Monday, September 16, 2013

My Shiseido Luminogenic Hair Treatment Experience at Number76

It's been a while since I last did changes to my hair, and I'm getting bored with how it is. Although I wanna make drastic changes to my hair colour, but looking at my hair's condition, better not to do so, so a little bit of trimming and a good hair treatment will do my hair some magic.

As usual, the best hair treatment in town, if you ask me for opinion, it will always be Number76 salon! This time they just launch a brand new hair treatment for coloured hair, the treatment is Shiseido Luminogenic Hair Treatment, and currently only available at Number76 salon Mont Kiara branch.

My hair condition is pretty bad, after lotsa styling and snorkeling in the past one month.

On that day, Number76 did a few treatment to my hair - Sparkling Scalp Treatment, Tansan Spa and Shiseido Luminogenic Hair Treatment. I tried their Ultrasonic Hair Treatment and the result is superb, can't wait to see how Luminogenic's gonna be!

Tansan spa. I love how the water pressure massaged my scalp. 

Looks like Barley water but it's not. These are the dirts and chemicals that attached on my scalp or clogged in my hair pores. Ewww~!!!
Thanks to Tansan spa that removes these dirts off!

Forgot to take photos of the Luminogenic Hair Treatment but the steps for the treatment are something like this:

Multi Care Milk
Tansan Spa

7 steps of treatment in total for a more healthy and glossy looking coloured hair! Doing Luminogenic Hair Treatment can slow down the fading process of your hair colour with Shiseido's original colour hold agent, which controls the amount of water bring absorbed and released by hair that can prevent the loss of dye. It also helps strengthen hair's resistance to damage and daily exposure, making your salon coloured hair last visibly longer, shiny and supple.

Hair cut by Sato-san.

This is how the back of my hair looks like.
Compared to the first photo of this post, you can see how drastic changes the treatment has made to my hair!

Taking silly photos of myself

Fringe for a change

The first glance of me with fringe, Sato-san said I look kawaii. *shy* Hahahaha. My friend said I look much more younger with fringe, like those college girls, now I can trick people with my new look with a fake age. Haha.

Thank you Sato-san.
I recommend look for him if you visit Number76 Mont Kiara branch.
He's so gentle and cute! *kiyaaaa*

Love my new look!
Thank you Number76!

These are promotions currently on the run at Number76 Salon:

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