Tuesday, December 24, 2013

SPACE AGE: The Phantom Power

I never watch music performance myself. I was a drama student back then so I have this special bond when it comes to live performances, but music performances, is my very first time. Thanks to Dmuses for the invite, I've boarded on a journey last night that's out of my imagination!

The music performance venue was at White Box, Map Publike, also my first time there. A tad bit late to the venue and they're performing their first musical movements already. Aiks! SPACE AGE: The Phantom Power was created by Ng Chor Guan, who's been dreaming about space exploration since his childhood time, and finally able to bring the audiences along with him to this outta this world kinda experience along with other gifted musicians and video artists. 

The combination between sounds and light for this music performances are superb. With 8 freshly composed musical movements, I literally can feel that the stars and galaxies around me as if I'm in the middle of the space. From the Space Time, to Comet Cruise and Spectrum, then comes The Black Hole and finally Voyage Home and Panorama on the land of all mankind, you can only have the slightest idea of the feeling I had last night.

Look what the musicians have to say regarding their music performance:

During the music performance, I noticed there's one electronic music instrument that I've never seen before for my entire life, not even heard of it. It is invented by a Russian professor called Léon Theremin, and yes, the electronic music instrument was called Theremin that looks like this:

It plays without body contact with the player, only senses the player's hands position using two metal antennas. Both hands are used to control the oscillators for frequency and amplitude (volume) of the Theremin. Associated with an eerie sound, theremins are used in art music such as avant-garde and 21st century new music such as rock. The Artistic Director and Music Composer of SPACE AGE: The Phantom Power - Ng Chor Guan played the Theremin, and it is such a indescribable scene to see him play as you can feel the energy he portrays in feeling the music it creates. Such an eye-opener music performance.

Thanks Dmuses, the 5 gifted, talented musicians - Ng Chor Guan(Theremin & Computer), Angela Lou (Viola), Chai Kee Hong (French Horn), Foo Chie Haur (Flute) and Tan E-Jan (Piano) for such wonderful performance. Of course the feeling of being situated in space wouldn't be realistic enough if it wasn't for the 3 video artists that creates the atmosphere using lighting and projectors - Thian Siew Kim, Okui Lala and Mouse.

Thanks for bringing me to space and back. It is such an inspiring journey that one can only feels when they see SPACE AGE: The Phantom Power's music performance.

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