Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reiko by Will Chong

Am more to the runway kind of model than those photoshoot kind. My looks doesn't suit the market of Malaysian photographers in general as their likings are more to the Taiwanese/Japanese kinda models. I'm no where near there at all.

Before I cut my hair short, I thought: Why don't I ask around the photographers that I know and see who willing to take photo of me before I chop them down. And Will Chong, a talented photographer decided to take my photos, it was an impromptu shoot, organized few hours before my appointment with the salon, and at that point, we have no idea what to shoot and don't have a clear idea of what's the concept too. lol.

So, I went to Will's studio with just two pair of heels, and a makeup bag. With an empty head. He wanted a different type of eye make for both eyes, so one I draw a massive black eyeliner and another one eye - smokey. Will search for props and costumes from his "treasure chest" and found me two awesome costume! So there begins our photoshoot....

Post editing. I like the dark blue costume with sequins. They reminds me of a gymnast. A fallen dancer or some sort. It was such a fun shoot despite we have no idea what's going on just moment before the shoot, and everything worked out smoothly, with all the wonderful photos captured by Will. The post editing was awesome too, all thanks to the brilliant usage of lighting at his studio. His professionalism is one thing that I respect!

Photographed by: Will Chong of 321 Project

Hair: Will

Make: Model's own

Costume: Will

Shoes: Model's Own

Do check out the 321 Project page to check out more of Will and his friends work, they are awesome! Thank you so much Will for this set of wonderful photos. You're one amazing photographer! Thank you ^_^