Thursday, August 21, 2014

Swiss Sheep Farm - Reload

Hahahaha what a lame and cheesy blog title. I thought I was done with blogging about Swiss Sheep Farm but I decided to add more photos from the visit because Peiyue just added photos from her camera into the album. Why not just make a blog post out of them right?

Seriously, I can't even remember that she took those photos for me hahahaha. Sometimes I wonder why I will pose like that also. lol. But nonetheless it was such a fun trip!

Flower box by the window pane

Drunken by milk, girl found at the ticket booth. lol.

Hah~! One decent photo with Peiyue!


Okay this is stupid. Haha. Actually I was trying to keep my grass and shoo away the lambs so that they will go over to Peiyue' side to let me take photo of her feeding the lambs and sheep. She took this photo of me... LOL!

Lambs feeding time!!!! Adorable fluffy cute lambs, how I miss all of your mmmmehhhh~

And also, Alpacas! 

This is when I talk to the Alpaca saying: No more food! lol.
Why do I talk to them???

Definitely coming back for more sheep action in the future! Can't wait to see more cute animals in action next time!

For the first and complete blog post of Swiss Sheep Farm, please CLICK HERE!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sailor Jerry Brought Me to MTV World Stage 2014

Just last Saturday, I managed to attend MTV World Stage 2014 all thanks to Sailor Jerry and Manoah. It was my first time being sponsored to such a huge party, of course, I was surprised that Sailor Jerry even gave us a full load of yummilicious goodies alongside with a pair of VIP ticket to the show and a pair of no-money-can-buy Gold tickets to the post party. 

Goodies loaded in the limited edition Sailor Jerry tote bag!

Look at this!!! Thank you Sailor Jerry for your generosity!

It wasn't my first time attending MTV World Stage, but it was my first time be inside with all the VIPs during MTV World Stage. There are so much fun activities going on around the VIP tent, of course, unforgettably the free flow of Sailor Jerry Spiced throughout the night! Yes, you heard it, unlimited supply of the famous Caribbean Rum which blended with 100% natural spices and flavors. And did I forgot to tell you, we are among the first who tasted the Caribbean Rum on that night because it was Sailor Jerry Spiced debut night during the MTV World Stage 2014! 

Welcome to Malaysia Sailor Jerry!

Sailor Jerry Spiced was inspired by American tattoo legend Norman "Sailor Jerry"  Collins who said: "Originating, Never Imitating." Sailor Jerry Spiced embodies the independent spirit and unapologetic attitude of the rum’s namesake who was noted for saying “My work speaks for itself.” Sailor Jerry is also a big advocate of authentic and true individuals. Sailor Jerry supports originality and individuals who express themselves creatively. It is currently only available in a few outlets in Malaysia.

We were treated the VIP style by Sailor Jerry that night at MTV World Stage, and it was truly an unforgettable party experience. 

Sailor Jerry tent for the VIPs in town

Phototaking session with the bike, photo printing booth and temporary tattoo booth!


bartender preparing Sailor Jerry Spiced for all the guests that night!

And also, we get to win limited editio Sailor Jerry merchandise on that night!

Hello MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014, gladly to seeing you again this year!

I've been to MTV World Stage twice and the shows were awesome! I can't wait to see our home girl YUNA showing her incredible talent to world that night and also, with the talented B.o.B, BOYS REPUBLIC and THAITANIUM! A cup of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum at the beginning of that night set me in the dancing mood! There are two types of handcrafted beverages available that night, which were Jerry Loves Ginger, a mixture contains of Sailor Jerry, Ginger Beer and Lime Wedges, as well as Backyard Tea, which is my favourite which has Oolong Tea and Fresh Lemon Juice in it!

All dolled up for the night!

The Manoah Family!!!

With the Sailor Jerry Spiced brand ambassador the celebrated bartenders Zachary Connor De Git, former Tippling Club head bartender and winner of Diageo Reserve World Class Singapore 2013

Good music, awesome performance with wonderful drinks in hand, what can beat such a wonderful Saturday night?

And of course, the party doesn't stop where the MTV World Stage 2014 ended, went to Soju right after the show for the post-party event and seriously it was really mind-blowing seeing all the artists like BOYS REPUBLIC, THAITANIUM partying around you like they just don't care. Can never thank enough to Sailor Jerry and Manoah for this unforgettable experience!

Go get the all new Sailor Jerry Spiced Caribbean Rum today! I already have one whole bottle with me at home to quench my thirst for this wonderful drink I've been thinking about since Saturday!

For more information:

Official Website:
Official Facebook Page: 
Follow their Instagram: @sailorjerry

Monday, August 11, 2014

Thailand Trip Day 2 - Swiss Sheep Farm

Here comes my Thailand trip day 2. When it comes to Hua Hin, everybody thinks about Santorini Park, but not anymore, here comes the latest attraction - Swiss Sheep Farm! It's way more fun than Santorini Park IMO and we took tons of silly photos during our visit. lol.

Went there at 9am only found out the place opens at 10am. It was a warm sunny Sunday morning,one of my favourite visit during this Thailand-Bangkok trip.

Swiss Sheep Farm, here we come!

under a blue blue sky~

what a beautiful landscape this place has!

The admission fees wasn't that expensive, 120baht for adult and 80baht for children. Additional charges of 50baht if you were to visit the Alpacas in the farm, but that one you gotta pay later.

Time to experience the farmer's life.

First, you gotta look and pose like a farmer. lol.

actually this is a male toilet sign haha.

Huge bear made of hays

hahaha crazy me on a sheep

eat the pumpkin

The whole place are nicely decorated with farm-themed and everywhere looks like photo spot to me. Took tons of photos at this place that emptied my camera's battery pack after I reach Santorini Park boohoo. I'm seriously in love with this beautiful place, so carefree and relax, just like a farmer after work. lol

Dried corns Christmas Tree!

milk the fake cow

ride harder

so vintage

And seriously, I wonder why this fella is in the farm.... I don't think he belongs there, he's supposed to be at New York city no? LOL. Oh well~ 

Hey spidey

come down spidey

with farmer and farmer's wife

while we're taking photos, I already can hear the sweet sound of meh~ meh~ from afar. The entrance fees included a bunch of grass food for the sheep that you can feed to them. After claim the grass, we walk into the feeding areas and there are few lambs chasing people to feed them. lol. They look forever hungry, eat nonstop!!!

one of the cutest lamb

furry lamb cute max!

Lambs are furry and cute, the sound they make are so adorable too that makes you wanna pet them at their head. But beware, they might chew your hands because all they care about is food. lol. There are bigger sheep separated from the lambs, I can't stop myself from recalling the movie Black Sheep. Hahahaha. Any of you watch that? Hilarious movie with stupid ending. It ends with a fart. Hahahahaha.

is there some kind of ritual going on there?

Black sheep alert. lol

Feeding the sheep was fun, if you feel you don't have enough fun, you can purchase more greens as well as milk to feed the lamb at the counter. The prices are quite reasonable too. After feeding the sheep, we continue to explore around the place, and found more beautiful photo taking spots!

full of love

Group photo

love reward anyone?

my favourite photo out of all!!!

I wish that someday I could see the real windmill at Netherlands. It would be awesome!!!

working with the pumpkins

Remember bout the Alpaca? Yes, here they are. Located in an air-conditioned room, with extra 50baht paid at the entrance you get to feed and hang out with the cute and funny looking Alpacas!

We share the same hairstyle. LOL
Sato-san is it you who trim their hair too? Haha

Alpacas, here we come!

For girls who are less brave, be ready as you enter because those Alpacas will rush to you for the plate of food you hold in your hand. Alpacas are harmless and shy animals, but still I feel a bit intimidated when I first step into the room and they rush up to me. lol. But after awhile it was all laughter and photo takings already. 

The fairest among all!

Did I mention that they have very, very, very long eyelashes? Beautiful eyes~ I osowan!!!!

Spot the funny one. haha

Seriously, Swiss Sheep Farm is one of the interesting place you need to go when you visit Hua Hin! Get close with sheep, lamb and Alpacas, they are freaking adorable!!!! Last but not least, I shall end this post with an awesome Hulk statue!