Saturday, February 15, 2014


20140214, I keep hashtag my photo with the numbers because I really love the sound of it. The perfect combination, 20140214 + Valentine's Day + Chap Goh Meh a.k.a Chinese Valentine's Day, all fall on the same day this year, and I spent most of the time travel to one of the island I love - Penang!

First time travel to Penang, alone. A city which is so familiar yet so strange to me. My past few visits were just for work, so I didn't get to really see the city, didn't really get to feel it. So I think, travel alone might be a good thing too, the feelings are strongest when I'm traveling alone, and all my worries are seemed so far away.

Beautiful sunset for a beautiful day

I travelled by bus, and it's Aeroline this time. Double deck, and acclaimed as first class shuttle service too, well, I very much agree with that because of their good service and well-mannered attendants! Bus was so steady and calm even though passengers were seated at the upper deck, hardly feel anything and I slept most of the time during the 5 hours journey with the Relaxing Music playing in my headphone using their entertainment LCD. Lotsa movies and songs selection to be choose from. I like!

I chose the first seat, and get to take photos when we cross Penang bridge:

I can still remember that me and my family used to parked at the side and take photos at the bridge, now you can't stop at any point of the bridge no more. 

Bus being punctual, reached destination within estimated time - 8pm. Thanks to my cousin sis who helped me contact a taxi driver to come pick me up at the station, so I can avoid being charge overprice by other taxi drivers. The taxi driver uncle was a chatty, we chatted throughout the route back hotel. On a Friday-2 Valentine's Day-night, you have no idea how jam it was in Penang island.

Old hotel, decided to head out for dinner without waiting for the return of my parents from wedding dinner. Walk around, can't decide what to eat. Walked along Penang Road and also Chulia Street. Trying to find back the familiarity of this island by heart, but things changed quite drastically since my last visit.

Refurbished police station (or is this headquarter?)
Now only I knew that Police of Penang Island established since year 1807.
What a history.

Passed by Sup Hameed which is famous for soup kambing (mutton soup) and also Nasi Kandar Line Clear. I was so surprised that the Nasi Kandar stall that I used to visit when I was small was the famous Nasi Kandar that people queue up in the middle of the night. Today only I realized, funny or what? LOL! Well, never too late! Gonna try that in these few days. But gonna settle for some local Chinese food, so I keep waking~

Okay, free advertisement for Wilhouse. lol.

another free advertising for Restaurant Cafe Mini Library, lol.

Can't find any hawker stall, so, gotta settle my dinner at Red Garden Food Paradise & Night Market. People mountain people sea, so hard to get a seat in the food centre. Ordered Char Kuey Teow and also Oh-Chien (oyster omelette) and waited so long for the Char Kuey Teow, almost an hour! Bad experience at Red Garden, I will think twice before I re-visit again next time.

Stumble across the huge wall art that's just beside Red Garden, like this most for today. The perfect combination of everything called "Life".

Guess this is pretty much about my few hours journey in Penang. Can't wait for tomorrow as my cousin sister told me that she will bring me around and also, food!!! Gotta sleep now then, bonne nuit! ^_^

Last but not least, I wish everyone Happy...

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