Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Glam Rock

Sorry for my long hiatus, kinda busy lately, no time to really sit down in front of my laptop to edit photos. Didn't even have time to look at the photos that I took at Bali and also events that I've attended lately. Hope that after the beginning of November things will be more settle down and I can have more time to blog. *cross fingers*

Did a show for Snips 2 days ago, if you followed my Instagram you probably have already seen all these photos, but still I decided to use those filtered photos and did a short blog post. lazy me. lol. But better than leave the blog un-updated, right? Haha. Only 3 female models out of 11 models, and that was the first time I worked with Lau Ka Man, one of the Top 20 finalists of this year's Miss Astro pageant. 

Early morning rehearsal

Rehearsal is one of the headache part of the day, not because of the arrangements or choreography, but the time. The only time we can rehearsal for a show when it's happening in a shopping mall will be before the mall opens, that means we have to stuck in the traffic with all those who are going to work/school. Then after rehearsal we got nothing to do till the call time for preparation, which some times we have hours to spend. Mostly we just hang out and yumcha. lol.

That day's show theme is Glam Rock, and it will also be my first time to braid my hair.


It's a painful process to braid all my hair, and I have no idea how the Africans or those who did withstand the pain. I almost jumped out from my chair each time they start braiding my hair. The whole process took longer than 5 hours, and the pain gave me headache. Nonetheless, it was my first time did braiding and I really love the outcome! I thought of doing it during my Krabi trip but it's kinda out of my budget + I have show to do the next day I fly back to KL, so it will be a total waste of money even though I did it. So, this show kinda makes my dream come true

The spirit of Rock

Amanda and her blonde her.
Lesser styling too, unlike mine, just hers got a lot of spray. lol

The braid sisters. lol

Not the first time did a show for Snips Hair Salon, but it will be my first time to be in my own pair of Converse and walked the stage. One of the relaxing show I've ever done, no stress, no rules, just walk out with attitude. That's it. I really hope I did a good job for that day.

Outfit of the day.
I really like the oversize knit top.

Thank you Snips and Maxx for the opportunity. Although the process is a bit painful and almost unbearable, but still it was one of the unique hairstyle I ever had and I still have it today. Feels a bit wasted if I remove all the braids on that day, after endured so much pain, might as well leave the hairstyle as it is for a few more days.

It's been some time since I did Rock style, thanks for reignite the rock spirit in me. Love it all over again!!!

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