Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rakuten Super Sale

Beware of the arriving of 1st April, no, definitely not because it is April Fool's Day, but because...

Rakuten Super Sale is coming!!!

Rakuten, being the Japan's largest online shopping site which have over 75 million members using its site to purchase items ranging from household products to toys, electronic gadgets, and never forget - Japanese fashion items that are to die for! 

Japan's latest Spring items, from TokiChoi
Pastel and white, all flowy feminine looking!

Rakuten Malaysia did the Super Sale last year, and it was a blast! So they decided to bring this Super Sale back to Malaysia again, for 10 consecutive days, you're gonna shop till you drop in front of your computer/mobile phones! 

You'll never believe how easy it is to own these Japan Spring/Summer 2014 fashionable items, all deliver to your doorstep in just few clicks away, and Super Sale also indicates highly discounted prices for these latest trends from various merchants.

Shoes from Afraldo

Bags from Bagstation 

laces and frills for Spring Summer 2014 will never go wrong!

Here's a list of my favourite merchants from Rakuten Malaysia:

I've bought some of the Spring Summer clothing from merchants above, and all my stuff arrived in less than a week! Kudos to their awesome fast dispatch which some are from Taiwan and other places in the world. Sellers updated me of the process of my parcels through emails, so I know when I'm gonna receive them. Some items of my choice were out of stocks, so they updated me through email so I can choose another item as soon as possible and the whole process took less than a day and I received my items 2 days after! Rakuten Malaysia totally make online shopping a breeze and lesser risk for buyers too.

Striking blue colour leggings from TokiChoi
I love the material and colour, super comfy!

Stripey dress and black flats (you can't see in this photo lol) from Luvclo!

So be sure to check Rakuten Malaysia as much as possible for the upcoming 10 days (1st April - 10th April 2014) for more and more discounted items update daily, and discount goes as high as 50%!!! Let's shop and be fashionable for this Spring and Summer 2014 in a Japanese way!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Three Little Birds Coffee, D7 Sentul

Yes, coffee shop addict is here again. Gonna show you a secluded coffee shop located in Sentul D7, an area I don't think most people will visit because it is kinda isolated. Know the location of coffee shop through primary school friend, and here I am, with Peiyue.

Simple looking cafe

Secluded, quiet, covered, this is one cafe you wouldn't know if you don't search for it. It's owned by Artisan Roast Coffee, another branch with another concept, and seriously, I love this cafe more than the one in TTDI! The inner peace can be found in this place, no joke.

aroma of coffee fills this place up

if you choose to sit outdoor, this is the scene that you'll get

I went there twice, love their Mocha Dulcey(White choc) instead of Mocha Dark. Their Smoked Salmon Croissant tastes good, definitely wayyyy better than the Tommy Le Baker Sandwich that almost cracked my teeth with the super hard breads. Never gonna eat that again. 

I miss the croissant, and Mocha Dulcey

Feels so happy that finally found a cafe that's decent and near to my place. I foresee it's gonna be our base for caffeine fix from now on. I just hope that they will pay more attention to mosquitoes problems as sitting outdoor is not fun anymore once the mosquitoes start to find your blood taste sweet and bite you as their brunch (or tea time).


tea time with my wife. lol.

shiny floor that deceived me it was wet the first time I visit the cafe

If you crave for simplicity, search for moment of silence in this chaotic city, Three Little Birds cafe will be the perfect place for you, with coffee and desserts.


  • D7, Jalan Sentul,
  • 51000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours:
Mon-Thur 0800-2300
Fri-Sat 0800-0000
Sun 0900-2200

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Date with Freshel & Yu Heng

A wonderful morning, started with hotel breakfast, my beloved bacons, scramble eggs and orange juice, also with Freshel and Yu Heng! 


Seriously, what can make you feel like you held the world in your hand than start off your day with a clean and fresh face! At least I feel more confident when I'm out with a fresh clean face early in the morning, and that's exactly what Freshel trying to deliver to their users! Super happy to be one of the blogger to join the sharing session of Yu Heng about Freshel and get to know more about the brand. The session started after we stuffed our tummy with lotsa yummylicious food from the hotel.

Look at all the Freshel products! I want!!!

Briefly updated with all the ranges that Freshel currently offer to Malaysia market, and good news is, there are more to come this year! Simple and fresh is what Freshel trying to convey their message to all their users, just like their packaging and ranges, nothing fancy, totally basic and suits everybody's needs!

Cleanser, all types of cleansers!

I'm currently using Freshel Clear Soap which contains Moroccan Ghassoul Clay, that can be used as face wash and pack (mask, what we normally called it) and it is so good! My skin feels clean, smooth and yet moisturized, no feeling of tense skin! I like it so much! Plus it is fragrance free and no artificial coloring, even great! There are 5 types of cleanser: cream, soap, oil, foam and lotion.

Cleansing lotion? What is cleansing lotion you may ask. It is a new concept product by Freshel which a single item that acts as makeup remover + face wash + pore cleanser. Easily wipe off and no need double cleansing a.k.a cleansing and rinsing. Sounds perfect for party goers, or lazy people like me who sometimes just wanna get to bed asap. Contains collagen and hyaluronic acid, remove and wash your face at the same time, keeping skin's hydration!

As I mentioned earlier, there are a few ranges of skincare Freshel offers to their users. Simple and time-saving is what they deliver to their users and always, simple is the best!

Whitening range

Moist and translucent, contains whitening, moisturizing and keratin-softening ingredients to allow fast and deep penetration of active whitening ingredients to control melanin production and prevent dark spot by repairing the damage from UV ray exposure. Perfect for girls who like their to keep her skin fair!

Moisture range

Penetrating and moisturizing range that leaves skin feeling moist, smooth and elastic. All thanks to its moisturizing ingredients - double collagen and hyaluronic acid, which effectively moisturizes skin as we all know the effect. Fruit acid mixture and prunus domestica fruit extract are added into the moisturizing range for light texture series and moist texture series. This photo's shown the light texture series one, where the moist texture series bottle are labeled as Moist.

EX Moisture range

Some may ask, what's EX Moisture range, and some may also wonder, does Freshel have anti-ageing range. This is it, EX Moisture range, which means intensive moisturizing care with extra thick and moisturizing formula. With its anti-ageing formula, skin remains moist, firm, smooth and lustrous. Contains the natural antioxidant coenzyme Q-10 and moisturizing ingredients double collagen and hyaluronic acid to ensure and effective anti-ageing care. Prunus domestica fruit extract further softens skin's keratin to aid with absorption, maximizing a deep moisturizing effect without leaving skin feeling sticky and burden-free!

For the special care - Freshel's Lift Moisture Cream and Lift Moisture Eye Essence

Universal concern for women around the world is skin ageing problems. The Lift Moisture Cream is designed for those with dry skin, sagging cheeks and around the mouth area, noticeable wrinkles that are caused by dryness and also skin with less firmness. The cream effectively treats problems with its Royal Jelly extract, collagen and hyaluronic acid, creates firm, supple and radiant skin. 

Lift Moisture Eye Essence for the door of our soul. With Royal Jelly extract, collagen and hyaluronic acid, it treats skin problems around area that are caused by dryness and ageing by leaving the skin moist and bright after application. 

Freshel's best-selling multifunctional cream (all-in-one-gel) series

This is one quick and easy skincare product from Freshel I would like to have! In just one step/one application, there are 5 effects in it - Lotion, Essence, Emulsion, Cream and UV-reducing Makeup Base effect! Effects of the gel can be absorb fast into the skin all thanks to keratin-softening effect, which down when it touches and penetrates into the skin without causing any stickiness. 

Thick and penetrating formula allows whitening ingredients to quickly absorb by skin, plant-derived ingredient is easily absorbed by the skin and forms a veil on the surface of the skin to keep moisture within and last but not least, while the gel forms a moist UV protection veil on your skin, it moisturizes and smoothens skin surface to allow foundation to tightly cling to skin, which make it a perfect makeup base! There's no other companies have developed such gels with UV protection in it. Kudos to Freshel!

Mineral BB Cream ( top) and BB Mineral Powder (Bottom)

4 types of mineral BB Cream from Freshel caters for four different range: Pore Cover, UV/Whitening, Moist and EX Moist. Each BB Cream has its different function, gentle on skin, serves as an essence, emulsion, cream, sunscreen and tinted makeup base. BB Cream color comes in 2 tones, which is Natural Beige and Medium Beige. They are not sticky, at the same time corrects your skin problem as you apply it.

  • Pore Cover: Contains oil controlling ingredients, with collagen hyaluronic acid, witch hazel extract for moisturizing ingredents, apricot kernel oil which forms a veil on your skin which reduced visible pores, skin protecting minerals, and kept the skin smooth for a long lasting hours. 
  • UV/Whitening: Contains spot visibility reducing ingredients - white color beads, this BB cream with its smooth and non-sticky texture reduces the visibility of spots, protects skin from UV rays and clings on to skin for long hours. With SPF 41 PA++, it also contains ingredients like collagen, hyaluronic acid, kiwi extract for moisturizing effect, prunus domestica fruit extract as keratin softener and veil forming ingredients are made from Macadamia nut oil derivatives. 
  • Moist: A moisturizing mineral BB cream that spread wells and absorbed quickly by the skin to create a natural and beautiful finish. Contains double collagen, hyaluronic acid, prunus domestica fruite extract, Macadamia nut oil derivatives and Jojoba oil, last but not least, pore and dullness visibility reducing ingredient - Orange color beads. 
  • EX Moist BB cream with firm and rich texture which reliably covers visible skin problems. An extra thick and moisturizing mineral BB cream that makes skin firm, lustrous and more younger looking. It contains Coenzyme Q-10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, double collagen and hyaluronic acid which supply to skin's moisturization, and there's Macadamia nut oil derivatives, Jojoba oil and Shea butter for veil forming ingredients. Gold color beads is the ingredients that make skin firm and lustrous. High coverage and moisturization, all in one bottle of BB cream!

Last but not least, the last product from Freshel I would like to intro is the BB Mineral powder which is gentle on the skin and can be used not only as a BB cream finisher but also as light makeup powder after your daily skincare routine. Contains Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, white, orange and gold color beads, that can be used together with the UV, Moist and EX BB cream series. Moisturizes skin at the same time offers coverage to skin with natural and clear finish. This is gonna be my target after my current powder runs out!

I know who you've been waiting for, after a long introduction of Freshel's wonderful products, here is the Malaysian ambassador for Freshel that meet-and-greeted us that morning with a fresh clean face - Yu Heng!

She's so cute and petite!

Her image pure and fresh image is one of the main reason Freshel ask her to become their ambassador. She literally brings out the image of Freshel, simple, clean and nice! We're tad bit nervous after she arrives, and don't know what to do or what questions to ask her, just keep on snap photos only hahaha.

Sharing session

Yu Heng shared with us bloggers bout her skin's concern, she's just like any other girl, with oily T-Zone, sometimes when the weather is too hot she gets pimples, but after she uses Freshel, she can feel that her skin improves alot. Especially for an artist like her who needs to travel alot, skin care routine is one essential work but also requires a lot of time, but with Freshel's simple and quick skincare formula, she can get everything done in just a quick few steps!

Her favourite item from Freshel is the multifunctional all-in-one cream. Just by one application, one simple step, she's done with all the steps: lotion, essence, emulsion, cream and also uv-reducing makeup base! She love it! It's so convenient for her to complete her skincare routine in just one step, and amazingly improved her skin's condition! We get to see her youthful looking skin that day, and it's so good I feel like wanna pinch her. lol.

Like what happened, we were stunned and not knowing what to do next, so we suggested what bloggers do best - taking photos! Selfies, group photos, photo with Yu Heng, we take turns and in the end, we requested for autograph. I have a Freshel skincare routine booklet with Yu Heng's autograph on it! Hell yeah!!!

Thank you for signing each and every booklet for all of us!

Such a wonderful time spent with Yu Heng and Freshel. Anticipating for her next single to come out in April/May, hopefully an album this year! Gambatte Yu Heng, we're waiting for you at Malaysia with your new songs. Of course, Freshel's gonna bring in more skincare series for the acne and sensitive skin users, yay for that! And also, the hype of the moment - CC Cream is available in Malaysia market this year too! Stay tune! For more informations of Freshel products, do visit your nearest convenience stores like Watsons, SaSa and Parksons to find out more!

Skin care products:
Whitening gel 80g                                 - RM67
Whitening UV gel 80 g                         - RM67
Moisture gel 80g                                    - RM67
EX Moisture gel 80g                             - RM82
Mineral BB Cream UV 50g                  - RM59
Mineral BB Cream Pore Cover 50g      - RM59
BB Mineral Powder 10g                        - RM59
Whitening Lotion (Light/Moist) 200ml  - RM52
Cleansing Lotion 200ml                         - RM44
Clear Soap 130g                                     - RM30
Cleansing Cream 250g                           - RM44
Pack and Massage Foam 150g               - RM48
Lift Moisture Cream 35g                        - RM67
Lift Moisture Eye Essence 35g              - RM56

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

KOSÉ Workshop - Be A Translucent Beauty with Sekkisei Lotion Mask

Sometimes, I feel I am destined to be hardworking when it comes to skincare and beauty because, living in Malaysia, you can't be lazy for a day! The weather is hot and the scorching sun will burn a hole out of your skin if you forgot to apply sunscreen protection. Be a translucent and fair beauty like Snow White in real life has become my lifelong pursuit.

How to be as pretty as Aerial Lin I ask?
I got the answer today!

Thanks to the exclusive invitation from Nuffnang and KOSÉ, me and my friend Peiyue attended a KOSÉ workshop to show us how to get beautiful, translucent "Snow-White" skin in just a few steps! And I'm ready to share what I've learnt at the workshop with all of you here, so that we can be pretty together!

Are you ready?

Today, we're gonna complete a facial cleansing, care and makeup with the KOSÉ Sekkisei range:

From cleansing, to moisture protection, to basic foundation
KOSÉ Sekkisei have all you the things you need to transform your skin.

First thing first, cleanse your face thoroughly with KOSÉ Sekkisei Cleansing Cream. With the amount of cherry size, and apply it onto your face, they can remove the makeup and dirts that's on the surface of your skin. 

Time to remove my makeup. Oh no~~~

If you're doing this at home, you should do a double cleansing to ensure the makeup, dirts and impurities that clogging your pores removed using the KOSÉ Sekkisei Cleanser, but since we're in a workshop, so we shall skip the step and go into the moisture protection and brightening step. 

So, about the secret to a beautiful and translucent skin like Aerial Lin's is not a secret at all:

KOSÉ's star product - Sekkisei Lotion which contains Coixseed, Angelica and Melothria which are the main ingredients used in producing Sekkisei Lotion, which increase metabolism of skin, whitening, moisturizing effects and also suppress melanin production, helps create fine-textured, hydrated and translucent skin. Besides daily use, KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion can be used as Lotion Mask to empower the benefits of the lotion to our skin. It reaches 10 times more hydration when use with bihadagoyomi lotion mask!

How to create Lotion Mask at home step by step

KOSÉ Bihadagoyomi Mask

Who is this guy standing next to me?

The next person who will show us How-To apply KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask is the famous International Makeup Guru - Mr. Osamu Dobashi. His experience in skincare and makeup industry has gained him high reputation, so happy I'm able to be his model for the day.

So first, prepare your Sekkisei lotion and bihadagoyomi mask.
Uncap the bottle, and pout the lotion into the cap until the line
Then drop the bihadagoyomi mask into it
wait until it soaks up the lotion and puffs up
Gently unfold the mask and apply

Then you have a KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion mask now!

Apply the mask and leave it for 10 minutes for maximum result.

Here are the 9 benefits of Lotion Mask:

  • Translucency
  • Penetration
  • Moisturizing
  • '0' Pores
  • Whitening
  • Smoothing
  • Firming
  • Relaxing

I can feel the moisture of my skin being lock-in and the relaxing feeling due to the soothing feeling Sekkisei Lotion provides. This product suits for using in Malaysia so much as there are cooling effect, and leaving skin bright, smooth and soft but not sticky at all as the lotion is made for fast absorption into our skin.

Remember to not waste the Lotion Mask
Fold it up and wipe around your hairline and neckline area for total care of your face!

Totally feels good after applying lotion mask! But that's not all, there's this new White BB Cream by KOSÉ follows after the skincare regime. The White BB Cream cares for your skin while covering up the blemishes and also dullness. With oriental plant extracts, this White BB Cream comes in two tones.

Light-weighted and protects your skin!

Apply the White BB Cream all over your face for overall protection

Next step will be loose powder for more coverage:

Dab and drag around your face in very, very light motion
Circular motion if you wanted to cover your pores
I love how this loose powder works!

Completing my look of the day by Mr. Dobashi

Voila! The effect of Sekkisei Lotion Mask can be seen and feel instantly!!!

With Peiyue(above) and Jane (below)
It's a happy girl thing to be beautiful together with friends!

It was such a useful experience to learn more about KOSÉ Sekkisei range and their Lotion Mask that can benefit so much to our skin. As we all know, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. So Imma try to apply Lotion Mask more often from now on and transform my skin to a beautiful, translucent one!

Group photo time!

Arigatou Gozaimashita, Mr. Dobashi

See the effects of translucent skin in just 14 days with Sekkisei trial kit! I kid you not! See the effect by yourself. Available at all KOSÉ counters from 1st of March 2014!

BUT WAIT! To all the readers of my blog, here's a Sekkisei Lotion Mask giveaway by KOSÉ, just answer the following questions by leaving the answers in the comments section:

1) What are the 3 main ingredients used in KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask?

2) Name one of the benefits of the KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask. (Any 1 out of the 9 benefits)

Please leave your name and email address in the comment section and winners will be announce soon! (Answers can be found in this blog post, so scroll up and read again!) Limited prizes to be given away, so hurry and submit your answers now now NOW! Period of contest is from 12th March - 12 April 2014.

And do remember to check out KOSÉ's Ms Cinderella contest HERE! You might be the Cinderella that KOSÉ is searching! Join now by clicking the link!

Once again, thank you Nuffnang and KOSÉ for such wonderful afternoon!

For more information:

Price and location to purchase products:
SEKKISEI Lotion 200ml- RM170
SEKKISEI Lotion 360ml –RM260

Available in every KOSE counters

KOSÉ Official Facebook Page

KOSÉ Malaysia Official Website