Monday, August 4, 2014

Thailand Day 1 - Hua Hin

Yes, finally I'm blogging some travel stuff! I've traveled to some places recently but I never blog about them. Not even once. *feeling ashamed* But never mind, I guess this will be a good start!

My recent Bangkok, Thailand trip will be one of my favourite trip because I went with my best friend Peiyue and her mum, and seriously, it was unexpectedly enjoyable! It was my first visit to Bangkok *late I know* and I've been feeling anxious whether will Bangkok be under my expectation, but guess what, not a single bit! When you have the right companions to travel with, everywhere will be fun!

Before I start talking about Bangkok, we went to a place called Hua Hin for a short 2 days 1 night stay before we start hitting on Bangkok. This place have white sand beach, peaceful and few touristy place. Unlike Bangkok which the party never stops, Hua Hin is more like Krabi, there are night markets, food, and beautiful beaches around.

Transportation were arranged for us to pick us up from Bangkok Don Mueang Airport, a big thanks to Peiyue's friend who welcomed us in such a generous way! The journey from Bangkok to Hua Hin took about 3 - 4 hours depends on the traffic and also weather. I remembered I slept all the way to Hua Hin because the weather was gloomy, it was so comfortable sleep in the van!

I think the driver loves Japanese culture alot.
I love the prayer bells especially!

It was around evening when we reached, and due to the gloomy weather, we didn't manage to visit Swiss Sheep Farm on that day. So we roam around Hua Hin instead after we checked into our hotel.

Streets of Hua Hin

Our hotel was also arranged by Peiyue's friend, at this serene hotel called White Sand Hotel. Limited rooms, quiet, close to the beach, and I tell you, the entrance of the hotel by night is the most romantic place of Hua Hin!!! It literally took my breathe away that night when we walk through the entrance after we done our dinner and massage. 


Guess our first stop?

The very first place we visit after arrival aside from hotel, is 7-11! We are so hungry we decided to grab some snacks before dinner. It was kinda early for dinner (5pm-ish), so decided to pay 7-11 a visit. I literally went crazy mode in 7-11 because there are so many cute LINE character merchandises for sale and I wanted everything. In the end, I bought a tumbler with Brown on top. So cute I just can't resist. 7-11 of Thailand are very different from Malaysia's. There are few big fridges of drinks you can choose from, banana milk of Meiji is my favourite! Other than drinks, they provide heating-up your food service too. Hot cheese sausages and banana milk on the go, nothing can beat the awesomeness of Thailand's 7-11!

Decided to pay the beach a visit even though swimming is totally not in our plan. Wore my sneakers and walk along the beach of Hua Hin. The sand is so white and powdery, one of the finest I've seen. There are poneys and horses around for rent-to-ride too. Those poneys and horses added some magical feeling to the sandy beach.

Sneakers on the beach, what was I thinking???

It rained a bit so we quickly walk back to the shoplots and main streets. The waves are getting stronger and stronger I'm a bit worried. coward. lol.

Streets of Hua Hin are less busy than Bangkok, and you get to see portraits of King and Queen of Thailand everywhere because apparently Their Majesties are currently residing at the palace of Hua Hin. Such an ideal and peaceful to stay. 

Tribute to King of Thailand

We walked around for an hour and half, then search for this restaurant called SangThai which recommended by Peiyue's friend.

It was a restaurant by the sea!!! If you went to seafood restaurant located at Bukit Tambun of Penang before, it feels exactly the same just that SangThai is located beside the wide sea!

so full can???

Totally forgot to take pic of the food. Their tomyam is super best! Taste a bit different from the usual once but I don't know what secret ingredients they add into it to make it this nice. Total bill for that night is almost 700baht for 3 pax, consider okay I guess. Recommended if you visit Hua Hin, the view, dine by the sea, and also the food, is totally worth the money spend here.

After the dinner, we went to Hua Hin night market for a walk. Didn't buy anything because we were too full for snacks, and mostly they're selling handmade stuff which I don't plan to collect. The night market was a long one, recommended too if you were to stay at Hua Hin and have no plans at night. There are many food stalls as well, too bad we couldn't eat more that night.

Last but not least, the super romantic galaxy-like walk way entrance to our hotel. Beside the walkway, there are French and Italian restaurant. With the romantic songs flowing in the air, this scene is totally dreamlike!

There concludes our Thailand trip Day 1. Nothing much happened that day since we're just exploring around Hua Hin by leg. Can't wait to blog about Day 2 already because it was my favourite day during the trip! Hahahahahaha Silly photos ahead!


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Hi! I was just staying right on the beach in Hua Hin with our friends Nat and his gf Giftza (Girly Berry), I fell in love! I wrote a post about it and would love if you could check it out.!single-post/c1eyj/A1B2DB24-378D-4F9B-B8DF-3FEE05BDCDB9

If you like it feel free to link to any of our posts/photos.... What's mine is yours ;)


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