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Chai Bar

2 boys, 76 ingredients, 1 mission. Dennis Lee and Edward Wong, co-founders of Chai Bar, a modern and casual concept salad bar located at the beautiful Oasis Damansara. Serving made-to-order salads with Asian twist, Chai Bar offers more than 70 fresh salad ingredients range from freshly washed and cut vegetable, beans, cheese, nuts, pickles, roasted vegetables to a variety of cold and grilled meat like smoked salmon, shrimp, poached chicken and grilled beaf. With the 15 variety from East-to-West inspired salad dressings, Chai Bar has literally made my vegetable-eating experience a super pleasant one!

Chai Bar, Oasis Damansara
Opposite Krazy Krab & Royal Flush

Resolution wall of Chai Bar customers

I'm really not a big fan of greens. There are times that I pick all those vegetables out from my plate of wantan mee or clear soup noodles because they taste bitter. My dad always said that it is my tongue that taste bitter, not the vegetables, but I don't buy that. I really hate vegetables that are not fresh and full of pesticides! So when I was invited to Chai Bar by Haze, honestly I was skeptical. I'm afraid that they are gonna end up like those vegetables I picked out from my bowl.

Look at all the varieties of ingredients they provide for making a perfect bowl of salad for YOU:

woah! I'm amazed!
Some ingredients are so strange to me I never heard of'em at all!

It is totally fine for you to freak out a little bit like me when you saw the order form and all the fresh ingredients at the bar, there are more easier way to get a bowl of yummilicious salad by ordering Chai Bar's The Fab 10 Salads. These 10 interesting and yet delicious salad mixture are created by the co-founders that even meat lovers would like them! If you're a pro when it comes to salad consuming, feel free to do your own mix and match with all the fresh ingredients they have and you may come up with something adventurous and yet extraordinaire that no one thought of! Price ranged from RM14 to RM22.50, there's always the right type of salad for you.

While waiting for our salads prepared by Dennis and his team, decided to order this:
Kaffir Lemonade

Not just ordinary lemonade, juices and smoothies at Chai Bar are made from real fruits instead of concentrated fruit extract or boxed juices. Added with spices and herbs, each drink are carefully crafted to give customers fresh and natural feeling paired with those salads that we've waiting for.

Dennis and his team are kind enough to let 5 of us try out 7 variety from The Fab 10 Salads menu, each of them comes in a huge portion that I feel so guilty we're unable to finish them all. But nonetheless, these are The Fab 10 Salads and believe me, they are sooooooo fresh and yummy I wish I can have these as my meal everyday (I'm serious!!!).


Steakhouse for the meat lover, or those who prefer less greens.  I have never had grilled beef as tender as this! Contains baby spinach, with baby potatoes, tomato, caramelized onion and juicy grilled beef. Dressed with blue cheese, this bowl is low in calories and nutrient dense. One cup of baby spinach contains more than the daily requirements of Vitamin A & K. Spinach contains antioxidant properties, improves cardiovascular health and slow down the ageing process of a human's body cells. Is this why guys look forever young?

Chicken Rice

When Dennis present us this bowl of salad, I literally thought Chicken Rice is THE chicken rice, smells better than some of those Hainan Chicken Rice stalls's chicken rice. It's one bowl of baby spinach mix with red rice, onions, cucumber, bean sprouts and poached chicken dressed with sesame soy. This bowl of low carbs chicken rice contains red rice which is a good source of fibre, iron, and most importantly - FAT FREE! Red rice also improves bowl function, prevents constipation and slows digestion which aids in weight control. While the poached chicken is low in fat without oil added. Skinless chicken breast mean contains extremely little fat but high in protein, Vitamin B-6 and B-3.


Sounds powerful isn't? Mixed leaves with sweet potatoes. beets, avocado, dried cranberries, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds and quinoa dressed with peanuts. Quinoa is a great protein source for vegetarians. It contains all the essential amino acids, manganese, trytophan, folate, phosphorus and high in phytonutrients and flavonoids, quinoa are known as food that can combat cancer. 

This bowl of Superfood is a nutritional powerhouse. Aside from Quinoa, the sweet potatoes are high in Vitamins A, B5, B6, Thiamin, Niacin, Riboflavin and not to forget, Carotenoids. Sweet Potatoes are also low-glycemic, releasing steady amounts of energy upon digestion and stabilizing blood sugar levels. Superfood is a good choice for lunch I think, I bet you won't feel sleepy after lunch hour.

California Girls

(Katy Perry, stop singing in my head) Nope, this is not a bowl of western style salad but more to the Japanese side. Quirkily named after California Rolls, this bowl of mixed lettuce with red rice, avocado, carrot, cucumber, cherry tomato, hard boiled egg, pickled seaweed, kaori hako (crab meat), wasabi mayo and garnished with roasted seaweed and ebiko will make your inner Japanese screaming Oishii!!!

This bowl of salad literally tastes like California Rolls I no kid you. With my favourite Avocado in it which is high in monounsaturated fat that helps body absorb fat soluble vitamins. Also full of Vitamin C and E, the two powerful antioxidants that prevent cell damage. Seaweed or wakame is another good source of magnesium, iodine, calcium, iron, vitamins, and folate which Iodine is necessary for cell metabolism and the production of thyroid hormones. This is one of my favourite salad from The Fab 10 Salads list,


Annyeong. We all know Kimchi is a good source of probiotics aiding in digestion and maintaining a healthy state of intestinal flora. It is also rich in powerful antioxidants which shield the body from free radicals. Another Korea's favourite condiment - Gochujang, contains protein, fat, Vitamin B2 & C, Carotenes and Capsaicin, which is believed to have anti-bacterial effects, boosting metabolism, reducing fat and preventing obesity.

With a lil spicyness to spice up this bowl of salad that contains baby spinach with red rice, cucumber, carrot, mushrooms, bean sprouts, hard boiled egg, grilled beef, sprinkles of Kimchi, Korean anchovies and sweet Gochujang, you can't say no to this bowl of Hanguk Bibimbap salad. (So Korean I can't handle!)


More to a western side when it comes to flavour? Sombrero can satisfy your exotic taste bud. Mixed lettuce with 3 bean mix, corn, tomato, onion, mixed peppers, cheddar cheese, tortilla chips and grilled beef dressed with avocado and topped with Salsa, this bowl of Mexican goodness is gonna leave you a megusta.jpg face.

High in fibre and water content, the 3 bean mix in this bowl of salad is gonna help you feel full faster which helps to cut out the calorie intake without feeling deprived. They are also particularly rich in anti-oxidants, the highest among most common plants. Grilled lean beef has a low calorie-to-nutrient ratio with protein, zinc, phosphorus, iron and B-Complex vitamins. It also builds strong muscle, teeth and bones while supplying energy and oxygen to cells. I bet my gym-going friends will like Sombrero alot! 

Caesar Salad 

I save the best for last, this is gonna be my favourite among all - The classic Caesar Salad but only, with a slight twist. Loaded with tons of Romaine lettuce, croutons, onions, parmesan, hard boiled egg, and grilled chicken in perfection, this Caesar Salad is dressed with Green Goddess dressing which is quite uncommon I think. 

Green Goddess contains basil which is rich in Vitamins A, K & C, magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium, it has the effect of reducing inflammation, swelling and also full of anti-ageing properties and anti-oxidants. I love the Green Goddess dressing with all the fresh ingredients that makes this bowl of Caesar Salad an out-of-the-world kinda consuming exprerience.

Totally opens up my appetite for greens!

I really think that it's hard to find a place that provide fresh, natural and yet delicious salads like how Chai Bar did. If only I stay at Subang area. Definitely have to thank Haze for introducing such a wonderful place, even Cheesie's cute baby boy Junya loves their fresh greenies. Now I know where to get my salad fix. It was such an excellent salad consuming experience provided by Edward & Dennis. Looking forward to more branches of Chai Bar! Please open one branch at Setapak area ok???

For more information:

Chai Bar
+603 7832 0524

G31, Oasis Village, Oasis Square
2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A
Oasis Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya

Business Hour:
Tuesday - Sunday: 11am - 9pm
Closed on Monday

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