Sunday, April 20, 2014

Aussino Stock Clearance

Happening this week from 25th to 27th of April 2014, Aussino Stock Clearance, everything MUST GO! Sales up to 80%!

Everytime I passby Aussino, I can't help but look at their bedsheets design and drool! Imagining my bedroom in those comfortable bedsheets is a fun thing to do. Now the sales is here, it is time to change your bedsheets like how I  will! 

This is totally my kind of bedsheets design!

See you this week!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Girl with Satellite Mind

It's been few days after the show, and still negative comments are everywhere. There are on model's fanpages, they are on the reality show pages, they are even on all platforms and commenting to all the people who are connected to show. Sometimes I wonder what these people (especially the Filipino) are thinking when they write all sorts of hate comments on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook pages just to spread and trying to make people agree on the "injustice" they feel that has been showed on a reality tv show.

First thing is, your comments doesn't change any fact of who the winner is. From audience point of view, you wanted your country's contestants win. Yes, who doesn't? I sincerely root for my friend my country's representative to win because this means a lot to her, means a lot to her family, people who believing in her all along, and to prove all those who look down on her by our own fashion industry how wrong they are. While you guys are helping locals to be in the scene, we, have to constantly struggle and fight to be in the scene. But that doesn't mean that we're have the right to bash the winner of a reality tv show even the winner is not who we're believing in for. So deal with it.

Secondly, you can go on whining how the show lost a viewer how bad the winner is but you, is just a sore real life loser who's doing all the "talking" behind a computer screen. In real life, who are you? Are you somebody in the fashion industry who can make comments bout how a model should look like pose like? Are you a fashion magazine editor, a designer, a booker, a professional model to judge who is beautiful who is ugly who deserve to win who deserve to be in the fashion world? No. Maybe you're a secondary schoolgirl, a working white collar, an unemployed person who sits around all day doing nothing, a college student on his/her final project, a bald and fat uncle, a model-wannabe but all you do is only taking selfies with your phone and so on. You, sadly to say, is a nobody in the industry who can say someone is ugly where some of you is so bad looking in real life that you wouldn't dare to use your own original/unedited/unfiltered photos as a display pic on Facebook. And yet, you got the guts to call someone ugly?

Thirdly, you don't know what happened behind the scenes, yes, so am I. I don't know what really happened in between the girls of the show because none of us were there. Get the idea? But people who's in the industry, the production team, the judges saw what and who they wanted throughout the show, and picked their choice. Where classic model beauty is everywhere, have you ever thought that what fashion industry needs is totally different from your ideal kind of beauty? You can say this contestant or that contestant is more beautiful than the winner, but is it a beautiful face that the high fashion scene wants?

Lastly, to my dear baby girl who deserves more than all these, there's one quote that struck me when I woke up this morning...

“The secret to modeling is not being perfect. What one needs is a face that people can identify in a second. You have to be given what’s needed by nature, and what’s needed is to bring something new.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

Yes, and you, the winner, have the face and looks people can identify in a second. People remember you, see how dearly people are remembering you even after the show, people just can't forget you, you have the power to keep people talking bout you, because your looks are so intense that it just engraved into their mind and can't get you out of their head. Hater is just another form of admiring someone in a distorted way. They're obsessed with you but their confused lil mind is telling them that they hate you.

We all know how good you are in the industry, in real life as a person, as a friend, never let these untrue story bout you pull you down. You did very, very well throughout the show, we are so proud of you that we shed tears and shared the joy you've brought to us upon your winning. You're the true blue winner, and there's no doubt bout that. I wish all the luck to you, and remember, we love and support you no matter what.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

LOKL, Jalan Tun H S Lee

Another café visited, crossed from my list. This time, it is called LOKL.

How you pronounce the name? Some call it L-O-K-L word by word, I just link it all up by pronouncing it similar to the word "local". lol So when I phone Freda up and ask her wanna brunch together, she asked me where, I said LOKL, she's like huh??? lol. 

Anyway, I know this café been around for quite some time, one of the café that I always wanted to go but no time or sometimes just a bit inconvenience due to the lack of parking and traffic condition during weekdays. Head there last Saturday, parked my car at nearby parking lot, and walked over. 

Can't really see the café if you just put your focus on the road, it is on your left after you turn right into Jalan Tun H S Lee. No parking near to the café, so it's whether you park at the parking lot before you turn into the junction or the one that's on the opposite corner after that road's traffic light. Parking fee can be expensive. 

Small entrance with few panels of glass windows and glass door with black coloured sill. Quite crowded on a Saturday afternoon but not full house yet. Managed to find a 2 seats table located just beside the door to the al fresco garden which located behind the café. A nice and serene place, would've be perfect for the two of us if the weather was a lil bit cooler that afternoon. 

Menu was quite simple, two pages, just like the first photo above. Ordered my staple caffeine drink wherever I go - Iced Mocha, and decided to had soup of the day as my brunch. Lack of sleep, not really have big appetite. Too bad they don't have that on weekends. In fact, some items on the menu doesn't available on weekends. But why??? 

 Ordered our food, and while waiting for them to come, this silly girl shows her latest camera collection she bought that morning - a freaking Leica! That's like the Chanel or LV of camera. Touched a freaking Leica for the first time in my life, feels a bit scared because I broke stuff that I touch quite often, and this beauty costs more than 1k!

My cup of Mocha

When my drink arrives, I look at it and feeling weird. This must be the white-est Mocha I've ever had. I'm not a black coffee bitter kind of person, I always prefer my coffee to be sweet, hence when I place order, I never forget to ask them to add extra syrup. LOKL kinda disappoints me because when the Mocha came, no taste of chocolate. It was bitter and bland. Asked for syrup, and feels ignored by the waiter who took my order earlier. 

Bacon linguine. Didn't try this, wasn't in mood for pasta that day.
RM18 or RM20, unsure.

Hainanese Meatloaf

Food selection was limited. Ordered Hainanese meatloaf after some time thinking, because it was the cheapest, because I don't have appetite for big portion, and because they don't have soup. Hainanese meatloaf kinda reminds me of the one I had at Yut Kee. This is a lot fancier, crunchier, but expensive and oily as well. 

Beauty salad
Totally unaware of the price of this

Salad will be the best among all. Fresh and tasteful together with the dressing, mandarin oranges, nuts and berries. Yums! 

It was a cozy café, but too bad it lacks of the warmth, welcoming feeling a café should've brought to their guests, and lacks of the aroma of coffee that floats in the air. Although it was located at the heart of KL city, but I didn't find it attractive enough for my second visit. Well, maybe after some time then maybe... I just hope they don't disappoint again. 

私服 of the day
Greyish kinda day due to rainy days lately


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

You Can Zip it? Keep it!

Indulge yourself in a fantastic unique buffet and don't worry that you'll gain any weight! That's right, Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet is back, bigger and better!!!

and there's also Blowout Sales which will be held from 4pm - 6pm where each piece of clothing are going as low as RM10 only! 

So you wanna know what's about this Clothes Buffet thingy? Here's the mechanism:

Ziplock bag to stuff your hauls, then zip it!

  • You must be able to zip the bag full of stuff or it doesn't count.
  • One person one bag per session
  • However you can purchase as many sessions as you like

The Largest Clothes Buffet will be held here:

More than 50,000 fashionable pieces up for you to grab in 15 minutes! So hurry and join in this exciting buffet now.

For more details: