Sunday, December 27, 2015

Boxing Day

Not that I celebrate Christmas Day but I felt so loved by my family and friends recently. Probably it's the Christmas vibes. Probably it isn't but pure love and gratitude of each other existence in this world. The world has become scarier lately, but I'm thankful for having a bunch of people who loves me surrounding me and show me that they care. Thank you so much! I really love you all to the depth of my soul. 

Probably this isn't how Boxing Day works but to me boxing day means unboxing gifts. I've been placing these gifts from my friends and family until Boxing Day so I can unwrap the gifts and appreciate how much effort they give in choosing gifts for me. I know how hard it could be to choose gifts for someone. Sometimes I don't know what they lack of in life, I wanted to give them something that's useful, meaningful and shows my unconditional love to them. And I'm pretty sure they were the same. So here's all the wonderful gifts from my loved ones...

Cat head trinket tray from Freda

Hahahaha She knows I love cat and everything about cats. I could be fussy and picky when it comes to cat stuff too (she knows it) but yet this is one perfect cat head shaped trinket tray for all my knick knacks which I have no idea where to place them at. Thanks babe.

Monthly Planner from Jean
Which I modified them covers later on

Jean always gave me stuff when she shop on Taobao. She will buy extra pens and stuff and share it with me and Freda because we're the Planner Gang. lol. This Monthly Planner that she gave me, I kinda consider it as my Christmas present as she gave me like 1-2 weeks before Christmas. 

I was actually looking for Moleskine's Le Petit Prince planner as my planner for next year but sadly it was limited edition and there's no where to be found. Not even Kinokuniya. Until Jean gave me this blank cover monthly planner and I was like, why not I just modify the cover myself and make it into as if the Le Petit Prince edition. Thanks to my carelessness I kinda messed up the direction the first time I drew the cover hence the yinyang coloured cover. LOL. Thank you my woman! 

Star Wars UT from Peiyue

When I saw this T-Shirt I was like ASDFGHJK%^&*(@#$%^&*SDFGHJ!!!!!!! My loupozai bought me a Star Wars UT from Uniqlo! Okay~ Not like I know what designs there are but after a visit to Uniqlo the other day I can only say my loupozai knows my taste best! This is the nicest design and most of all it's in BLACK! One of my favourite colour!

It's weird, it's only recently I got hooked onto Star Wars, I'm not really considered a fan before but I really like The Force Awakens, and turned into a fan. LOL. I think my loupozai knows the changes in me and she bought me this T-Shirt. Hahahahaha that's why I say she knows me best.

Swarovski Stardust Pen from Elaine

This Christmas edition Stardust pen from Swarovski got me go OMG SO PRETTY when we're having our Christmas dinner at Johnny's Rocket. It is such a thoughtful gift from my little friend (she calls me little friend when she text me few years back lololol) as I'm the one always writing stuff in planner. 

Probably the only worry in me when I saw this pen that it is so pretty I'm scared my carelessness will turn it dull after few months usage. Thank god there's warranty and after-sales service so I hope I can maintain it as pretty as it is now even after few years usage. Definitely a great start alongside with my new planner for the new year! Thank you my love, my little friend. Haha. 

La Gourmet Thermal Tumbler from Celeste

In limited edition leopard prints some more! Can drink water in style already! LOLOLOLOL! When I got this tumbler I was like: How did Celeste know my new year resolution is to drink more water! Hahahahaha This came just in time for me to bring water with me whenever I go! Thank you my soon-to-married friend.

Eiffel Tower design bangle from my youngest brother

Seriously, I didn't realize he knew me so well that he bought me an Eiffel Tower-themed bangle and place it on my desk on Christmas Eve so that it feels like Santa paid me that night. So sweet isn't! Although this design is a bit too feminine to be on me, but it got everything I love on a jewelry - from the moon to eiffel tower to silver, I felt like a French Sailor Moon or some sort. Thank you brother! 

Customized bracelet from my younger brother

I bet he didn't plan to buy me any Christmas present until he heard that I bought him a T-Shirt so he bought me this during his outing with his girlfriend. Although I know it's not prepared earlier but still it's customized with my Initial and my horoscope! Major love. Thank you my brother who always helped me buy stuff and never say no when I ask him to!

Last but not least...

2016 Planner from myself!

Can't stop silly smiling when I'm typing this as if I'm trying to persuade myself that I'm not wasting money on unnecessary things, as some of my friends will always say I waste money on stuff that aren't useful. I'm pretty sure this planner is gonna be with me till the end of year 2016, so I deem this a good spending? 

Only few days left for year 2015, feeling sentimental out of sudden, probably because of all life events happened in this year have made me who am I now, probably because I'm an emotional bitch. lol. Anyway, will try to update more frequently in these few days, got so much idea what to blog about recently! Stay tuned!!! 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

We Are Suckers For Too Long

Christmas is near so is year 2016 and Chinese New Year, and what do people like to purchase most during holiday seasons like these? Cars. Your family is getting a new car for Chinese New Year, so does your friends or relatives, and we're all suckers for free stuff that the salesman throw in for us, convincing we're getting premium stuff that were actually, well, fake/cheap. But still, we take it, free is everything, discount is everything, but little do we know that it will bring us lotsa troubles later on. 

One of the most common cheap stuff given to us by salesman were window films, but little did we know, those were not good quality window films that requires a lot of maintenance later on. Some even may endangered your lives. How is it so? There'll be bubbles and lines popping up after some time, and light reflections from opposite lane cars may made it hard for you to see clearly while driving at night. Naive people like me may have think that how kind those salesman are who gives you all the free window films tinting, but little did I know it is all trying to close sales and earn commissions without giving a damn about the drivers and their comfortability plus safety.

Thanks to Ecotint, I've learned that not all window film business companies are trustworthy, of course quality wise too, some were using cheap films that may require reinstallation every once in a short while. Global warming and our country's weather do require quality window films like Ecotint's. For over 15 years, Ecotint and its company has established a reputable name when it comes to window films for cars, the company is one of the major window film converter, installer and importers for automotive and buildings all over South East Asia. 

Honesty is the ONLY policy to go long term in business

With all sorts of window film companies rise up in past few years, the market has been flooded with low tech and lousy performance window films for automotives and buildings. Ecotint has recently risen up with the hashtag #WeAreSuckersForTooLong, which is a mission statement to reminds consumers to not succumbed into current market's cheap and lousy window films, but be a smart consumer that choose for quality products and services that will not let you down. Ecotint committed into offer their customers premium quality products and services with a peace of mind and value for money. No fuss about after service!

Manufactured by Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co. Ltd in Japan, a public listed company in Tokyo Stocke Exchange and a world class company in advanced Nano-Technology which is founded in year 1907, Sumitomo's products offered the best SPF and PA++ UV Protection and heat protection with vary of thickness and visible light transmittance (VLT), which complies with local authorities approval such as JPJ and road usage rules and regulations. Ecotint users too need not to worry about the interference of electromagnetic signals or cause of any disruption to GPS or Smart Tags usage. It is only now I realized that cheap and lousy quality tints can caused much disturbance and troubles. Definitely gonna choose my car's window films wisely next time if I were to purchase a car.

Ecotint's Raybarrier Solar Series is the only window film in the world that provides consumers both SPF and PA++ UV Protection, not only does it keeps you cool, it also protects users from harmful UV rays like none other does. I didn't knew that there are so much to learn about when it comes to window films for cars and buildings, but thanks to Ecotint I've now learnt how to differentiate quality premium window films and choose what's best for me and my family. 

Mr. Daniel gave us such a wonderful presentation bout what we need to know about window films!

We're no longer suckers when it comes to window films yes?

And to my surprise, Ecotint not only care about consumers well being, but also society's. How does it so? It is through a number of charitable endeavour and a community build by Ecotint which is called KindnessInspired Community Outreach Program. If you happened to saw angels dressed in white walking around KL/PJ/Subang area giving out free food/drinks/coffee, they are from #KindnessInspired.

Hoping to reach out to those who are in need, and to those who are unnoticed at the bottom level of society hierarchy, Ecotint hope to inspire some changes towards these unfortunate bunch by inspiring more kindness from those who have more to give. From treating construction workers to public coffee giveaways to spreading cheer and gifts to old folk homes and orphanage, KindnessInspired Community Outreach Program has been really inspiring. Do pop by their page to see what's their latest charitable activity, giving is receiving!

Nonetheless, it was such a fun and knowledgable event host by none other than Ecotint. Thanks for being such honest towards your consumers and you definitely gained one potential customer here all thanks to your straightforward company policy.

For more information:

Ecotint Official Website

KindnessInspired Official Facebook Page


Subang Jaya-HQ
No. 10-1, Jalan USJ 9/5R
Taipan Business Center
UEP Subang Jaya, 47620 Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

PHONE: 03-8023 1612 / 8023 1636 

FAX: 03-8023 1648 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

LINE Disney Tsum Tsum: Star Wars Event Part 1

It's been awhile since I'm addicted to any games as I'm not a patient person, my attention span towards a game is just so short, that's why I don't do gaming nor watch drama episodes especially those that are 12 episodes and more. So no Hong Kong drama in my life unless they are super duper high rated ones!

But LINE Disney Tsum Tsum has been a real good one! Although I've been playing and stopping for from time to time but I never deleted the game from my phone. Ever since I knew the existence of the game I was like: I HAVE TO PLAY THIS!!! Well, it's hard to explain the connection I felt towards the game, not that I like Disney characters and all (my friends all know I'm a Rilakkuma fans but too bad it's not under Disney company) but the Tsums are too adorable not to play!

I've been through alot trying to play the game: borrow my brothers phone+tablet just so I can play the game, got scolded by my ex because I wanted to play the game on his phone or was into the game and not into etc etc... But I love it! (The game not the scoldings lol) This short 1 minute game really cheer me up in many occasions, I even recommend it to my friends! Hahaha Trying to build a Tsum Tsum cult here.

Although I hardly hear people here in Malaysia talk about Tsum Tsum anymore as the heat kinda died down, I'm back to the game recently and got hooked because:


Lol not like I'm a hardcore fan of Star Wars but to collect the Tsums and pins is a must for player!

4 Star Wars Character Tsums to be collect
I want them Tsums all!

Okay in case I didn't mention, I'm playing the Japanese version ones. It is more fun and they have more Tsums and events than the International/U.S version ones. It's a privilege to understand a bit of Japanese under circumstances like this huehuehuehue. If you wanna download the Japanese version one, you just have to change you AppStore to Japan region, down side of having one is whenever they need to update the app, you have to change your store to the said region.

So they are dividing the Star Wars event to 2 parts and I've just completed the first one!

It's like playing dice game
Accumulate points to clear stages in order to get C-3PO Tsum and Badge

I'm not sure about the International/U.S version one but Japan version have this badge thing to show off beside your name on the scoreboard, to indicate you've completed how many bingo cards/what event you've completed! So far I only have like 4... LOL. The previous badge I earn is complete the Halloween campaign! And I haven't complete Bingo cards yet. 

Throw dice, complete mission, earn points

If you play it with Star Wars Tsums there'll be bonus
But... I don't have any yet! T_T

During mission time, Storm Troopers will appear and interrupt
Destroy them with magical bomb and skills, and will be reward by coins!

Here's how the event looks like

When Storm Troopers trying to interrupt your mission

As you completed mission, the points will increased and there will be time that you're unable to clear off the mission due to its impossibleness of clearing it. So it's best to give up than die trying.

AND I GET A C-3PO Tsum after all Stage 1 mission!
Isn't it cute!!!

Area 2

Area 3

Last but not least: Star Wars Part 1 Badge!

Can't wait for them Part 2 to come and also the movie! Please wish me luck to get them 4 Star Wars Tsums! Need tons of luck for it as I keep getting Tsums that I have and skilled up only boohoo! And if you're playing LINE Disney Tsum Tsum Japan version, add me up in LINE! My LINE ID: reiko67! Have fun Tsumming away!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Estēe Lauder Pink Charity Ride 2015

Every year's October month, you will see pink ribbons everywhere and even pink lighting buildings around, because it is the Breast Cancer month and people from all industries every corner of the world is doing their best to create Breast Awareness Campaign, same goes to The Estēe Lauder Companies that goes all out in supporting their Breast Awareness Campaign, to unite as one and come together to triumph over the disease. 

As for year 2015, I am glad to be a part of the Pink Charity Ride that took part on 17th October. It is to support Estēe Lauder Malaysia's effort to raise awareness about breast cancer with Malaysians as well as raise funds for charitable beneficiaries. In year 2014, RM600,000 was raised to support Cancer Research Malaysia (Initially known as The Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation, CARIF)m The National Cancer Society Malaysia, The College of Radiology Malaysia and also The Breast Cancer Welfare Association. Each and every cent was spent on further strengthen efforts on medical researches, education and even offer free mammograms and support for survivors. 

5a.m. in the morning, MidValley Megamall

Pink and black, looking good!
I am 0423

Pink Charity Ride is one of among the many Breast Cancer Awareness activities that Estēe Lauder Malaysia organize and welcomed all cyclists aged 18 and above to experience a fun ride from MidValley Megamall to Dataran Merdeka and back and also at the same time contributing a good cause as each tickets was priced at RM80 and proceeds were donated to the beneficiaries. 

Since it's a good cause, I dragged Jean to come with me and als Fatin were also invited to Pink Charity Ride. We were all so hyper to change and pin on our bib number on our shirts and belongings, not to mention taking photos nonstop to keep as precious memories for this event. 

You can tell we're so happy to be a part of this charity ride by this photo right? lol

This year, Esteēe Lauder Malaysia embraces the theme "Every Action Counts" through strategic collaborations and exciting activities in order to raise more awareness throughout Malaysia and raise fund for charitable bodies. The theme is inspired by the belief that only with greater awareness on breast cancer, more people will be able to aware how deadly the disease is if left unaware and untreated and able to take the right action and make the next the right step in order to prevent the disease or to lend a helping hand to others. 

From top to bottom:
Host of the event - Bernie Chan
Welcome remarks by Paul Slavin, Managing Director of Esteēe Lauder Malaysia
Warm up session

Cyclists ready to start!

Flag Off!
Go go go!

It was a 12KM ride and no special prize for those who finished first so me, Jean and Fatin decided to do it leisurely instead of competitively. For someone who doesn't do regular exercise like me, 12KM of cycling is a very long journey, especially when you gotta cycle up the slopes and all, I really gave up and got off from the bike and push it up the slope instead of cycle it up. I reckon that's the best I can do, sometimes pushed yourself too hard for something you knew that's not going to happen is really pointless. What matter most is that take your time, do it within your limit and don't give up.

Jean nonstop selfie by the roadside. lololol

We reached Dataran Merdeka!

Time for some rest.

Initially I thought: 12KM only, what a breeze! But it is not, I underestimated the distance, and of course the road condition. It was hard when you're behind of the squad, trying to catch up and things doesn't happen like how you imagined. All thanks to the patient course marshals throughout the ride to always ensure our safety that morning. The ride wasn't easy and at some points, there are some reckless drivers just drive past the marshal just to get on his way. It jeopardized the safety of marshal, riders and also the driver themselves. Next time if you saw a marathon/cycling event going on, please do bear in mind to be patient and calm as they are trying their best to go to finish line, and we have our loved ones too like you do.

For the first 6KM, it was okay as it just started, and still early in the morning, not much vehicles around federal highway. After Dataran Merdeka, there was where the challenges lie at. First the sore bum due to the poor padding of my bicycle seat, sore legs, and also slopes like the flyover in front of Bank Negara at Jalan Kuching really almost took my breath away hahaha. Such low stamina I have, will definitely build it up from now on! The only thing I was thinking when I cycle back to MidValley Megamall is: I don't wanna be the last to finish this! Please don't let me be the last! This is so hard, I wanna give up already! But I can't! Go go go!!! Where is Fatin and Jean!!!! LOL! Both of them were so far in front of me... T____T

Good news is I didn't end up last, bad news is I'm the worst among three of us! The achievement unlocked feeling when I reach the finishing line is seriously overwhelming, and I kinda get a hold of how those who trained so hard for marathons feels when their hard work pays off. The overwhelming feeling that fills up your heart means everything at that very moment! I guess moments like this makes you feel that your life is meaningful in its own way! And I ought to fill my life with more moments like this!

12KM Finishers
Nothing to be proud of actually hahaha

My first cycling event!
Achievement Unlocked!

It is through events like this I realized how much it means of the theme "Every Action Counts" and also the slogan "We're Stronger Together". Be it pin a pink ribbon on your attire on Pink October month in honor of a friend or to salute breast cancer survivor for the struggles they've been through, or donate to a charitable body for researches and volunteers effort, every action represents a meaning and it may be mean a lot to people who needed the support be it morally, physically or financially.

To create awareness for breast cancer for early detection, cure and also prevention needs a big amount of effort from everyone in the society. Let's do our part for the people we love, for loving ourselves, and also to the many generations to come! Thank you Estēe Lauder Malaysia for inviting me to such a meaningful event. Hope to be a part of the campaign again in year 2016!

For more information:

Estēe Lauder Malaysia Official Website 

Estēe Lauder Malaysia Official Facebook Page

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro, Bandar Manjalara

When it comes to success, trial and error is what we often meet but consistency prevails in the end, and that is what Tester Laboratory Café been trying to tell to their customer. Establishing a cafe ain't easy nowadays, but building up a café that keeps trying new menu and improving their food taste and quality, it is something I must hat off to a job well done by the owners of Tester Laboratory Café.

Welcome to Tester Laboratory Café

This scientific-themed café located at the busy streets of Bandar Manjalara. With its 90% white interiors and furnitures, you probably will mistaken yourself as a scientist too! Thanks to Foodink, we are there to taste out the new menu of Tester Laboratory Café that's coming this month! 

Science lab-feel with some Christmasy touch

Since the owners are busy in the kitchen, we are entertained by this small lil fella exclusively bought by the owners from abroad to add on our exciting "food science" experiment:

Say Hello! to Mr. Microscope!

"Hello Sir/Madam, what shall I serve you today?"

We were being nicely served by Mr. Microscope that day and he brings out all the nice beverages and food to serve us till our tummy gonna explode. As a student although I didn't score high marks academically in Science, but I like to do experiments and see the chemical reactions of the mixed chemicals etc, and Tester Laboratory Café brings back all the good memories to me.

Green Apple Mojito, RM12

As you can see, Tester Laboratory Café got its cafe name not just by chance, but by the special "glassware" they used to served their drinks - laboratory glassware. Specially import from Europe countries, it does seem Tester Laboratory Café prepared their customers to a scientific food and drinks journey with sincerity.

"Your ice cube coffee is here master, shall I mixed and stir it for you?"
Ice Cube Coffee, RM15

Look at the Ice Cube Coffee served nicely on a metal tray and sugar syrup comes in syringe dose! I guess it is one of the brilliant way to serve sugar syrup in syringe so that you know how many ml of sugar you intake while enjoying your cup a coffee! 

"Green Tea Blended is here madam. Shall I test it on behalf of you madam?"
Green Tea Blended, RM14

"Oh madam, look! It's Chocolate Oreo Cookies Milk Shake and Mango Milk Shake!"
Chocolate Oreo Cookies Milk Shake - RM14
Mango Milk Shake - RM14

"Allow me to introduce to you our customer fav - Mix Berry Milk Shake!"
Mix Berry Milk Shake - RM14

"Nutella fans, here's the milk shake for you!"
Nutella Milk Shake - RM14

"This is our café new blend - Butterscotch Nut Milk Shake!"
Butterscotch Nut Milk Shake - RM14

I really love drinking milk shake and I seriously think that the milk shake being served in Tester Laboratory Café is totally on point! Milky, flavourful, not too sweet not too bland, smooth and the milk shake I love most is the new Butterscotch Nut Milk Shake! The mixture of butterscotch syrup with whipped cream and crunchiness of nuts that accompanies the taste of that jar of milk shake really takes you to heaven! I keep on drinking that milk shake I feel embarassed by how much I love it. Haha.

"How much dosage of sugar syrup would you like me to add madam?"
Tester Coffee, RM10.50

Here ends the long list of beverages that we tried on that day, and it's not even all! Tester Laboratory Café have a few pages of beverages for you to choose from, but their milk shakes are to die for! Serve in chemistry glassware, it really gives unique feelings to customers as if we're doing lab test. Especially when I added Butterscotch Nut Milk Shake into my Tester Coffee... Hahahahaha it was fun! But bear your own consequences ya!

After beverages, here comes the food we've been waiting for. We're lucky to be among the first to try out Tester Laboratory Café's new menu. If you're their regulars, do expect some changes of menu from time to time as Tester Laboratory Café are improving their food taste, quality and variety to satisfy their customers need all the time.

First, here comes appetizer:

Wild Mushroom Soup

Loaded with cream, chunky mushrooms and bread cubes, this bowl of wild mushroom soup gone in just a few seconds! It is satisfying to munch on crunchy bread cubes dipped with creamed smooth wild mushroom soup, I want a bowl of it right now!

Grill Tiger Prawn - new menu!

I can't take seafood as I'm allergic to it but I hear comments from those who tasted and say the prawns are fresh (which the owner told us that they bought fresh prawns from the morning market nearby) while I munch away the garden salads that served as side dish. They have this salad dressing which makes you want to eat more and more of the salad, what sorcery is this!

And here comes the mains:

Big Breakfast Thuringer - new menu

I wouldn't mind wakeup with a set of breakfast like this. Thuringer, which means mildly seasoned and smoked sausage, paired with bacons, sunny side up, toast, salad and mushroom, it is a perfect and well-balanced start of the day!

Big Breakfast Bratwurst - new menu

For those who can't eat a big set like Big Breakfast Thuringer, maybe Big Breakfast Bratwurst is something for you. With my favourite egg style - scrambled, Big Breakfast Bratwurst seems will be kids favourite too because of the bratwurst!

Secret Garden - new menu

The moment Secret Garden was served to the table, immediately it catches my eyes! Sunny side up on the toast garnished with chunks of olives and tomatoes, below the toast lies a bed of salad, it is my perfect type of toast! Me and Freda keep on munching on this!

Iberico Pork - new menu

Iberico Pork, which literally means Spanish Pork, is another new addition to Tester Laboratory Café's new menu. As one of the perfect parcel of protein that pork chop is, when it is paired with this iberian peninsular-inspired sauce which tasted sweet and sourish, it is one exotic dish from the café you ought to try!

Tester Hainan Pork Chop - RM14.50

I can't believe that this piece of pork chop used to be thick! It was smashed and compact into a thin layer to add more texture and still maintain all the essence of that block of meat. My jaw almost dropped onto the floor when I listen to steps that chef did to create this dish. All the hardwork just to deliver a different type of Hainan Pork Chop specially created by Tester Laboratory Café. One of the must try dish if you ask me.

"How about some Snow Ice Lemon as dessert madam?"

Such cooling and satisfying feeling after heavy meal! This Snow Ice Lemon really caught me by surprise not just it is smooth and soft like snow flakes that melts in your mouth, its tasteful lemon flavour really help to soothe my tastebuds and tummy after drinking all the milk shakes and protein intake. Feels like I can go for second round of food after this sour dessert that opens up my appetite again hahaha.

Crazy selfie time with this crazy girl

And did I tell you that Tester Laboratory Café is one of the hard-to-find-in-KL pet-friendly café! Woohoooooo!!!

Cute DaoDao that belongs to Bowie, one of the blogger that attends the food review on that day!

Instead of café, Tester Laboratory really go beyond the boundaries in order to deliver the best "laboratory" experience to their customers. From constantly improving their food menu to taste and quality, the café received many positive feedbacks from regulars and new customers. 

And with the imported authentic laboraty flasks, beaker, test-tubes and chemistry glassware, Tester Laboratory Café got to serve their customers with all these exquisite glassware that you can find nowhere in the vicinity of KL. I'm impressed by the extend the owner willing to go just to get all these glassware, the money and time they spent for customer's unique experience when visiting seriously touched me. 

Time to give this laboratory-themed café an "experiment test" don't you think so?

For more information:

Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro Official Facebook Page

Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro

Address: No. 48 Jalan 8/62A Bandar Manjalara Kepong, 55200 Kuala Lumpur

Contact no: 014-603 0638

Business Hours: Monday - Sunday 11.30am – 11.30pm