Wednesday, January 15, 2014

oh là là

Nothing much going on lately. Took up French class and also cut my hair. And also there seems something wrong with my phone's touchpad, so gonna go hiatus temporarily on Instagram and also WeChat. Le Sigh. 

My textbook and exercise book.

My French teacher is a she, and she's younger than me! Lol. Overall age in the class is about 22-23(?) and most of them are heading to France soon. I guess I'll be the only one that learn French because I like French. Today marked the 6 day of class and I'm starting to panic because the complexity of the language. Other students seems to understand French in a short time, I can't even comprehend some of the text man. Need to put in more effort. Gambatte!

One day!

Borrowed books from Library
Children books, but still have problem understanding them. Gah.

Cut my hair before a big show (will blog bout it later) at Headline Salon. Thanks to Thomas who attend my needs for the hair style I want. Never cut it so short before, and I want it to be shorter and shorter!!! Will head for a trim before Chinese New Year. 15 days left to the big day for Chinese, and I'm not excited at all, why ah?

Find myself look like Kiko Mizuhara here (buay paiseh max) lol

I kept quiet for cutting my hair, so many people were shocked when they see me. Some can't even recognize me. Hahahaha. But I reckon this as a good change, hair can grow anytime, but we're only young once. So try whatever I want, isn't? And no, I'm not a tomboy or lesbian. Straight as a pole, lol. 

messy style

Short hair + dress, me likey

 Guess that's all for now. Have to continue study French before I got lost in the class again. Adieu.

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