Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I'm a Bobbi Brown Girl!

Okay, it seems a bit exaggerated to say that I'm a Bobbi Brown Girl but seriously, Bobbi Brown's facial products and makeup are totally worth every cent spent! I'm not that kind of person who will go for branded products and splurge on it, but Bobbi Brown's are practical and yet worthy. I'm gonna show you some few stuff that I've tried for months and review them here.

Eye Cream and Soothing Cleansing Oil

Both are gifts that I received during Fatin's blog's 5th Anniversary. I pack these two babies with me whenever I travel and they are one of the best travel cleansing and eye care companion I've ever had. Just a lil bit of the eye cream is able to moisturize the skin area around my eyes, I felt like rejuvenated even though sometimes I don't have enough of sleep the day before. Talking about brighter, bigger looking eyes without looking tiring.

Bobbi Brown's Soothing Cleansing Oil can cleanse away the most stubborn mascaras that's on your lashes or those waterproof eyeliners that seems to be forever stick on your eyelids. Just 4 pumps of this I can successfully removed my eye makeup without much hassle and then combine with Freshel's cleansing oil for a full face makeup remove. Be careful not to get this cleansing oil into your eyes or else you'll feel a bit tingling sensation and you might want to rinse your eyes with lots of water.

my favourite - Buffing Grains for Face

This is my favourite product of Bobbi Brown so far! I've been using this for months and it's still one full jar of grains remain. Definitely can use this up to 2 years even though I use this around 3 times per week. Buffing grains, exfoliates your face and removes all the old and dead skin cell so that your skin can renew to a fresher younger look. It contains rice grains and Japan azuki beans, when I apply it on my face, I can smell the aroma of sun-dried azuki bean grains. I would label this as my Bobbi Brown Star Product if I have a list of must-buys for Bobbi Brown. Check it out at Bobbi Brown stores near you and enquire about this jar of magical!

The okay-new colour of Pot Rouge - Coral Calypso

I've been looking for a brighten-up-my-skin kinda blusher recently but failed to find any. Some of my friends even gave me powder blusher in pink to me as gifts but still, they are not "THE ONE" blusher that I was looking for, until I encounter this Pot Rouge of Bobbi Brown in its new colour tone called Coral Calypso, I just had to buy it regardless there are many unused new blushers lying inside my makeup drawer!

I'm not that cute and girlish type of girl, hence pink doesn't really suits me unless I really dress-up accordingly. It's kinda hard to find a blusher in the colour tone that enhance and brighten up my face. When I applied Coral Calypso on my face at Bobbi Brown's store, I knew I just had to get it. It's tangy pink brings out the blush-cheek as well as made my skin look fairer. Pot Rouge can be used for both lips and cheeks, it makes retouch my makeup easy when I'm on the go! Creamy texture but not oily, vibrant colours that pops on your face. With just a few dabs I look like I'm just fallen in love.

These are my favourites, how bout yours?

I definitely have to give thanks to Fatin who invited me to her blog anniversary party that was hosted by Bobbi Brown, and gave me the opportunity to know more about the brand and of course, found the perfect blusher and exfoliator that suits my skin tone and skin condition. Share with me your favourite Bobbi Brown products that you can't live without!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Maybelline's Big Eyes Mascara

Super duper ultra backlog post. Sorry for this piece of outdated information. Probably Maybelline has launch some new mascara recently lol. But however, am gonna post bout this - Maybelline's Big Eyes Mascara and Eyeshadow palette!

Launch of Maybelline's Big Eyes Mascara

Want big eyes?

Yes, I want. Thick eyebrows and big eyes are consider as one of the trait of "prettiness" for Chinese. Hence a lot of small eyes girls they would go under the knife to get their eyes' corner cut so their eyes could be bigger. Why go under the knife where you can make your eyes look bigger with just one magic wand?

2X Bigger Brighter Eyes with Maybelline's Big Eyes Mascara

Duo brush, fits perfectly for brushing your upper and lower lashes. 

I went to the launch without brushing any mascara on while doing my makeup that day so that I can try out their mascara on the spot. I was astonished by the mascara's effect. It does lengthen my eyelashes so much that both my eyes look uneven.

Same angle, just with and without mascara makes so much difference.

The smaller brush for lower lashes application does make the brushing an easy task. Sometimes big brushes does smudge the mascara liquid on my lower eyelids, made me look like a panda, with Maybelline's Big Eyes duo brush, there won't be any problems like this! Yays!

Maybelline decide to bring some spice into the launch by collaboration with the uprising fashion designer cum blogger Kittie Yiyi and showcase her designs during the launch. With the help of Big Eyes Mascara, the models have stunning electrifying eyes that goes matching with Kittie's creation. So in love with her long dress!

You have short and fine lashes? No worries, Maybelline's Big Eyes Mascara can fix it!

Look at the models super big eyes. Almost round like the polka dots on her apparel.

Day look? No problem!

Elegant look? Maybelline got it!

Superb collab!

Besides Big Eyes Mascara, Maybelline have these Big Eyes Eyeshadow Palette too if you wanna go for a full flash big eyes makeup look. I personally in love with the Shadow Gorgeous Pink palette so much I use it almost everyday. The colours pop up so vibrantly with just one or two swash of each colour, plus the Big Eyes Mascara, I'm good to go!

What's your favourite?

With all the big eyes lengzais lengluis at the launch.

Check out your local drugstore and Maybelline's counter to try it out and be amazed! Thank you Maybelline for the invite! I can now have big eyes too!!!

Maybe it's Maybelline!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Tim Ho Wan, The Boulevard Mid Valley

One thing about Malaysian, we like to eat. From morning till night the one universal question is: What to eat for breakfast/ morning tea/ lunch/ brunch/ afternoon tea/ dinner/ supper/ yumcha??? Never ending. Tim Ho Wan, the so-called-world's-cheapest-michelin-starred-restaurant must've saw how we Malaysian eat and decided to open its branch here at The Boulevard, Mid Valley. 

Of course, the crowd isn't disappointing, many queue up for dim sum since the first day of its opening, surprisingly family and elderlies are the main crowds for Tim Ho Wan (based on my observation). Being someone who eat out all the time, Tim Ho Wan becomes the next-to-try list, so me, Peiyue and Kamsao went to Tim Ho Wan on a sunny Friday.

inevitably queue outside of Tim Ho Wan

It's kinda annoying for they don't serve incomplete parties (I know some restaurant does that too) but for one restaurant that you need to queue up to get it, it's just plain annoying. Initially we were hoping to dine with our teacher who had her hair treatment appointment till 1pm (we reached at about 12pm), so hopefully after her treatment she's able to join us to try this new restaurant, but since the restaurant's policy, hence we're unable to wait for her because we can't get a table that caters for 6 since only 3 of us were present. If we're able to sit longer, and another party joins in, isn't it will make profit for your restaurant? I don't get it. Well, maybe it's the atas-ala-michelin-starred kinda attitude.

menu at the bottom

Yup, one page menu. Both Peiyue and Kamsao had tried Tim Ho Wan at Hong Kong and Singapore, so they know the taste best. We ordered some of their specialty and some side dishes. Full of hope and let the food tasting session begins.

So fungry already let's eat!

Congee with Lean Pork, Century Egg & Salted Egg

Food for the sick one. Kamsao was sick that day, so he ordered this lean pork, century egg and salted egg congee. First taste was so nice (maybe it's because I'm fungry) but after that it tastes... normal. In fact, a little bit bland to be honest. You had to finish this up before you try other dishes or the tastes of others will overwhelmed this bowl of congee.

Vermicelli Roll with BBQ Pork

This must be the most expensive Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun I've ate in my life. Nothing must to boast about its vermicelli roll, but its pocketful of BBQ Pork does made me feel less heartache for the price I pay for a plate of chee cheong fun. One of the nicer dish of Tim Ho Wan.

Beancurd Skin Roll with Pork and Shrimp

Oily, and normal. Normal beancurd skin roll, normal pork, normal shrimp. Just like all the average fu zhuk you had at those roadside dim sum restaurants, but way expensive. Yikes.

Pork Dumpling with Shrimp
4 pcs

I love siew mai. Siew Mai is my must order whenever it comes to dim sum. I can wallop 4 baskets/plates of siew mai by myself in one meal. I love siew mai so much siew mai becomes the dish that will either make-or-break the dim sum restaurant's credibility in my heart. Sadly to say, Tim Ho Wan's siew mai really cannot make it. They taste like average dim sum that can be easily bought at those roadside stalls that's selling buns and baos. I cannot taste the fresh and bouncy shrimp, tasteless pork meat, everything is just so normal. Dare to call themselves 烧卖皇(king of siew mai) some more... *speechless*.

Baked Bun with BBQ Pork
3 pcs

This is supposed to be one of the star dish of Tim Ho Wan. When this dish arrives our table, Kamsao's jaw almost drop to the floor, staring at its white-ish bun skin. It's under baked, like seriously undercooked that it doesn't have the crispy crust. I can't even hold it nicely to take a photo of its fillings. It will be better if it's baked well enough, but too bad it's such a disappointing moment during our meal.

The Baked Bun tastes sweet and salty (bbq pork fillings), it's just like eating Roti Boy's baked buns minus the coffee taste, and add some char siew. I wonder if it's just ours is undercooked... or else this baked bun will be one of the reason I would return to Tim Ho Wan.

Pan Fried Carrot Cake
I cannot finish this carrot cake without dipping it in soy sauce. It's just so bitter. The white raddish makes the whole thing so bitter that I thought I was eating bitter gourd. The carrot cake is not solid enough, I can't really hold it together with just chopsticks. This Pan Fried Carrot Cake is supposedly one of Tim Ho Wan's 4 Heavenly King Dim Sum dish, but it really doesn't seems like to me.

Lastly, the final disappointment of our meal at Tim Ho Wan:

Tonic Medlar & Osmanthus Cake

The first time I had this Tonic Medlar and Osmanthus Cake was few years back, one of my aunt made this during a big family gathering and I was surprised by how aromatic and yet tasty it is of this dessert. Since then, I have some very good impression on Tonic Medlar and Osmanthus Cake, too bad not everywhere sell this and not everyone knows how to make this dish. Peiyue told me that she had this at Singapore's Tim Ho Wan and it was delicious, so we decided to order this as dessert, a perfect closure for our meal, but hell, this is one freaking big disgrace for Tim Ho Wan.

Although you can see the cake is full of tonic medlar and osmanthus, but it tastes just one word - SWEET. The cake is freaking sweet! I guess someone loaded tons of sugar in the water while making the jelly that spoils the whole thing. The sweetness covered the tastes of tonic medlar and osmanthus, I'm like eating a piece of jelly made from pure sugar water.

Seriously, Tim Ho Wan of Malaysia, can you please check your food and make some strict QC before you serve food to your customers? You just spoiled the whole Tim Ho Wan image and the michelin star that the chef's been working so hard to get. Yes, maybe some typical Malaysians will just say: Aiya branches all like this one, if you wanna eat the really good ones you go to Hong Kong la. But is it so? Do we consumer have to tolerate to all sorts of reasons that made the food doesn't taste as good as where it's originally from? Please, for the sake of your restaurant's reputation and consumer's rights, don't serve this kind of food onto the table of diners that made them feel once is enough.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Number76 @ Mont Kiara's Sparkling Hair Wash

It's such a pleasure to be invited to number76 @ Mont Kiara's newly relocated salon and experience their relaxing Sparkling Hair Wash. The importance of having a good hair wash determines the quality of your hair growth, hence Sparkling Hair Wash (or as known as Tansan Spa) is a popular hair wash service in Japan. If you're wondering why Japanese girls all look like they have healthy bouncy hair, probably this is one of the reason!

The newly relocated number76 @ Mont Kiara
Same row as Subway Sandwich, facing the fountain at Plaza Mont Kiara.

cozy kiddie playground
Mama can bring their little ones for hair service without worrying their kids roaming around or bored

Sparkling Hair Wash is a simple scalp and hair treatment that can be done over the basin where water and soda gas (carbon dioxide) effectively removes and rinse away dirt and excess oil that sticks to your scalp and hair. Just 4 simple step and you'll have a smooth flowy hair with soothing aroma that made your good hair day.

Step 1
Shiseido Fuente Forte Sebum Clear Gel was applied on and throughout my scalp following by head massage. The Clear Gel with cooling sensation relaxes my hair scalp as well as removes sebum from inside pores along with old surface cells and impurities. The massage also stimulates the blood circulation around head area, giving maximum effect of clearing the dirt and oils that clogged hair follicle.

Step 2
 After massaging the scalp, my hair was wrapped for about 5minutes and was given shoulder massage. The massage is so good I feel like dozing off on my chair. Increasing blood circulation around neck and head area is good for hair growth I believe.

Step 3 and 4
(done over the basin)
It's shampoo time! Followed by water + soda gas (carbon dioxide) rinsing which will rinse away all the sebum, old surface cells and impurities. Just close your eyes, relax and enjoy the water rinse through your scalp and open up your eyes to see how much dirt that's been remove from your scalp.

Look at this!
 I'm glad that there's number76 @ Mont Kiara's Sparkling Hair Wash to help me removes all these dirt and oil that's been clogging my hair follicles. Normal shampooing at home can't remove all these impurities that's been sticking on your scalp, hence treatment like Tansan Spa is needed to help clear away these to maximize your hair growth from clean and healthy hair follicle.

Blow dry, style it and you're good to go to conquer the world with your crown!

Thank you very much number76 @ Mont Kiara for my wonderful hair!
(Cut and colour from Mr. Sato too!)

Follow number76 @ Mont Kiara's Instagram and Facebook now for more details and superb promotions info!

Number76 @ Mont Kiara is now having a promotion for Sparkling Hair Wash (Tansan Spa)! At only RM75 (Original Price RM105) you'll get the wonderful spa-like hair washing experience like no other. Hurry up and book your appointment today. Promotion until 28th February 2015.

For more information:

Address: E-01-02, Block E, Plaza Mont Kiara.

Tel: 03-6203 5111/4111