Just SMS your answer to 20888, and you can send in your answers as many as you want and you could win hours and hours of ESCAPE contents! Exclusively for Celcom users.

Now what are you waiting for? Let's ESCAPE!  (

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Studio Shoot

It's been some time since I last step into studio and did an indoor studio shoot. Met some of my model friends who were at the same studio doing photoshoot as well. They look gorgeous!

Hope to see my photos soon, kinda wish the photos look good, although I'm not really in the mojo while photoshoot going on, lack of some oomph during the process. Oh well, gotta wait for the outcome only can judge eh.

behind the scenes

One of the prettiest girl I've met in my life - Jennifer Ling

curled locks, smokey eyes and pink lips, today's look.
Feeling feminine today.

Thanks all for the quick and sleek photoshoot experience. :D

Monday, September 16, 2013

My Shiseido Luminogenic Hair Treatment Experience at Number76

It's been a while since I last did changes to my hair, and I'm getting bored with how it is. Although I wanna make drastic changes to my hair colour, but looking at my hair's condition, better not to do so, so a little bit of trimming and a good hair treatment will do my hair some magic.

As usual, the best hair treatment in town, if you ask me for opinion, it will always be Number76 salon! This time they just launch a brand new hair treatment for coloured hair, the treatment is Shiseido Luminogenic Hair Treatment, and currently only available at Number76 salon Mont Kiara branch.

My hair condition is pretty bad, after lotsa styling and snorkeling in the past one month.

On that day, Number76 did a few treatment to my hair - Sparkling Scalp Treatment, Tansan Spa and Shiseido Luminogenic Hair Treatment. I tried their Ultrasonic Hair Treatment and the result is superb, can't wait to see how Luminogenic's gonna be!

Tansan spa. I love how the water pressure massaged my scalp. 

Looks like Barley water but it's not. These are the dirts and chemicals that attached on my scalp or clogged in my hair pores. Ewww~!!!
Thanks to Tansan spa that removes these dirts off!

Forgot to take photos of the Luminogenic Hair Treatment but the steps for the treatment are something like this:

Multi Care Milk
Tansan Spa

7 steps of treatment in total for a more healthy and glossy looking coloured hair! Doing Luminogenic Hair Treatment can slow down the fading process of your hair colour with Shiseido's original colour hold agent, which controls the amount of water bring absorbed and released by hair that can prevent the loss of dye. It also helps strengthen hair's resistance to damage and daily exposure, making your salon coloured hair last visibly longer, shiny and supple.

Hair cut by Sato-san.

This is how the back of my hair looks like.
Compared to the first photo of this post, you can see how drastic changes the treatment has made to my hair!

Taking silly photos of myself

Fringe for a change

The first glance of me with fringe, Sato-san said I look kawaii. *shy* Hahahaha. My friend said I look much more younger with fringe, like those college girls, now I can trick people with my new look with a fake age. Haha.

Thank you Sato-san.
I recommend look for him if you visit Number76 Mont Kiara branch.
He's so gentle and cute! *kiyaaaa*

Love my new look!
Thank you Number76!

These are promotions currently on the run at Number76 Salon:

For appointment:

number76 Mont' Kiara:
ADDRESS:E-0G-02, Block E,
Plaza Mont' Kiara, 2 Jalan Kiara, 
Mont' Kiara 50480 
Kuala Lumpur
TEL: +603 6203 5111/4111
STORE HOURS: 9:30 - 19:00 (Closed on Monday)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Official Launch of MILO® Fuel For Champions Campaign

Been drinking MILO® for decades, it's the taste that makes people addicted to it. I really, really love drinking MILO®, totally enjoyed it to bits! What's unexpected is I got invited to witness one of the big campaign launch ceremony hosted by MILO® and Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) last week and it really, really was my pleasure to be there. And also, it was my first time visit the National Aquatic Centre!

Milo Fuel For Champions campaign!
I'm getting all hype up that day.

Not knowing which way to go, I blindly follow the MILO® banners and when I finally reach the ceremony location, it was held at the pool side. Such spacious place and amazing view. I was wondering why do I not think of this place when I'm finding a good place for a swim. Not long after my arrival, here comes YB. Mr. Khairy Jamaluddin, Malaysia's Minister of Youth and Sports, Region Head of Nestlé Malaysia Mr. Alois Hofbauer and other VIPs.

VIPs were seated beside the pool, looking back at us. 

Mr. Alois Hofbauer giving an opening speech.

"MILO® and Olympic Council of Malaysia has played a major role in development of Malaysia's sporting arena, focussing on junior and grassroots sports, reaching out to children of all walks of life throughout the country." said Mr. Alois Hofbauer. Yes, MILO® is always around us during our school's sports day or events, with their MILO® truck and yummylicious unlimited supply of MILO® that gives energy to us during exercise.

Aligned with Olympic Council of Malaysia's objectives in sporting arena of our country, MILO® is always nurturing and developing nation's young and talented athletes in many ways, guiding them to success in the sports field of international level. The first step to international games will be the SEA games and this year, to support Malaysia's athletes at the international level, comes the campaign MILO® "Fuel For Champions" to support Malaysia contingent as out national athletes strive to make Malaysia proud!

Next, is the speech by YB. Mr. Khairy, our Minister of Youth and Sports.

“MILO® has played such an integral role in Malaysia’s sporting arena by nurturing and developing the nation’s young talent,” he said. “The commitment from MILO® in driving the nation’s young athletes to greater heights is truly inspirational,” Mr. Khairy further added.

After their speech, here starts the official launch of MILO® Fuel For Champions Campaign.

Torch Relay happening right in front.
Presented by Yong Shin Min (National Basketball Team), S. Kannathasan (National Relay Runner), Muhammad Hakimi Ismail (National Triple Jump Athlete) and Khoo Cai Lin (National Swimmer) who will be representing Malaysia in the 27th SEA Games in Myanmar.
This is the first time I see this LIVE!

Mr. Alois Hofbauer passed the torch to YB. Mr. Khairy official launches MILO® Fuel For Champions campaign.

MILO® trucks!!! 

Many first time experiences for attending this ceremony. My first time visit National Aquatic Centre, first time witnessing a launch ceremony with torch relay, and also, below is one of my favourite sports that I watch - Synchronized swimming, performed to us live by the young gymnasts.

Beautiful movements, fun music.
Enjoyed their performance so much!

How can a MILO® event go on without MILO® booth around right?
Drink all the MILO®!!!

As mentioned above, MILO® will be the official Nutritious Chocolate Malt beverage of the Malaysian Contingent for the 27th SEA Games in Myanmer. This is more than just a one-time sponsorship, MILO®  aims to empower and energise young sport talents to strive for success in the early stage of their lives as well as to inspire parents to encourage their children to participate in sports from young.

Thank you MILO® for always being with us. Are you ready to support Malaysia team in this coming 27th SEA Games? I surely do!

Malaysia BOLEH!

Disclaimer: This sponsored post is by Nestlé.


Live life like a cat. Stray on streets but never give up on finding a better life.

Sometimes I find a cat's life is how a human's life is. When you found good food, eat it; if there's none, find some. People offer you anything with kindness, take it. People don't bother bout you? Forget it. Sleep as long as you want, enjoy lil things in life such a mesmerizing light dots that shine on the wall or floor. Be cute if you feel like it and walk away if you feel like it. 

It's never a happy life trying to please everyone in your life, don't you think so? So live life like how a cat does. 

Played with some cats recently, they are soooooo cute. Big round eyes, fluffy tails, smooth fur. Totally steal my heart away for I am a cat person.

HAHAHA grow plants on her head.

Hypnotizing eyes

Love the light reflection!

So cute~!!!

Saw this sweetie when I was on the way home earlier today:

White fur, fluffy tail

Do the catwalk!

It's been a year, I miss my cat Coffee. I wonder how she's doing. :'(

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Smurfs Strawberry Flavored Lip Balm

This night, no moon nor stars can be seen from the sky, while I'm walking around feeling bored, suddenly, I found there's a rope dangling and I saw traces of the mysterious blue living thing climbing on top of the rope as well. I ask myself: Why don't I go for an adventure and see what's there, maybe I'll discover something new~!

Going for an adventure~

After some walk in the mysterious tunnel, then I saw this:

The Smurfs!!!

Okay~ I thought The smurfs are just myth and never existed, never thought I'll be able to saw them on my own! They are so tiny and cute and every smurfs are busy doing their own thing. Some are talking to each other, some are walking around, some are doing their daily chores. And then I saw one of the smurfs come towards me and hand me something, but they are so tiny I have low down to listen to what he's saying.

"Try what Smurfette loves! The Smurfs flavored lip balm in Strawberry!!! We Smurf you!"

"Thank you Lil Smurf!!!"
Although I can't meet Smurfette throughout this journey BUT be able to receive what Smurfette likes made up the disappointment I felt.

"Thank you Lil Smurf"

"La~ la~ la~ la~ la~ la la~ Sing a happy song!"
I can now has a Smurfs Strawberry flavored lip balm!

Thank you all of you lil smurfs, I'll have to go back to my world tell them more about this!

The packaging is so adorable with Smurfette on it. This gonna be the first Smurfs merchandise that I own. 

Strawberry flavored lip balm!

Look at the balm in nude pink colour.

When I opened the packaging and twist out the lip balm, I can smell how nice the Strawberry aroma is. In nude pink colour balm, it looks more natural and less colouring which somehow concerned me whenever I choose for Strawberry flavored items. Sometimes the colour can be such a turn off, but this lip balm turns out just nice for me!

It is not oily after apply, but lips felt moisturized. Sweet strawberry flavored which gives me a surprise bout the taste after application. This lip balm does not coloured your lips, but leave them as it is in natural colour and moisturized that they look oh-so-kissable!

I'm not sure I saw The Smurfs lip balm at anywhere else, so it is kinda limited in the market, but get one for yourself at:

Supermodel's Secrets beauty store
SS gallery: First Floor,
41A, Jln SS 15/4B Subang jaya 
47600 (Same row as Secret Recipe & Herbs N Foods)
SS payment portal e-store:* 
Facebook Fanpage:

but GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! Try to win one of this cute Smurfs Strawberry flavored lip balm now at start from today. There are 100 of this to be given away, so don't over to hop on to OnlyBeauty website and participate in the give away contest!

Good luck and have a Smurf weeekend!