Friday, September 6, 2013

The Smurfs Strawberry Flavored Lip Balm

This night, no moon nor stars can be seen from the sky, while I'm walking around feeling bored, suddenly, I found there's a rope dangling and I saw traces of the mysterious blue living thing climbing on top of the rope as well. I ask myself: Why don't I go for an adventure and see what's there, maybe I'll discover something new~!

Going for an adventure~

After some walk in the mysterious tunnel, then I saw this:

The Smurfs!!!

Okay~ I thought The smurfs are just myth and never existed, never thought I'll be able to saw them on my own! They are so tiny and cute and every smurfs are busy doing their own thing. Some are talking to each other, some are walking around, some are doing their daily chores. And then I saw one of the smurfs come towards me and hand me something, but they are so tiny I have low down to listen to what he's saying.

"Try what Smurfette loves! The Smurfs flavored lip balm in Strawberry!!! We Smurf you!"

"Thank you Lil Smurf!!!"
Although I can't meet Smurfette throughout this journey BUT be able to receive what Smurfette likes made up the disappointment I felt.

"Thank you Lil Smurf"

"La~ la~ la~ la~ la~ la la~ Sing a happy song!"
I can now has a Smurfs Strawberry flavored lip balm!

Thank you all of you lil smurfs, I'll have to go back to my world tell them more about this!

The packaging is so adorable with Smurfette on it. This gonna be the first Smurfs merchandise that I own. 

Strawberry flavored lip balm!

Look at the balm in nude pink colour.

When I opened the packaging and twist out the lip balm, I can smell how nice the Strawberry aroma is. In nude pink colour balm, it looks more natural and less colouring which somehow concerned me whenever I choose for Strawberry flavored items. Sometimes the colour can be such a turn off, but this lip balm turns out just nice for me!

It is not oily after apply, but lips felt moisturized. Sweet strawberry flavored which gives me a surprise bout the taste after application. This lip balm does not coloured your lips, but leave them as it is in natural colour and moisturized that they look oh-so-kissable!

I'm not sure I saw The Smurfs lip balm at anywhere else, so it is kinda limited in the market, but get one for yourself at:

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but GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! Try to win one of this cute Smurfs Strawberry flavored lip balm now at start from today. There are 100 of this to be given away, so don't over to hop on to OnlyBeauty website and participate in the give away contest!

Good luck and have a Smurf weeekend! 

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Farisha Nadia said...

Nice pictures! Like Smurfs wonderland haha xD