Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gphone EVO

It's been awhile I stick to my phone that I kinda forgot how it feels to have something new in hand to play with, and Gphone EVO came just in time for me to discover how a phone with such affordable price can be so awesome that I literally forgot bout my phone for awhile. 

Yes, it's octa core!

here's some details about Gphone EVO:
  • 5" HD IPS OGS display (1280 x 720)
  • Network: GSM 900/1800, WCDMA 850/2100
  • Sim Slot: Dual Sim, Dual Online
  • Processor: 1.7GHz Octa Core
  • OS: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean (Upgradable to 4.4 KitKat)
  • Camera: 13MP (Primary), 5MP (Secondary)
  • Memory: 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM
  • Talk/ Standby Time: 8hrs/ 210 hrs
  • Battery: Li-Ion 1900mAh

I'm so excited when I receive the phone I just can't wait to explore it. Running on Android, it's not a problem for me to test out its possibilities. So it's unboxing time when I received the package:

I like this design

It was love at first when I saw the design and love it even more when I lift it up!

Slim and sleek, this is how a phone should be.

Gphone EVO is one solid phone to hold in hand and even more love when the display lits up. I like how the display colours are so crisp and real, its vivid colour made scrolling the phone a real sensation, not to mention when it comes to watching videos and scrolling photos in Instagram and Facebook.

There's a phone casing came along with the parcel, which helps protect the phone from scratch and all, am glad the company is so thoughtful because I admit that I'm a pretty careless person when it comes to phone and some personal belongings, without the phone casing it will be an extra stress for me to test out this phone throughout these period. 

So, I've showed you the phone's design, the display and all, and since it's an Android phone, I downloaded all the phone apps via wifi at the moment I got it. Targeting the sub-urban area users, Gphone EVO is definitely gonna worth every cent your spent on it. Octa core processor makes the phone responds almost instantly when you launch an app and switch between apps, that's what I like most, no waiting or lagging, those are life-wasting moments don't you think so?

When I watch videos using the phone, or capture video myself, I'm amazed by the smoothness of the videos. Due to the full utra HD video codec support, or HEVC (H.265) and Google VP9 video codecs for ultra HD video streaming, 1080p Full HD and 4k2k Ultra HD video support gives you the ultimate video-enjoying sensation, smooth and seamless performance along with the MiraVision video fluency enhancer and 60fps video frame rate conversion make everything looks perfect.

The first video I created and edited, I'm kinda proud of myself hahaha. But look at the smooth video (not the colour because it was filtered) captured using Gphone EVO. It makes my Instagram more livelier! I'm seriously amazed by the phone's camera and video features that can helped me record life's precious moments almost instantly and also the colour of images and videos are so close to real life.

*all images posted are without edit or filter*




front camera 

Basically I enjoy browsing and chatting through Gphone EVO, its Curve word gesture and Wave sentence gesture keyboards system makes typing a breeze. I don't have to wait or press space between each words, it is one of the feature I like most of this phone. Sometimes I tend to swipe like how I did while using other phones but I forgot how they don't have the Curve and Wave keyboard systems, I guess I've pretty much make swiping a habit of mine while chatting for easy typing.

Playing games using the phone is another sensation too as its octa core processor allows speedy apps launching and also less lagging throughout the gaming process. Had so much phone playing Minion Rush with this phone, sounds are clear and colours are brilliant. It's just that sometimes there's a few apps that closes itself, which I think is the app coding problem, but I guess most phones have that minor bug problem so it's not something major.

I'm glad that I've given enough time to explore and discover how good Gphone EVO is, its speed and performance is truly beyond limits. Featured in ERing May 2014 issue, do look out for Gphone EVO at their local dealers near you to try it out.

For more information:

GPhone Official Facebook Page

RRP: RM899

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Melissa Shoes - The Perfect Blend of Style & Comfort

Modern women knew very well what they wanted in life, what they wanted to eat, how they wanted to dress, and of course, they knew very well what they wanted when it comes to shoes. We all wanted to find the "perfect" shoes, but it is so hard don't you think so? But fret not, because...

Melissa Shoes are what you looking for!

Melissa shoes, well-known for its trendy styles and comfortability, has won over heart of million fans all around the world for the past few years. The brand is always associated with youthful, comfortable and up-to-date collection, is what keeps making their fans coming back for more. Even fashion stylists and trend-setters are in love with Melissa shoes.

I loveeee this!


Glamorous casual

Collaborated with the big names in fashion industry such as Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld, Issey Miyake and Jean Paul Gaultier, Melissa shoes are rocking the shoe making industry in an international level. Being the number one plastic footwear with awesome designs is what Melissa do best as they constantly come up with creative and innovative designs for the modern females in today's world. Many brands have tried to duplicate Melissa shoes designs but Melissa shoes still manage to stay on top, remain as the pioneer in the industry with what they do best.

If you tried to find your perfect pair of shoes but all goes to waste, why don't give a try to the latest collection of Melissa shoes? There's no online shopping website can offer such fast delivery and cash-on-delivery payment method like how Zalora do. Aside from the few photos I've showed above, Zalora carries a huge collection of Melissa shoes that will make your heart and feet go wow! Own a pair of awesome Melissa shoes today by visiting Zalora, for the best deals and amazing discounts on their online fashion stores!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Magic In The Cushion

Life's a bit dull and your face looks a bit dull too, but hey, don't worry, here's some magic I wanna show to you....

Mr. Magic

Hahaha cheesy opening for a blog post, but really, life's a bit boring lately and I needed some sparks in it, so does my blog. Here's one magic that I'm going to share with all of you ladies out there (or guys who do makeup before they headout) which is imported from Korea's famous beauty shop - Etude House. 

Magic in the cushion!

Thanks for the invitation from Lisa, we went to the this place called The Canvas at PJU Damansara Perdana. What a good name for beauty event because it's time to draw the canvas! Upon entering the event venue, all I see were sparkly lightbulbs, macarons, pink fluffy stuff, so magical like we're at a wonderland!

Yummilicious refreshments

So, what's this magic we're talking about? It's all about Korean stuff nowadays, KPop, K-Fashion and now Etude House has bring in the revolutionary K-Beauty with their latest product - Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion. Just a few pat on your face, it will magically tone up your skin naturally like magic!

Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion + Any Cushion which they've launched earlier. 

Contained in a sweet and cute macaron pact, these newly launched 3 types of Magic Any Cushion has 6-in-1 multi-function formula, and you can choose which that suits your skin to correct your skin tone naturally. Available in 3 lovely colour, they are:

  • Magic Pink (which I'm using currently): smooth out pale skin into healthy and vibrant skin, giving the healthy blush on face.
  • Magic Mint: It hides blemishes and minimize redness on skin, tune and toned up skin to make it look smoother.
  • Magic Peach: For dull skin, it brightens up dull skin into natural toned up skin to make your face like brighter.

3 sweet lovely 'macarons' 

Magic Any Cushion might be your best makeup base companion as it delivers magically natural skin tone look as natural makeup is what we're trying to achieve in makeup nowadays. Toned up and whitening effect comes from 'Mother of Pearl Extract' and 'Albutin', just a few pat on face you can feel the light yet brightening effect glows from the skin, making your skin look smooth and fresh.

That's not all, Magic Any Cushion has these 6-in-1 multi-function formula which will fulfill all the needs of your skin with just few pats away. Skin brightening, tone correction, sunscreen which each of them comes with SPF 34 PA++, cooling moisture that gives your face a dewy finish, whitening and also wrinkle care. Its sheer coverage help makes your makeup looks more natural, which all of us dream of all the time!

Thanks to Etude House, they've invited an experienced pro-makeup artist from Korea on the launch day to teach us how to do Korean makeup, especially those who watched My Love from The Star, Cheon Song-Yi's point makeup is what everyone's been talking about. So happy to see and learn from the pro from Korea, origin of K-Beauty and K-Makeup on the spot!

makeup demo session

After concealer, a few pats of Magic Any Cushion can immediately toned up your skin, if you wanted your makeup to remain light, Magic Any Cushion is just all you need. For more complete makeup look, combine Magic Any Cushion with Any Cushion, the makeup will stay longer and looks more polished. Just light brown eyeshadow, thin eyeline and bright pink lip colour, you can also achieve the Cheon Song-Yi's look with Etude House's makeup products.

Natural yet refined look by Magic Any Cushion
Thank you Etude House team from Malaysia and Korea!

Had so much fun during the launch, gain some new knowledge about the latest K-Makeup technique. Gonna try'em soon and hopefully can look as chic as Cheon Song-Yi! Thanks Etude House for the wonderful makeup lesson. Do check out Magic Any Cushion at the nearest Etude House outlet near you! 


For more information:

Etude House Malaysia Official Facebook Page

Magic Any Cushion RRP: RM119 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Unleashed The City's Raw Creative Energy

After 23 different countries, Tiger Translate will land in Malaysia this 14th of June! Tiger Translate, presented by Tiger Beer, is a platform which celebrates global creativity through the exposure of different cultures. Nominated in the Best Festival category at Time Out Dubai's Music and Nightlife Awards 2013, this year it's gonna be better!

Tiger Translate has been traveled and celebrated through major cities all around the world such as Bangkok, Dubai, Sydney, Mongolia, Cambodia, Beijing, New York, Berlin, Dublin, Auckland and many since a few years ago, this year for year 2014, Tiger Translate Malaysia will be rocking the stage at Kenanga City on June 14th, bringing the musicians and artists from around the world to one showground.

Went to the media launch of Tiger Translate at one of the coolest place in Changkat Bukit Bintang:

The place was awesome with all the murals on the wall. Combining arts and music together defines this place best, no wonder Tiger Translate was launch here.

I can't wait to see all the artists performance on 14th of June. 

Artists lineup:
  • Editors from UK
  • Chochukmo from Hong Kong
  • Manic Sheep from Taiwan
  • OJ Law from Malaysia
  • Kenji Chai, Graffiti Artist 
  • Lunda Chean. Tattoo Artist
  • Kickatomic, Graphic Designers

The sparks between arts and music are gonna leave audiences the most spectacular experience ever I guess. The local artists are going to design a limited edition Tiger Translate beer bottle sleeves which will be showcased at the Tiger Translate event.

with Jocelyn Coco


For more informations, do visit:

Tiger Translate Official Website

Tiger Beer Malaysia Official Facebook Page

See you there at Kenanga City this coming 14th of June!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Luxe Ville at Prodigy KL

It will never be too late to party when it comes to a Saturday night, especially with Prodigy KL. Last Saturday, I went to Prodigy KL right after my friend's house warming party because it was Luxe Ville night at Prodigy KL featuring DJ Marc, DJ EDZ and DJ Mio. 

Reached there a tad bit late, but nonetheless, is party time with the bunch!

My my, look at the entrance. The first thing I notice after I enter is the entrance which have a totally different look with the launch few weeks ago. This is so classy and glam! Totally fit the Luxe Ville theme of the night.

here's to party wonderland!

Look at the party ambience!

The music was totally my tune. Had so much fun dancing and drinking that night that I wasn't able to take any more photos with my phones with shaky hands and blurry visions. But it was a fun night! Of course, you can also be a part of this fun too!

These are the lineups for all the days in a week, I can assure you Luxe Ville will be a good choice! Will definitely go for the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ones when I have the time. 

Prodigy KL now have these double bottle packages that will definitely help you save for more when it comes to party in a club:

  • Glenlivet 12years – RM788
  • Glenlivet 15years – RM1528
  • Mumm Champagne – RM788
  • Chivas 12years – RM768
  • Chivas 18years – RM1588
  • Absolut Blue – RM728
  • Martell VSOP – RM888
  • Martell Cordon Bleu – RM2388
  • Perrier Jouet Grand Brut – RM928
  • Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque Vintage – RM3488

For more information: 

Prodigy KL

No. 1, Jalan Kia Peng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03 2141 9998
9 AM - 3PM on Wednesday till Sunday

Friday, May 9, 2014

Prodigy KL Redefine Official Launch

Been quite some time since I involved in a night scene at night clubs, so decided to have some fun with my friends since they are all here together-gether we can hit the club and thanks to Manoah, we manage to join in the fun of the Grand Launch of Prodigy!

Prodigy, the latest night scene of KL's night life that you wouldn't wanna miss.

Located at a strategic location, heart of KL, the redefine official launch was graced by numerous celebrities and invited guests that night for a preview before the club was fully open for public. Me and my friends were prepared for a fun night!

What makes you go crazily high?

Good music, good companies, drinks and all makes the night perfect! Bumped into so many people that night and so happy that all of my friends enjoyed themselves. We had fun dancing and watching people dancing at the dance floor. It was cool to see people go all out enjoy themselves and have a night of a lifetime! That's how a party should be enjoyed!

All the Setapak Highs!

With pretty Joanna

With my best friend Peiyue at the cool decoration just right at the entrance.

avec mon copain 

It's been like 4 years since we last gathered together to have fun at club! Thanks to Prodigy KL and Manoah for such happening night that night and it was a good one with all the important people in my life to be present and enjoy the night scene together!

I'll be there party soon again with the awesome people from Manoah! See you guys soon maybe? Drop by and say hi! :D

Last but not least, an awesome photo taken that night! Woots!

More information:

Prodigy KL Official Website

  • No. 1, Jalan Kia Peng
  • 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Tons of backlogs waiting for me to clear and to post on my blog, but I took a glimpse at the blog post count on my dashboard and found that it is gonna be my 1000th post, so instead of posting ads or stuff unrelated to myself, I would like to have this particular post to be something about me, which I rarely blog about these days. lol.

People been asking me, what are you up to these days, and I always answer: Nothing much. Although nothing much, but I find that there's no time for me to take enough rest sometimes, and I don't know why. Maybe I dedicate too much of my life to be with the people I love, I'm those who unwilling to see others being alone, or I am the one who's unwilling to be alone for a long period of time, so either one will be the reason that I spent too much time outside and lesser time to accompany me myself to achieve things that I have to do alone, such as sort out stuff that's been piling up in my room, redecorate my room, do extra exercises for my French class, read, and of course, blog. 

Maybe it's really a bad thing to behave so, I'll try to be more aware of it and spend more time with myself in the future, which includes being more efficient in blog. If you've notice my instagram ( haven't add me? HERE ) that after my short hair, I tried different hair colours, blue green silver purple then fades to pink just to name a few. But in the end, I still find that silver or blonde suits me and my style the most, and I just love it! 

Gotta give a big thanks to Number76 and Sato-san for taking care of my hair needs all the time. Sometimes I think he even hesitated in cutting my hair shorter because it's already too short from his p.o.v. lol. Nonetheless, I'm super thankful for them for all the awesome services and treatment they've done to my hair, Arigatou Gozaimasu!

Anyway, before I went back to blonde again, I "kinda" took two series of photoshoot myself with my own old DSLR which were also, called 1000D. One white daylight series and another black series. Just play for fun, and of course for my portfolio purpose because *sobs* nobody wanna takes picture of me back then. T_T So have to do it myself no matter what. 

Photoshop overdose lol.

I kinda like the white daylight series more. First time did such makeup in such mode. I'm so full of myself hahahaha. Anyway. 1000th post, if I were to post one post a day, it will took almost 3 years plus to reach 1000th post, seems quite a long way I've walked with my blog didn't it? It's already 7 years and 8 months I stick to blogging, quite an achievement I would say because I'm a "spur of the moment" kinda person, hence all the stuff that I did halfway, but not for blogging. *clap to myself lololol*

I surely hope there there will be many many more thousands of blog post I write in the future, many many more shows that I'm going to walk for various designers and hopefully, various countries, many many more photoshoots with all the awesome photographers out there and also to meet more awesome people in various events, various brands and from various background.

Here's to many glorious days ahead!