Sunday, March 23, 2014

Three Little Birds Coffee, D7 Sentul

Yes, coffee shop addict is here again. Gonna show you a secluded coffee shop located in Sentul D7, an area I don't think most people will visit because it is kinda isolated. Know the location of coffee shop through primary school friend, and here I am, with Peiyue.

Simple looking cafe

Secluded, quiet, covered, this is one cafe you wouldn't know if you don't search for it. It's owned by Artisan Roast Coffee, another branch with another concept, and seriously, I love this cafe more than the one in TTDI! The inner peace can be found in this place, no joke.

aroma of coffee fills this place up

if you choose to sit outdoor, this is the scene that you'll get

I went there twice, love their Mocha Dulcey(White choc) instead of Mocha Dark. Their Smoked Salmon Croissant tastes good, definitely wayyyy better than the Tommy Le Baker Sandwich that almost cracked my teeth with the super hard breads. Never gonna eat that again. 

I miss the croissant, and Mocha Dulcey

Feels so happy that finally found a cafe that's decent and near to my place. I foresee it's gonna be our base for caffeine fix from now on. I just hope that they will pay more attention to mosquitoes problems as sitting outdoor is not fun anymore once the mosquitoes start to find your blood taste sweet and bite you as their brunch (or tea time).


tea time with my wife. lol.

shiny floor that deceived me it was wet the first time I visit the cafe

If you crave for simplicity, search for moment of silence in this chaotic city, Three Little Birds cafe will be the perfect place for you, with coffee and desserts.


  • D7, Jalan Sentul,
  • 51000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours:
Mon-Thur 0800-2300
Fri-Sat 0800-0000
Sun 0900-2200

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