Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Manic Panic Hair Color by Number76 Salon

Chinese New Year 2014 is this week! How's your Chinese New Year shopping and hair and nails preparation been going? I pretty much done everything, now is waiting for my class to be over so that I can balik kampung.

So, I did my hair at Number76 salon. Everybody was shocked with the outcome, and I'm glad I have such eye-catching stunning hair colour now! *Happy happy* Gonna be the most outstanding person in ALL Chinese New Year group photo hahaha *evil*

Didn't know what colour I wanted, I've tried all the colours that I want for the past 6 months. Blue is my colour for sure, but I don't know how can I do it anymore. So I leave the colouring style to Sato-san, and just enjoy my reading there while waiting for my hair done. You know, the down side of having super short hair is the colouring style are so limited you run out of idea. 

First bleach

2nd bleach.
Somehow reminds me of Gackt when his hair was blonde. 

Trimmed my hair to make it shorter. Maintain short hairstyle is way more difficult than maintaining your long locks as they will run out of shape as fast as in 2 weeks time. I cut my hair the 3 weeks ago and it's already out of shape. This time, decided to go super short because you know, nobody cuts hair during Chinese New Year according to the Chinese beliefs. So yea.

Chose blue and purple manic panic hair dye in the end, and keep urging Sato-san to keep cutting my hair shorter. He kinda hesitated, you know, it's HAIR, O'GLORIOUS HAIR for girls that sees them as crown, but not me. hoho. He say this style is SUPER SHORT. lol. I agreed, it is kinda short, but it will grow long, that's how I console myself.

So here it is:

Crazy hair colours.

Really like the section when blue meets purple.
Thanks to Sato-san for the style.

The problem of having short hair, is to change your wardrobe to something less feminine. The problem of having short hair + crazy colours is to.... I don't know... Buy every piece new? Kinda headache now as I bought my Chinese New Year clothes wayyyyyyy before I cut short my hair. So now it's kinda limited to only some that I can wear. Gah. But nonetheless, it never stopped me from loving the person I see in the mirror nowadays!

Style of the weekend:
Sheer Shirt + Pants + Boots = Less than RM100!!!

Thank you Number76 and Sato-san for fulfilling all my crazy request of hairstyles. They definitely can fulfill whatever needs that you wanted for your precious locks (for my case, my not-so-precious-locks lol). So call and make an appointment for your CNY makeover now before they close for Chinese New Year holiday!

number76 Mont' Kiara:
ADDRESS:E-0G-02, Block E, Plaza Mont' Kiara, 2 Jalan Kiara, Mont' Kiara 50480 Kuala Lumpur
TEL: +603 6203 5111/4111
EMAIL: info@76style.com
STORE HOURS: 9:30 - 19:00 (Closed on Monday)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Malaysia's First Cat Cafe - The Country Cat Cafe

Visited the very first cat cafe in Malaysia early this month, and I never wanted to leave that place that day! Feels so comfortable in the cafe, hanging out with all the cats around. Now I know why more and more cat cafe open up in Japan and Taiwan. If you're a cat lover like me too, read this post and go to this place!

Can't wait to go in!!!

If you know PV128 and Columbia Asia Hospital in Setapak, it is not hard to find this place at all. It's located behind/beside Columbia Asia Hospital, beside a Pizza Hut outlet, in a pet store called Country Pet Store. Doubt you never knew there's a cafe in it eh. lol.

I guess they wanted to try the market for cat cafe at first? So everything were arranged in a very simple way and sharing space with the pet store. I do hope more and more people will visit the cat cafe and make it a boom so they will refurbish the whole place into a moderate cafe where customers can sit on the floor with the kitties.

Meow-come! *paws up*

le menu

The purpose of cat cafe is actually for visitors to get some Catheraphy. Sharing place with cats, play with them and stroke them in a gentle way can actually bring benefits to you and your body, both physically and mentally. That's why I always wanted a cat! But it's okay now as I found the cat cafe just nearby my house. Yay!

The Country Cat Cafe


Cats everywhere!

Still getting used to get close to the cats

You know, cats aren't like dogs who can be close to you in just a short while. They will observe you and if they doesn't like you that's it, you'll have to gain your trust in them and let them be close to you willingly. Each cat has their own territory as well, so if you carry one cat in your arms, make sure you're not too close with another cat or else they will start fighting.

Love Mocha the most! She can sleep all day on this sofa, or my lap. haha.

The owner of the pet store build up the cafe in the simplest way, with just partitions and a door. The cats are running around or napping at their spots. There are many toys provided for you to play with them too. I run around with the toy in my hand and they keep chasing me around, it was fun! But after some runs I can't even breathe properly, lol. Definitely need to be fit in order to play with the cats.

Cat related videos playing all time

Cats that are in the room

I'm a big cat in the cage.

Shhh, don't wake them up when they are taking cat naps.

Visit the cat cafe with just RM14.90 per person per hour (or RM9.90 with student card) including one drinks. You'll totally forget about the drinks because you are so busy bonding with the cats. So happy to have visited the place early this year, that gave me all the good vibes for a good year start! Will definitely visit more often in the future, and hopefully to see you there too!

That's all for now, meow~!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

oh là là

Nothing much going on lately. Took up French class and also cut my hair. And also there seems something wrong with my phone's touchpad, so gonna go hiatus temporarily on Instagram and also WeChat. Le Sigh. 

My textbook and exercise book.

My French teacher is a she, and she's younger than me! Lol. Overall age in the class is about 22-23(?) and most of them are heading to France soon. I guess I'll be the only one that learn French because I like French. Today marked the 6 day of class and I'm starting to panic because the complexity of the language. Other students seems to understand French in a short time, I can't even comprehend some of the text man. Need to put in more effort. Gambatte!

One day!

Borrowed books from Library
Children books, but still have problem understanding them. Gah.

Cut my hair before a big show (will blog bout it later) at Headline Salon. Thanks to Thomas who attend my needs for the hair style I want. Never cut it so short before, and I want it to be shorter and shorter!!! Will head for a trim before Chinese New Year. 15 days left to the big day for Chinese, and I'm not excited at all, why ah?

Find myself look like Kiko Mizuhara here (buay paiseh max) lol

I kept quiet for cutting my hair, so many people were shocked when they see me. Some can't even recognize me. Hahahaha. But I reckon this as a good change, hair can grow anytime, but we're only young once. So try whatever I want, isn't? And no, I'm not a tomboy or lesbian. Straight as a pole, lol. 

messy style

Short hair + dress, me likey

 Guess that's all for now. Have to continue study French before I got lost in the class again. Adieu.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Year of 2013

12 days passed so far for year 2014, feels like a lil bit late to talk bout my year in 2013 hahahaha. But nonetheless I'll still blog bout it whether it's late or not, better than never, right? Gonna do it like a list of events style. 

Made these collage on the last day of 2013, and found that 2013 was indeed a fruitful year for me. Attended many events, met many people, worked for a lot of shows and events, spent some good times with friends and family members, a wonderful year to remember of!


  •  Soaking wet during Swedish House Mafia last tour. My first rave concert of year 2013, definitely a wonderful one to be remember!
  • Attended Tammy's birthday dinner at Meatworks, Solaris Mont Kiara. Met her friends and expanded my circles of friends. Thank you Mamasan!
  • Dressed as ancient princess during Eu Yan Sang's hamper launch, I've been dying to wear those pretty princess costumer since ever! Finally dream come true. 
  • Watched Dayo Wong's Stand Up Comedy, and definitely going again if he's coming to Malaysia in future. Good show!
  • Went to Koh Samui! On a travel streak after came back from Christmas Island. Hahaha. I miss the cheap shopping and beautiful sky there!

January - February

  •  Rave Party nonstop in January. 3 consecutive days of rave - Swedish House Mafia and We Love Asia! Had so much in that 3 days, and I feel so exhausted after that weekend. Feels like a major workout. lol
  • Hang out with Peiyue, Sonia, Jason and Kevin. The souvenir from Peiyue which is the big dick biscuit is our prop for photo for the day. Hahahahaha. Laugh like mad.
  • Cheongsam photoshoot! First time in my life! Love all the photos, thanks Nuffnang for the opportunity.
  • ViVi Star Search Finale! Met those cute and sweet girls at ViVi Star Search, and still keep in touch. Love'em to bits. Thank God I joined the competition, although didn't win, but earned me all the friendships.
  • Countless time of Lou Sang. lol! Broke my own record of "Most Lou Sang Year". 
  • Went to Singapore for a job, and it's been 9 years since I last visited the country. Thanks to my niece and nephew bring me around. Beautiful and safe city. I like!

January - February (still!!!)

  •  First witness of canine labor. Such an unique experience. So sad that the puppies were all gone, but still, I have to say all mothers are the best in the world.
  • First visit to Antipodean, Ippudo and also tried smelly tofu first time in my life. I totally do not understand why they will say it is good, after try, the only comment I wanna say is I feel like I'm eating shit and the shit stuck in between my teeth I wanna die!!!
  • First breakfast of year 2013 at Christmas Island, Western Austalia. Couldn't forget the view! Heaven-like life!
  • Bet with my friends during CNY, and kena sapu. Hahahaha but it was a good one, let's do it again this year!!!
  • Celebrated CNY at Ipoh, the kids are super creative with homemade lion dance.

February - March

  •  Played Pool and Snooker, and got addicted for awhile. Glad that I learned something new.
  • Thanks to Yuri-san for all the wonderful opportunities, and got me the sponsor at Number76 Salon!
  • Did shows with all the funny models. Glad to know each other better.
  • Bleached my hair and dyed some rainbow colours, love it! 
  • Pick up exercise, running and basketball!

January - April (Hahahaha why still got January photos here)

  •  Sing K session in its highest peak of my life in year 2013. Sing K almost two weeks once. lol
  • Attended Passion for Fashion, crazy night with the Elecoldxhot crews and my babe Sonia hahaha.
  • Went to Genting for Nuffnang event and also show, and Malacca with Elise, Jason and Kevin. Funny shit happened and I'll never forget the trips!
  • Probably my only Purikura of the year with my bestie Aira.
  • Practice dance movements with the models at Amber Chia Academy. Feels good to be back again.
  • Changed hair colour so often for Wella's hair colour launch shows.

April - June 

  • Opening Dance for Amber Chia Academy 3rd Graduation Show with all the graduated models. Feels good to perform together again!
  • Magazine shoot and shows with the senior models. Thank you all.
  • Blogger events, always attend the events with Lisa, Jean and Fatin, and recently, we call ourselves as the No Name Stylos hahaha.
  • Shows at KL Convention Centre.
  • Show time with my ViVi girls again! Also with Amanda and Gwen. Major love!
  • Visited Malacca with a bunch of models for an outstation job. It was fun!
  • Attended Brand Laureate Awards with Chealsea. Thanks for the invitation.

March - June (Timeline goes haywire now lol)

  • Fitting with my pretty Barbie doll Sheena. Bridal show yay!
  • First try of Outdoor Laser Tag. Believe it or not, I'm pretty good sniper.
  • Sponsored by Number76 Salon. Thank you Sato-san for attending to the needs of my hair. Awesome service and products.
  • Food we had during the Malacca trip. 13 meals in just 31 hours trip. Scary!!!
  • Gwiyomi with the girls and Shugene, Wella show backstage. Haha.
  • Met Skream during his performance in Malaysia!
  • Walked for SEED at Paradigm Mall's Fashion Week.

May - June

  • Opening dance that I mentioned above. Hohoho. I love dancing!
  • Thank you Kevin, for celebrating my birthday with me. BFF!
  • Farewell to Kate, be good in Shanghai!
  • Rave parties again - Joachim Garraud in 3D and Dash Berlin.
  • Celebrated mama's birthday, family bonding time.
  • Blogger events with Freda and Lisa. lol
  • Tried Eyelash Extensions for the first time. If travel, eyelash extension is a good choice that you look like you did makeup even if you didn't.

July - August

  • Krabi trip with the gang - 14 people. Had some wonderful time, first time in Snorkeling and Elephant ride. Awesome vacation.
  • Peiyue's birthday celebration at Tous les Jours.
  • Opus Jay 2013 World Tour. I was crying most of the time while watching the concert. Dream come true, definitely gonna buy VVIP tix the next time Jay opens concert in Malaysia.
  • Watched Chelsea played against Malaysia, although the game was kinda boring but glad to see Malaysia team is giving all out and also Malaysians cheering for Malaysian! Woohoo! Hitam Kuning!
  • Lisa dear graduated! So happy to be one of her model during her graduation show. Awesome designs and she won the most creative/talented designer for her faculty! Yay!
  • My baby girl Sheena hosted Ma Chérie's event, and bumped into mamasan Tammy. Lovely pink day.

July - August

  • Acted in a short film for my friends cum ex-schoolmates, along with some bloggers. lol.
  • Took part in MasterCard's commercial shoot, and have to tutup aurat in some shots.
  • Visited Malacca again for a photoshoot with Ivan, Kevin being the assistant cum driver. Met Agnes and Eric, fun trip! Woohoo~! Let's do this again!!!
  • Watched Linkin Park's concert, another dream come true!!!
  • Had my first taste of Ladurée macarons, thanks Lisa for bringing this back from Singapore.
  • Premiere Screenings streak goes on and on and on!
  • Raya Open House at Aira's. Our friendship tradition.
  • Xuan Xuan's 5th birthday, Minion themed. Hahahahaha. Love him so much!

August - November

  •  Hawa Ghazzali fashion show with the people I love! Sheena, Amanda, James.
  • Watched Gary Cao's Sensationally Concert. Awesome vocal and performance.
  • Nestle's La Cremeria shows with the juniors.
  • We Love Asia 2.0 rave party.
  • with ViVi magazine writer Ponnie during Zalora x River Island launch.
  • Form 6 gathering with Pn. Chew.
  • Dip dyed my hair in pink and they died. lol.
  • My bestie found her happiness, finally! Must be happily forever after okay?
  • Dinner at my primary school with primary schoolmates. Feeling nostalgic


  • Blogger events, fun and silly bloggers in one table haha.
  • Did a shot by Bibo. Love it!!!
  • Outstation jobs - Penang, Ipoh.
  • Hooked on Shisha, and attempted to influence Sonia too. lol
  • Joined a model search and got myself a subtitle - Best Catwalk! Woots!
  • Did a super rock hairstyle - braided my hair for Snips hairshow and leave it as it is for a few days. Love the hairstyle, but it is kinda painful when doing the braid.
  • Met with Elise few months later. lol
  • Meet up with my boy Xuan Xuan. Love the photo so much! 

October - December

  •  Changed to Nokia 920 after my S3 died. Buzz me if you don't have my 016 number, changed my phone number as well. A good farewell to past.
  • Eason Chan's concert! Reminds me of our performance 2 years back! Awesome!
  • Kevin's birthday. Celebrated at The Roof, Stratosphere and Loudspeaker. Somebody passed out that day with just 3 bottles of beer hahahahaha noob kia!
  • Tiger Radler launch with le dad, and Jazz event with Freda. Love!!!
  • Joined STUFF Cover Girl search, gained experience and friends as well. Thank you.
  • Brought Peiyue to Number76 salon to dye her hair. She loves it! (Got lengzai to look at as well, why not? haha)
  • Swarovski show with Boeyn. Met Khir the famous makeup artist and May for my sleek hairdo.

November - December

  • Icona Pop Live in Malaysia! Love the Swedish Duo, so much energy in their performance.
  • Flaming cake at Caffeinees for brother's birthday.
  • Blonde for a day. Does blonde hair look good on me? 
  • Lingerie show for Neubodi, my first time too. *shy*
  • Surprised my Form 6 teacher Pn. Chew on her birthday. Hahaha. It was fun giving surprise to the people I love.
  • Anthony Neely live in Malaysia. He's handsome but reminds me of Loki, why ar?
  • Malacca again with the blondies for a show.
  • 08:09:10a.m. 11th Dec(12) 13.
  • Celebrated dad's birthday at Euro Deli. Full of meat.


  • Did a super "gengchao" makeup for MHA show. I really think that whenever I'm sad, I shall look at this photo again and I'll be laughing all over again. hahahaha cannot stop laughing.
  • The No Name Stylos. lol
  • Strawbies from Cameron Highland.
  • Visited east coast of Malaysia - Kemaman during Christmas. Helped Elise to clean her house a lil bit, and visited Kuantan as well. Wonderful and meaningful Christmas indeed!
  • Benefit workshop with my babes.
  • Last show of the year at Kenanga Wholesale Mall.
  • Joined Churpies on their #ChurpChristmas Tour. Fun working environment. Makes me wanna work there too! lol.
  • My Christmas Present ♥

There, my year 2013 in collage. There are still alot of events that I didn't mention and also wonderful people that I met, but I do hope we can meet again this year, and create wonderful memories together. I thought this blog post will be a short one, but I've spend like 2 hours writing this. lol. Hope you enjoy reading it. 

Last but not least, Happy New Year 2014!!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The School by Jaya One

Visited The School by Jaya One last weekend, am surprised by the drastic change of Jaya One. Can't even remember how was The School used to look like, and now, became a premise for shopping and fun learning. 

Been quite some time didn't blog as how I like, so this post is mainly bout the photos I took during my visit to The School, using my phone's camera app called SophieLens. I love their Lomo filters so much! If you owned a Nokia phone, give the app a try!

Seriously amazed by all the pretty decorations in The School!

There's an outlet called Centre for Asian Photographers where photographers can hang out together, sharing information and hold an exhibition there as well. There are so many cat-related elements in the shop. Love their coffee cup the most. 

Cat in the box!

Exhibiting now, photographer is called Ming Thein if not mistaken.

Found a cool shopping place where you can find cool sunglasses, hipster wear and accessories, it's like a bazaar, called Pop. While walking around, I saw these:

Homade Beverage - Lemonade and Pomenade

Gave Pomenade a try. Love the seeds!

Cool glasses selling at Pop! I will definitely bring one of these home soon!

Just a really short blog post and some photos to share. It's gonna be a busy week for me this week, and also big changes as well. Gonna blog about the awesome Cat Café next (currently in the photo-editing stage ahahahah), so do keep an eye on my blog! :D