Sunday, May 4, 2014


Tons of backlogs waiting for me to clear and to post on my blog, but I took a glimpse at the blog post count on my dashboard and found that it is gonna be my 1000th post, so instead of posting ads or stuff unrelated to myself, I would like to have this particular post to be something about me, which I rarely blog about these days. lol.

People been asking me, what are you up to these days, and I always answer: Nothing much. Although nothing much, but I find that there's no time for me to take enough rest sometimes, and I don't know why. Maybe I dedicate too much of my life to be with the people I love, I'm those who unwilling to see others being alone, or I am the one who's unwilling to be alone for a long period of time, so either one will be the reason that I spent too much time outside and lesser time to accompany me myself to achieve things that I have to do alone, such as sort out stuff that's been piling up in my room, redecorate my room, do extra exercises for my French class, read, and of course, blog. 

Maybe it's really a bad thing to behave so, I'll try to be more aware of it and spend more time with myself in the future, which includes being more efficient in blog. If you've notice my instagram ( haven't add me? HERE ) that after my short hair, I tried different hair colours, blue green silver purple then fades to pink just to name a few. But in the end, I still find that silver or blonde suits me and my style the most, and I just love it! 

Gotta give a big thanks to Number76 and Sato-san for taking care of my hair needs all the time. Sometimes I think he even hesitated in cutting my hair shorter because it's already too short from his p.o.v. lol. Nonetheless, I'm super thankful for them for all the awesome services and treatment they've done to my hair, Arigatou Gozaimasu!

Anyway, before I went back to blonde again, I "kinda" took two series of photoshoot myself with my own old DSLR which were also, called 1000D. One white daylight series and another black series. Just play for fun, and of course for my portfolio purpose because *sobs* nobody wanna takes picture of me back then. T_T So have to do it myself no matter what. 

Photoshop overdose lol.

I kinda like the white daylight series more. First time did such makeup in such mode. I'm so full of myself hahahaha. Anyway. 1000th post, if I were to post one post a day, it will took almost 3 years plus to reach 1000th post, seems quite a long way I've walked with my blog didn't it? It's already 7 years and 8 months I stick to blogging, quite an achievement I would say because I'm a "spur of the moment" kinda person, hence all the stuff that I did halfway, but not for blogging. *clap to myself lololol*

I surely hope there there will be many many more thousands of blog post I write in the future, many many more shows that I'm going to walk for various designers and hopefully, various countries, many many more photoshoots with all the awesome photographers out there and also to meet more awesome people in various events, various brands and from various background.

Here's to many glorious days ahead!

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