Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Number76 @ Mont Kiara's Sparkling Hair Wash

It's such a pleasure to be invited to number76 @ Mont Kiara's newly relocated salon and experience their relaxing Sparkling Hair Wash. The importance of having a good hair wash determines the quality of your hair growth, hence Sparkling Hair Wash (or as known as Tansan Spa) is a popular hair wash service in Japan. If you're wondering why Japanese girls all look like they have healthy bouncy hair, probably this is one of the reason!

The newly relocated number76 @ Mont Kiara
Same row as Subway Sandwich, facing the fountain at Plaza Mont Kiara.

cozy kiddie playground
Mama can bring their little ones for hair service without worrying their kids roaming around or bored

Sparkling Hair Wash is a simple scalp and hair treatment that can be done over the basin where water and soda gas (carbon dioxide) effectively removes and rinse away dirt and excess oil that sticks to your scalp and hair. Just 4 simple step and you'll have a smooth flowy hair with soothing aroma that made your good hair day.

Step 1
Shiseido Fuente Forte Sebum Clear Gel was applied on and throughout my scalp following by head massage. The Clear Gel with cooling sensation relaxes my hair scalp as well as removes sebum from inside pores along with old surface cells and impurities. The massage also stimulates the blood circulation around head area, giving maximum effect of clearing the dirt and oils that clogged hair follicle.

Step 2
 After massaging the scalp, my hair was wrapped for about 5minutes and was given shoulder massage. The massage is so good I feel like dozing off on my chair. Increasing blood circulation around neck and head area is good for hair growth I believe.

Step 3 and 4
(done over the basin)
It's shampoo time! Followed by water + soda gas (carbon dioxide) rinsing which will rinse away all the sebum, old surface cells and impurities. Just close your eyes, relax and enjoy the water rinse through your scalp and open up your eyes to see how much dirt that's been remove from your scalp.

Look at this!
 I'm glad that there's number76 @ Mont Kiara's Sparkling Hair Wash to help me removes all these dirt and oil that's been clogging my hair follicles. Normal shampooing at home can't remove all these impurities that's been sticking on your scalp, hence treatment like Tansan Spa is needed to help clear away these to maximize your hair growth from clean and healthy hair follicle.

Blow dry, style it and you're good to go to conquer the world with your crown!

Thank you very much number76 @ Mont Kiara for my wonderful hair!
(Cut and colour from Mr. Sato too!)

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For more information:

Address: E-01-02, Block E, Plaza Mont Kiara.

Tel: 03-6203 5111/4111

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