Thursday, May 15, 2014

Unleashed The City's Raw Creative Energy

After 23 different countries, Tiger Translate will land in Malaysia this 14th of June! Tiger Translate, presented by Tiger Beer, is a platform which celebrates global creativity through the exposure of different cultures. Nominated in the Best Festival category at Time Out Dubai's Music and Nightlife Awards 2013, this year it's gonna be better!

Tiger Translate has been traveled and celebrated through major cities all around the world such as Bangkok, Dubai, Sydney, Mongolia, Cambodia, Beijing, New York, Berlin, Dublin, Auckland and many since a few years ago, this year for year 2014, Tiger Translate Malaysia will be rocking the stage at Kenanga City on June 14th, bringing the musicians and artists from around the world to one showground.

Went to the media launch of Tiger Translate at one of the coolest place in Changkat Bukit Bintang:

The place was awesome with all the murals on the wall. Combining arts and music together defines this place best, no wonder Tiger Translate was launch here.

I can't wait to see all the artists performance on 14th of June. 

Artists lineup:
  • Editors from UK
  • Chochukmo from Hong Kong
  • Manic Sheep from Taiwan
  • OJ Law from Malaysia
  • Kenji Chai, Graffiti Artist 
  • Lunda Chean. Tattoo Artist
  • Kickatomic, Graphic Designers

The sparks between arts and music are gonna leave audiences the most spectacular experience ever I guess. The local artists are going to design a limited edition Tiger Translate beer bottle sleeves which will be showcased at the Tiger Translate event.

with Jocelyn Coco


For more informations, do visit:

Tiger Translate Official Website

Tiger Beer Malaysia Official Facebook Page

See you there at Kenanga City this coming 14th of June!

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