Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ambridge Cottage

Visit Malacca a bit wayyyyyy too often lately, mostly because of work-purpose and once was for a short getaway. Two weeks ago, I went to Malacca (again!) and this time, this lovely shop called Ambridge Cottage leave a great impression in me and I would like to introduce this cute shop with lovely business owners to you. (No, I'm not getting paid for this so yeah.)

Vintage, flowers, cute and lovely style you can see!

Okay, so what does Ambridge Cottage do? There are FOUR services that Ambridge Cottage provide - Professional hair and make-up service, flowers and home decor, homemade cakes and natural handmade soap. For my past visit, my photographer hired one of the director of Ambridge Cottage - Agnes to do my make-up for the photoshoot. Since our photoshoot session divided into two, so for the morning session, we went to Ambridge Cottage early in the morning. That was my first time visit their shop and I love it when I first step into the shop.

Flowers everywhere!!!

They sell all sorts of flowers be it real flowers or artificial flowers, and there are a lot of cute home decorations place everywhere. The flowers they are selling can be custom made into bridal hand bouquet, bridal car decoration, decorations for variety of events, products, gifts and souvenirs. Basically it's a fairytale-like cottage and smells really, really good too due to the natural handmade soap they're selling in their shop as well. I never been to a shop that makes me feels so happy and girlish from the inside.

You can find all kind of natural handmade soap here.
They come in assorted colours, smells, ingredients, shapes and benefits to our skin too.

I guess this is my first time getting "upclose and personal" with natural handmade soap. I've heard of handmade soap of course, am not that suaku okay, but this is the first time I really get to know more about natural handmade soap, bout their benefits to our skin and of course, I'm in love with all the colourful and cute designs, hence I bought some for my friends as souvenir. They are made from variety of natural oils and butters, infused with herbs, spices and clays and absolutely chemical free!

After a short visit around the shop, Agnes started the makeup process and voila:

My first look for the photoshoot session.
Ignore all the doodle flowers please lol.

That's the first time me and Kevin met Agnes and we felt that we're clicked! She is so lovely and down-to-earth that we immediately feel that we become friends more than just model-makeup artist kinda relationship. My photographer Ivan knew her for 6 years, that's why he wanted her to do my makeup instead of finding other makeup artist. She really knows her thing as she's full of experiences and she's a professional make-up lecturer and teaches Personal/Professional makeup courses at Ambridge Cottage!

My second look of the day
Was a bit tired by then, pardon my shitty facial expression.
That's Agnes by the way!

Seriously, we love to hang around at Ambridge Cottage, the place is full of laughter and warm. We met Agnes' brother, Eric who is another director of Ambridge Cottage as well as their mother, the lady who bake all the delicious cakes that's selling at Ambridge Cottage. I saw their chocolate cupcake on that day and wanted to buy that, and Agnes was kind enough to give us three cupcakes for free!!! *touched*

Delicious chocolate cupcake!!
Approved by me and Kevin hahaha.

Agnes, Eric and their mum run the business at Ambridge Cottage, hence you can feel the place is full of love. Oh ya~ Forgot to introduce another family member of theirs:

Nana a.k.a Kaka a.k.a some other names I forgot that Agnes told me
Yeah, she have a lot of names and we're all wondering why. lol

Nana (I shall stick to this name because I like this name) is such a cute dog that roams around their shop. Little did you know, they do voluntary help out stray dogs who abandoned by their previous owners etc. We need more people like them aren't we? This world would be a much lovelier place than it is now if we can be more like this family who are spreading love to the people and things around them. Hence why the ambience at Ambridge Cottage is always so warm and lovely.

Can you believe that night we all went for a drink together?
It's only our first time meeting each other.
Some more there are some customers-became-friends chilling together!

Seriously, I can never stop bragging about how good Ambridge Cottage is, how good their services are and how kind Agnes and her family members are. You gotta see it for yourself, so don't forget to stop by Ambridge Cottage to buy some natural handmade soaps or homemade cakes or flowers whenever you visit Malacca. For Malaccans, you know where to find such good skill makeup artists now!

See you again next time, Ambridge Cottage!

Contact Information

Mobile Phones:
012-697 0835
012-636 0586

Other Phones:
06-281 2668

670A (1st Floor), Jalan Melaka Raya 8, 
Taman Melaka Raya, 
75000 Melaka, Malaysia.
75000 Malacca City, Malaysia.
(Next to Standard Chartered Bank)

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