Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The School by Jaya One

Visited The School by Jaya One last weekend, am surprised by the drastic change of Jaya One. Can't even remember how was The School used to look like, and now, became a premise for shopping and fun learning. 

Been quite some time didn't blog as how I like, so this post is mainly bout the photos I took during my visit to The School, using my phone's camera app called SophieLens. I love their Lomo filters so much! If you owned a Nokia phone, give the app a try!

Seriously amazed by all the pretty decorations in The School!

There's an outlet called Centre for Asian Photographers where photographers can hang out together, sharing information and hold an exhibition there as well. There are so many cat-related elements in the shop. Love their coffee cup the most. 

Cat in the box!

Exhibiting now, photographer is called Ming Thein if not mistaken.

Found a cool shopping place where you can find cool sunglasses, hipster wear and accessories, it's like a bazaar, called Pop. While walking around, I saw these:

Homade Beverage - Lemonade and Pomenade

Gave Pomenade a try. Love the seeds!

Cool glasses selling at Pop! I will definitely bring one of these home soon!

Just a really short blog post and some photos to share. It's gonna be a busy week for me this week, and also big changes as well. Gonna blog about the awesome Cat Café next (currently in the photo-editing stage ahahahah), so do keep an eye on my blog! :D

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