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My Akiyo Story - Paris Dream

Have you prepare gifts for your love ones around you? Neither do I. *ashame* The heat of Christmas gift comes slowly this year don't they? But I do hope that by sharing his blog post with you, you manage to find a meaningful gift from Akiyo. 

Last week, Akiyo and Butterfly Project has invited 20 bloggers to this exclusive event which introduces Akiyo Jewellery and the beauty of its jewellery collections. I'm glad I was invited to the event, and have more ideas for Christmas gifts.

Akiyo Jewellery outlet, Parkamaya, Fahrenheit88

Look at their vast collections

One of Akiyo's signature collection would be Akiyo's charm bracelet. Designed by local designers, they have wide range of charms that suits anyone for any occasions, be it wedding, birthdays, anniversaries and so on. It is one of their best seller too, as you can slowly add on charm by charm to commemorate the special events or achievements achieved in life.

Look at all the colourful charms to add on to the charm bracelet
I'm already thinking which should I get for myself next!

Akiyo have a lot of loyal customers which always buy Akiyo's jewellery, be it for themselves or as presents. Price range from RM59 to RM200 - RM300++ are affordable for anyone who wish to purchase a gift that's meaningful to themselves or others. 

Sterling silver earrings, like their designs so much!
If I'm not wrong, these earrings are from RM69!
Worth every cent you spend!

They have funky design jewellery too cater for the hipsters need too!
I really like these colour beads bracelets.

Necklace for her.
The designs are so elegant, with Akiyo's signature fresh water pearls.

After browse around the shop, the event finally started with Tammy's introduction and short story telling by Mandy, one of the founder cum designer of Akiyo jewellery. 

She's gorgeous.

Akiyo - meaning "bright, clear, sparkle" was created in year 2011, which believes that each and every piece of jewellery you own should be meaningful, and that's their dream too - to provide wide selections of high quality designers jewellery that's affordable to everyone and yet, meaningful that portrays the brand's belief. 

Inspired by the European and Japanese designs, Akiyo jewellery pieces which are made to customize the story of your jewellery that tells the story of your life. These are functional, practical and well-made jewellery by the brand which caters everyone's need. From contemporary silver earrings to fashion bracelets as well as the latest and newest concept of pearl jewellery, Akiyo strive to breakthrough in the jewellery industry, that offers endless possibilities when it comes to jewellery selection.

Mandy shows that each and every purchase are come with an unique pouch and gift box that you can keep your jewellery nicely.

And... and... all of us 20 bloggers get to take one of this home:

Akiyo's Christmas Collection charm!
You already knew I took which one isn't??? Haha

You know, charm bracelet doesn't have to be the USUAL charm bracelet that we always see, as Akiyo comes up with their very own kind of charm bracelet that will adore by most of the girls. Let me show you, the new concept of charm bracelet in the form of fresh water pearls:

Elegant, chic and stylish at the same time

We always have the fix idea of pearl jewellery: elegant but mature, expensive, suits female of certain age level, but not anymore with Akiyo's new pearl jewellery concept. These are young looking pearl jewellery with a twist. With Swarovski crystals of different colours to match, you can even customize your own pearl bracelet with the charm of your choice!

Pink pearls are my favourite

Every pearl is a unique gift from the mother nature, just like who we are. These genuine fresh water pearls of Akiyo comes in 3 shades: Pearl white, pink and champagne gold. I couldn't take my eyes out of them and keep snapping photos of these pearl bracelets. Love them to bits! And did you know that these pearl bracelets are about RM189 per-bracelet? Such a worthy price for a pretty bracelets like this!

Pearl white, pink and champagne gold pearls.

Create your own style with mix and match of bracelets from Akiyo's different range:
What I'm wearing is pink pearl bracelets with black gemstones bracelets. 

Thanks to Akiyo, I finally can start creating a charm bracelet that tells the story of my own. A story that I bury deep down inside my heart, waiting for the dream to bloom at the right time. It is my lifelong dream to gaze up to the Eiffel Tower of Paris, and with this charm to reminds me, I will work even harder to make my dreams come true.

My Paris Dream, a dream which does not fade away even the sun set. 

Look at the fine creation of Akiyo's charm bracelet.
It is such a wonderful Christmas present.

The beautiful dreams dangling on my wrist
motivates me to keep fighting for it in my life.

Thanks to Butterfly Project and Akiyo for the wonderful gifts that brings a whole new meaning of charm bracelets to my life. It is a gift for myself in the future to thank myself for being a hardworking person to achieve more in my life, a gift of life to keep me going on and on. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

For more information:

Butterfly Project Blogger Community Official Facebook Page

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