Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Launch

We all know that ageing are mostly caused by oxidation, which is the main cause of skin getting saggy, large pores, wrinkles and all sorts of ageing symptom that shows on our face. Have you ever think of, what if oxidation damage towards our skin, can be prevent? And yes, it can be prevent, proven by the result of 25 years of molecular biology research by Cosme Decorte Cellgenie series.

Founded in 1970 by Japanese leading cosmetic and skincare brand Kosé, Cosme Decorte is a premium cosmetic line which combines the latest dermatological advancements with innovative technologies. The two French word "Cosmetique" and "Décoration" inspired Cosme Decorte has become a name of high quality skincare brand throughout Japan and all around the world, for women who seek for the timeless beauty and elegance.

Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Skincare Series

Was quite lucky to be invited to Cosme Decorte's Cellgenie Media Launch early February and also, get to try on all the products among other invited guests, as one of the first to experience this luxurious skincare series.

And also, Cosme Decorte Malaysia's beauty trainer - Ms. Carmen Wong was demonstrating step-by-step facial care using this Cellgenie series to all the guests on the spot. 

Model of the day: Freda 

Prevention is always better than cure, and that is why we don't wait until our skin shows sign of ageing then only we take action. Cosme Decorte Cellgenie with its powerful ingredient - Andrographis Paniculata Extract, which took 10 years time to develop, enhances the self-defense capability of fibroblast cells so they become less prone to damage. At the same time this extract also turns on our cells anti-oxidant switch which prevent the declination of Vinculin, which helps to keep our cells intact and maintain skin's firmness and elasticity. I'm getting a feeling that I really need to start my skincare with Cosm Decorte's Cellgenie as soon as possible already!

So with Carmen showing all guests the basic step-by-step skincare regime, I would like to share with you all the step-by-steps we've learn during the media launch using Cosme Decorte Cellgenie series:

Never forget, cleansing is the most important part in ones skincare regime

Skin wouldn't be able to take in all the nourishment and benefit of a skincare product if our skin aren't thoroughly clean and pores are clogged. That is why everyday cleansing is important. Cellgenie Cleansing Cream is able to removes makeup and oxidized sebum(not just any oil sebum yo!) that causes ageing effect to our skin, and for a throughly detoxed and noticeably firm sensation.

It leaves clean, supple, firm but not tense sensation to skin with its relaxingly gentle yet rich texture, and also a refreshing sensation, as well as an amino-acid based active agent that leaves skin smooth as baby's skin!

(Size: 125g Price: RM162)

Some would prefer cleanse using another round of facial wash, due to there's no proper equipment during the media launch, so we didn't try out their facial wash that requires rinsing with water. Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Facial Wash can be bought at RM144 for a 125g size pack.

Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Emulsion

One big bottle of emulsion goodness for a good price. This emulsion delivered all effective ingredients into skin's deeper layer, which enhance skin's elasticity, make skin plump, supple and bouncy with incredible moist. It contains three type of oleic acid derivatives that help relax mature skin prone to dehydration and hardening. These ingredients enhance skin's flexibility, restoring it to a supple condition.

Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Lotion

A lotion that is infused with two advanced capsules: Lipid multi vector capsules which enhance penetration power and Cell Delivery Capsules that contains the Andrographics Paniculata Extract which deliver active ingredients and maximise its effects.

This lotion also contains Theanine and Poria cocos extract which prevent fluid from accumulating, promoting its circulation throughout the entire epidermis and producing a stimulating effect that enhances the metabolism of our skin.

It is soft and water, the lotion instantly penetrates into all skin layers. The skin of the back of my hand feels resilient and nourished as if treated with a serum.

There are two types of cream from Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Cream:
  • Cellgenie Cream VT (30g RM288) - Restores the elasticity of skin and fill it up with plumpness and suppleness. Its soft, thick base cream spreads over skin smoothly, which helps to protect skin all day, prevent dryness and rough to skin that maintains skin health.
  • Cellgenie Cream LF (30g RM288) - Deliver intense firmness to slack skin. Lift up cream that pumps up the skin with ample of collagen. It instantly lifts bothersome sagging skin and fixes it in place, creating a sharp and lifted impression. With its' concentrated ingredients that lift up skin, the thich base cream adheres snuggly to the skin as it spreads, imparting a firm and taut sensation.

Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Lipid Oil Mask

This thick 5-10 minute oil mask really open my eyes. It rejuvenates skin, which tends to become harder and duller with age, and restore skin to its lustrous and springy condition.

Used the lipid oil on my left hand
Saw the difference which this photo didn't do its justice!

It is a high performance treatment oil composed primarily of Rosa Canina Fruit (Rose Hip oil) and other botanical ingredients that soften the skin and boost skin's femininity. I can see the skin of the back of my hand is plump with bright and healthier appearance. My face really could use some of this!

Cosme Decorte Moisture Liposome

Other than the Cellgenie range, we get to try on some of the star products of Cosme Decorte like this bottle of Moisture Liposome which is such a big hit overseas! Its highly-advanced delivery technology back in year 1992 has already made it sold for over 3 million bottles since then.

Cosme Decorte Sun Shelter AG
SPF 50+

Skincare routine isn't complete without sunscreen! Sun Shelter AG gives fully protection from UVA and UVB to our skin up to 8 hours a day! It is lightweight and not greasy at all after application, which also makes it as one of Cosme Decorte's users favourite product.

Specially formulated for women in their 20s, Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Range is a saviour from skin ageing and oxidation. Thank you for bringing in such a great brand into Malaysia and we Malaysian women are gonna benefit a lot from it. Head over to Cosme Decorte's counter and start looking young forever. 

For more information:

Cosme Decorte Malaysia Official Facebook Page

603-2171 2236 (Cosme Decorte Isetan KLCC)
603-2287 6087 (Cosme Decorte The Garden)

Cosme Decorte Official Website

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cafe Hopping

Went out with my sistersss and teacher today and decided to go try out Caffé Crema at Plaza Mont Kiara today.

It was a quaint café located near the fountain of Plaza Mont Kiara. Due to its limited space, there are not much indoor seats, but lucky us there's still space caters for four. Thought of having brunch over there but there's only sandwiches left. If only they have more selections of food that will be really customer-friendly tho. 

I like how the friendly waiters and natural relaxing wood interior of the café, with the black disc player playing soothing music in the background, I believe that's why there are so much customers around. 

Later on we decided to hang out at Publika and went to Wondermilk for some tea break and I just can't stop myself from ordering those delicious cupcakes. Mo Better Butterscotch was da bomb!!! 

Good company, good dessert, good atmosphere, this is how a Saturday should be like! The weather is unlikely to be kind to human beings these days, remember to:

Drink more water!!! 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hair Care Revolution - Moist Diane

I'll save the a girl's hair is her crown bla bla bla kinda bullshit because yea, we all know that. But what you do not know is this - a revolutionary hair care product made in Japan that is available right here in Malaysia. 

Okay, we may not exactly get the word "revolution" because of all the peacefulness we're in, but when I tell you there's this hair care revolution thingy going on in Japan, it is really happening. You know why? Because the oil shampoo era has come! (Pardon my Japanese English direct translate)

Moist Diane

What exactly is a oil shampoo? Can we really clean our hair and scalp using shampoo that has oils in it? Are you really sure about that??? Well, that's why they call it "Revolutionary". You may have heard about celebrity using cold press coconut oil on their hair, or even used a one or two argain oil products for styling, but cleaning your hair and scalp by shampooing using oil cleansing shampoo, this is gonna be your first time.

All thanks to Manoah and Watsons, we Malaysians are able to lay our hands on this brand new shampoo and hair care concept by Moist Diane. It is currently a big hit over Japan now due to its revolutionary cleansing oils formula in their shampoo and hair care products, that you can feel the improvement of your locks day by day.

Introduction speech by Mr. Tora - Morishita-san from Mandom Singapore

Moist Diane was created by NatureLab Japan, which is a company established 18 years ago. They have 20 private label cosmetic brands and also exclusive distributor of 25 cosmetics brands throughout Japan and Asian countries. Moist, Diane was first launched in year 2013. The brand name was inspired by the ancient Rome Goddess of the moon - Diana, a strong, noble and elegant image which can be said to be one of the perfect example for modern women.

The creation of Moist Diane is that they listened to what the consumers have to said about hair care products. Nature Lab tries to satisfy consumer needs with Moist, Diane as the luxurious rare oil shampoo that is selling in retail market with a consumer friendly price. There are four types of Moist Diane shampoo line which are - Gold Diane for moist and shining, Red Diane for scalp care, Black Diane for extra damage care and Platinum Diane for extra shining (Platinum Diane are not imported into Malaysia market currently.)

As the next generation oil hair care, Moist Diane is created with PhytoCellTech Technology, Botanic Rare Oil which has been added to the main ingredient Moroccan Argan Oil for synergistic effect and also Ion Complex Technology. This greaseless and silicone-free hair care product is formulated by technologies that provides superior moisturization, shine and repair at the same time.

Maybe you will wonder if one's scalp is oily, how does and oil based shampoo gonna clean it? Now it work like this: just like facial cleansing oil, excess oil sebum and dirt on scalp can be clean and removed with this Magical Oil - Moroccan Argan Oil. Rich in Vitamin E, Argan Oil has the ability to deeply cleanse, protect and hydrate the hair and scalp after each wash. You will feel the smoothness when it is apply to hair instead of greasiness.

Congratulations on the launch of Moist Diane!
Now you can get this wonderful series of technology breaking hair care product at major Watsons store!

I too, was skeptical about this so-called Next Generation Oil Shampoo. There are way too many shampoo that claims and boost about their benefit to human-hair washing and yet once we bought it home it doesn't really made any difference to our hair. So we were arranged for a hair-washing session, to be among the first to try on Moist Diane's Gold Diane series. 

Shampoo session

The experience was great! I love the aroma of Gold Diane, and my super duper damaged bleach hair felt smooth and easy to comb after only one hair wash. I am now using this Gold Diane shampoo and also conditioner at home, each hair wash feels like a bliss with them. I really do believe its Double Keratin Amino Acid Technology does repairs my hair slowly from inside, which leaves my hair soft and smooth and yet shiny!

Thank you Dee for the hair wash and styling!

This Moist Diane hair care products are such a big hit in Japan that many celebrities and bloggers are using them too! You should totally have a look at their funny commercial clips that's been airing on Japan TV that makes you feel happy too with such a good feeling hair flowing down from your scalp.

So head over to Watsons today and look for Moist Diane now! You wouldn't wanna miss this next generation cleansing oil hair care products that doesn't costs a hole in your wallet! Definitely worth every cent spend on this!