Friday, September 26, 2014

Golden Half

Finally, I decided to purchase a lomo camera that I've been eyeing for quite some years - Golden Half. Although I know that lomo cameras are not that expensive comparing to DSLR, but owning one is more like want than need, but nonetheless, I had one now! *weeee~!!!*

Golden Half

Had to give thanks to luck for me owning this, because if it wasn't for Tammy moving out from her place and decided to sell this camera for price lower than retail, I think I wouldn't be such impulsive in telling her that I want it immediately after I saw the stuff she selling in her Facebook album.

She's letting go both Golden Half, but I chose the Original design as I love how simple and clean it looked. I guess I'm not really a fancy kinda person nowadays. Is it a sign of ageing and try to be as practical when your age hits you? lol.

Small and cute!

This is my first film camera after such long time. I remember playing with one when I was small, probably 4 or 5 years old, and that camera got stollen when a robber entered our house and stole our valuables including the film camera. Film camera does give me a lot of nostalgic emotion, when loading the film into this Golden Half, it feels like photography done right. The feeling is incredibly good.

It wasn't easy to get this baby working. First, due to Malaysia's weather, the rubber coating of this camera starting to melt and it becomes so sticky, but I guess it's fine for me as I will try to pimp it up or use alcohol/thinner to rub the rubber coating off soon. Then, loading the film and getting the film counter to work for the first time makes me paranoid as the counter wouldn't work. They say if the counter wouldn't work, the camera will be useless. Thank god I took out the film and reload once again and the counter starting to run! But for sure the first few photos of this roll of film gonna be wasted. Let's see.

I love the slogan of lomography which sounds like "Don't think just shoot it!". I guess that capturing something beautiful doesn't require any skill or high tech gadgets at all, as long as your heart feels that it is beautiful, so it is. Can't wait to finish shooting with this roll of film and develop it! I hope it doesn't turn out all to be blank or too horrible to look at.

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