Thursday, April 10, 2014

LOKL, Jalan Tun H S Lee

Another café visited, crossed from my list. This time, it is called LOKL.

How you pronounce the name? Some call it L-O-K-L word by word, I just link it all up by pronouncing it similar to the word "local". lol So when I phone Freda up and ask her wanna brunch together, she asked me where, I said LOKL, she's like huh??? lol. 

Anyway, I know this café been around for quite some time, one of the café that I always wanted to go but no time or sometimes just a bit inconvenience due to the lack of parking and traffic condition during weekdays. Head there last Saturday, parked my car at nearby parking lot, and walked over. 

Can't really see the café if you just put your focus on the road, it is on your left after you turn right into Jalan Tun H S Lee. No parking near to the café, so it's whether you park at the parking lot before you turn into the junction or the one that's on the opposite corner after that road's traffic light. Parking fee can be expensive. 

Small entrance with few panels of glass windows and glass door with black coloured sill. Quite crowded on a Saturday afternoon but not full house yet. Managed to find a 2 seats table located just beside the door to the al fresco garden which located behind the café. A nice and serene place, would've be perfect for the two of us if the weather was a lil bit cooler that afternoon. 

Menu was quite simple, two pages, just like the first photo above. Ordered my staple caffeine drink wherever I go - Iced Mocha, and decided to had soup of the day as my brunch. Lack of sleep, not really have big appetite. Too bad they don't have that on weekends. In fact, some items on the menu doesn't available on weekends. But why??? 

 Ordered our food, and while waiting for them to come, this silly girl shows her latest camera collection she bought that morning - a freaking Leica! That's like the Chanel or LV of camera. Touched a freaking Leica for the first time in my life, feels a bit scared because I broke stuff that I touch quite often, and this beauty costs more than 1k!

My cup of Mocha

When my drink arrives, I look at it and feeling weird. This must be the white-est Mocha I've ever had. I'm not a black coffee bitter kind of person, I always prefer my coffee to be sweet, hence when I place order, I never forget to ask them to add extra syrup. LOKL kinda disappoints me because when the Mocha came, no taste of chocolate. It was bitter and bland. Asked for syrup, and feels ignored by the waiter who took my order earlier. 

Bacon linguine. Didn't try this, wasn't in mood for pasta that day.
RM18 or RM20, unsure.

Hainanese Meatloaf

Food selection was limited. Ordered Hainanese meatloaf after some time thinking, because it was the cheapest, because I don't have appetite for big portion, and because they don't have soup. Hainanese meatloaf kinda reminds me of the one I had at Yut Kee. This is a lot fancier, crunchier, but expensive and oily as well. 

Beauty salad
Totally unaware of the price of this

Salad will be the best among all. Fresh and tasteful together with the dressing, mandarin oranges, nuts and berries. Yums! 

It was a cozy café, but too bad it lacks of the warmth, welcoming feeling a café should've brought to their guests, and lacks of the aroma of coffee that floats in the air. Although it was located at the heart of KL city, but I didn't find it attractive enough for my second visit. Well, maybe after some time then maybe... I just hope they don't disappoint again. 

私服 of the day
Greyish kinda day due to rainy days lately


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