Thursday, September 12, 2013


Live life like a cat. Stray on streets but never give up on finding a better life.

Sometimes I find a cat's life is how a human's life is. When you found good food, eat it; if there's none, find some. People offer you anything with kindness, take it. People don't bother bout you? Forget it. Sleep as long as you want, enjoy lil things in life such a mesmerizing light dots that shine on the wall or floor. Be cute if you feel like it and walk away if you feel like it. 

It's never a happy life trying to please everyone in your life, don't you think so? So live life like how a cat does. 

Played with some cats recently, they are soooooo cute. Big round eyes, fluffy tails, smooth fur. Totally steal my heart away for I am a cat person.

HAHAHA grow plants on her head.

Hypnotizing eyes

Love the light reflection!

So cute~!!!

Saw this sweetie when I was on the way home earlier today:

White fur, fluffy tail

Do the catwalk!

It's been a year, I miss my cat Coffee. I wonder how she's doing. :'(

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