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Bubblegum Waxing Party

Disclaimer: Guys, please don't use your imagination while reading this blog post of mine. 

This event is gotta be one of the boldest blogger party that I've attended. Waxing party, imagine a bunch of people doing waxing together (told ya not to imagine already didn't I??? LOL!) WHAT NONSENSE I'M TELLING YOU! Hahahaha. Forget about this paragraph.

Some time ago, I've attended Bubblegum Waxing Party, a collaboration event by Bubble Gum Wax and Butterfly Project, and all bloggers who attended the event entitled a free Brazilian wax session. There goes my virginity (on Brazilian wax, of course.)

Bubble Gum Wax, The Waxing Expert

Bubble Gum Wax, located at Plaza Damas near Sri Hartamas. It is not hard to find the place, which located just beside a mamak restaurant. Me and Jean went to the party together, and both of us are first timer.


Who aren't afraid with the word "Brazilian Wax" when it is your first time? Complicated feelings for that day. Mixture of fear, nervous and curiosity. I've heard some girls shared their experience with me before, some say it was bearable pain some say it is very painful. But I cannot imagine the feeling of having my *ahem* waxed. So with the complicated feelings, here we go.

Bubble Gum Wax manager giving a post-waxing care instructions

Thanks to the generosity of Bubble Gum Wax, all of us get to bring these after-wax session products to take care of our *ahem*

The price list of Bubble Gum Wax services.

When we walked into the Bubble Gum Wax, bloggers are already there. The manage of Bubble Gum Wax is a very friendly and cheerful lady whom can calm us first timer down with the smooth conversation. So it is not really as scary as it seems... This is what I was thinking that time. Plus the place are decorated by AskJoey, everything becomes so lovely, is this a set-up or something? lol.

Keep Calm & Wax On!

Look at all the food and desserts we get to eat as much as we can.
Sweet stuff before the pain eh? Haha.

So, without wasting the thoughtful organizers' preparation....


Drank Happy Skyjuice, ate Little Wonton's charcoal mee in Teriyaki sauce (aren't they look like hair somehow? Hahaha Very funny organizers XD ) and all the ice cream and desserts after meal. When you see me overeating, you know that I'm nervous. Seldom eat this much despite I don't feel hungry at all. Thanks for ice cream, they really soothes me in some way before entering the 'operation room'. LOL.

So while I'm eating, I'm looking at other bloggers doing a shoe box decoration contest.

Each and everyone of them are so creative can.
I forgot to bring my shoe box so I gave up joining. lol.

Then, finally, is my turn after I can push other go into the room than me no more...

The wax heating machine, the bed in pink, towels and wipes. 


So here's my story as a virgin for Brazilian Wax: 

First, were told by the girl who's gonna do the waxing for me, to take off my undies and wipe my private part clean with the wipes they provide to ensure cleanliness. After wipe, just lie down on the bed and wait for her to come in and take care of the rest for you.

First timer usually will have to get the hairs trimmed as it will be too long to wax. So the girl helped me trimmed the hair, then here comes the waxing part. For longer hair, normally they will use hard wax, which will hardened after apply, instead of soft wax, which are normally used for touch-up purpose or shorter hair. So hard wax it is. The wax are pink in colour and smell quite nice if I'm not mistaken, lol. 

When she apply the hard wax on my skin, it is warm, and then after a few seconds, she tore it out along with the hair that was sticked onto the wax. Voila, first strip of wax peeled. The girl and I keep on chatting and chatting, somehow I know she's trying to calm me down by talking and don't let me feel nervous. You know, when you're nervous, the painful feeling will be kinda intense as well. Although when she peel off the wax again and again, I felt the pain were bearable, until....

There's a spot, the front side, the curve part (for those who have no idea what I'm saying, do experience Brazilian wax once and immediately you'll know which part I'm referring to ahahah) That's the most painful part of the whole waxing session that the tears are rolling in my eyes when the girl tore off the wax apart from my skin. I've asked which part is the most painful, the girl told me when I experience it, I will know, she just wouldn't tell me. lol. But anyway, after that most painful part, everything goes as smooth as breeze, even the back side. When the back side applied wax, the feeling is so... weird. Lol. 

The whole waxing session took about half an hour, it all starts and ends in friendly chitchatting with the girl who did the waxing for me. I'm glad I've braved myself and been through this as bravely as I could. Hahaha. 

I was among the last few bloggers who did the waxing, and after I exit the room, they asked about my experience and I can only utter one word: Pain. lol. Same goes for Jean's experience who said she yelled inside the room because of pain. I'm not ashamed of feeling pain for a brazilian waxing anymore lol. 

So after awhile, here are all the shoe box decoration contest entries:

So creative can!!!

They have a hard time deciding who will walk away with the 3 prizes prepared by Bubble Gum Wax.

Winners of the decoration contest gets hundreds worth of vouchers from Bubble Gum Wax! (I wanttttt!) Congrats to all the creative ladies who won the contest. Sorry didn't take photos of the winners, still a bit blur after step out from the "operation room" hahaha.

Our mamasan Tammy for all the wonderful events she have been organizing for us bloggers.
Thank you~!!!

Fun bloggers who attended the event.
Thanks for cracking all the jokes after sugar high!

Thank you Tammy, Butterfly Project who planned this Dare 2 Wax challenge for some of us "virgin" bloggers, thanks to Bubble Gum Wax who had this wonderful place and service that made me wanna go Brazilian wax again, and AskJoey for the pretty pink vintage party decorations!

And for your information:

Bloggers who would like to join the community:
Butterfly Project Official Facebook Page

For those who love awesome Brazilian or other waxing service:
Bubble Gum Wax - The Waxing Expert
F-1-7, Block F, Plaza Damas
No. 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas,50480 
Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. 

Tel: +603 6211 5038 / +603 6211 5039
SMS: +6012 5420662

Bubble Gum Wax Official Website

Bubble Gum Wax Official Facebook Page

For lovely party decoration:

Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party Official Facebook Page

(And don't mind telling you, I actually love the feeling of being hairless. LOL! Okaystopthenonsensekthxbai!)

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