Friday, December 13, 2013

My Tiger Radler

This gonna be one of the happiest news for this year or coming Chinese New Year: I FOUND MY TYPE OF BEER - TIGER RADLER!

Guess no more, this is the beer I've been waiting for:

Tiger Radler, double refreshment

Last week, I just attended Tiger Radler's Official Launch at KL Life Centre. 

You can't imagine how good the natural lemon juice with Tiger beer tastes like!
So yummy!

I never like beer, I don't like the bitter taste of beer AT ALL! I wish I knew how to drink like my dad, he is one hella good drinker you don't wanna mess with, but sadly I inherit none of the drinking genes of his. I can easily down with 2 cans of Tiger beer. I suck I know. But guess what, I suck no more!!!! All thanks to Tiger beer with their new flavour of beer! Love it to the max.

Since my dad is such a good drinker, so I was thinking I should've brought him to one of the alcohol event, and to Tiger Radler is gonna be such a good idea because this is one beer that he never drank before, I believe that he will have so much to share with me after the event.

Me and le coolest dad who attended the event with me

There are so many activities happening during the #TigerRadler launch. You can claim a Tiger Radler t-shirt just by posting a selfie on Instagram, Polaroid and photo booths around, and you can also design your very own T-Shirt! Did I tell you that there's a contest going on which can win you a year end party?

Me and my dad didn't missed out any of the activities there. Had Polaroids taken, took photo booth photos, selfie taken to claim the T-Shirt, what a fun night I had with my dad which I almost forgot when is the last that I did all these interesting activities with my family.

Capture cool/silly moments here with your friends and family!

Design your own T-Shirt

Thanks to Nuffnang's media invites, that we bloggers get to mingle around the VIP area and also, food was provided. My dad ate nonstop! Hahaha. He's just so cool I can't even. Besides get to taste the first sip of Tiger Radler, delicious food, there are entertainments as well. Live performance from local celebrity personalities and local band that play good music! You should see how the crowds headbanging along the live band's play and also the DJ was good!

Our very own local Indian talk show, he's very good at this. Me and my dad laughed nonstop!

After a funny talk show to warm up the crowds, it's time for the official launch of Tiger Radler featuring awesome graphic dance performance:

Creative max!

This all new Tiger Radler is a combination of crisp and smooth-drinking Tiger beer with natural lemon juice to produce a taste that I like most when it comes to beer. Tiger Radler is gonna be an all-round-occasions kinda drink with friends and family with its distinctive and refreshing taste at maximum level.

And did you know that Tiger Radler had already launched in Europe countries for the past few months and it is a total hype over there? Malaysia and Singapore are gonna be the first two South-East Asia countries to introduce this brand new Tiger Radler and yes, we gonna be the first who sipped the yummylicious Tiger Radler than other neighbour countries. Like I said, this coming Chinese New Year, Tiger Radler is gonna be such a big hit. I'm gonna buy two cartons back home and drink with my friends and family. :D

Of course, how can we forgot our local acts right?
Awesome performance that night!

Bumped into so many friends that night during Tiger Radler launch, miss them to bits!

with Vivian, sweet girl I met during my ViVi Star Search competition

My dear Sonia, she's touching my tummy like there's a baby in it. lololol
Is she drunk or something?

Last but not least, my all time love - Sheena!
Don't forget to support her in this upcoming Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 okay?

2% of alcohol content with natural lemon juice, such a good drink for girls like me who enjoy chilling with friends and family. Don't miss Tiger Radler's double refreshing taste, grab one at your nearest convenience store/hypermarket/supermarket or wherever you can lay your hand on this soon-to-be-my-all-time-favourite-alcohol Tiger Radler now! Thank you Tiger Malaysia for such a wonderful night with my friends and family member that night! Hope to attend more of the events in the future.

Last but not least, outfit for that night's event.
That's all for now! 

 Friendly reminder: drink responsibly, don't drink and drive okay? :D

For more information, do visit Tiger Beer's Official Facebook Page! #TigerRadler #DoubleRefreshment

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