Thursday, August 21, 2014

Swiss Sheep Farm - Reload

Hahahaha what a lame and cheesy blog title. I thought I was done with blogging about Swiss Sheep Farm but I decided to add more photos from the visit because Peiyue just added photos from her camera into the album. Why not just make a blog post out of them right?

Seriously, I can't even remember that she took those photos for me hahahaha. Sometimes I wonder why I will pose like that also. lol. But nonetheless it was such a fun trip!

Flower box by the window pane

Drunken by milk, girl found at the ticket booth. lol.

Hah~! One decent photo with Peiyue!


Okay this is stupid. Haha. Actually I was trying to keep my grass and shoo away the lambs so that they will go over to Peiyue' side to let me take photo of her feeding the lambs and sheep. She took this photo of me... LOL!

Lambs feeding time!!!! Adorable fluffy cute lambs, how I miss all of your mmmmehhhh~

And also, Alpacas! 

This is when I talk to the Alpaca saying: No more food! lol.
Why do I talk to them???

Definitely coming back for more sheep action in the future! Can't wait to see more cute animals in action next time!

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Jean said...

plan to go too.. but then not sure if my bkk trip will still on or not.