Sunday, May 10, 2015

Coca-Cola Collectors Fair 2015

Can't believe I get to go to this collectors fair at Berjaya Times Square yesterday to get the unique "your-name-on-a-coca-cola-can" done! I almost thought I'll missed this event until my show come to a long break time till the next show. Thankiu universe!!! 

There's already a big heat for these name Coca-Cola before Chinese New Year. I still remember my friends told me that the people are literally crazy buying those Coca-Cola at shopping malls just to get their hands on these name cans. Luckily there's no queue or whatsoever when I got to Times Square, that makes me able to get my cans in lesser than 5 minutes! 

Only 8 wordings inclusive of space

Yay!!! Mine!!! 

Actually I had mine done during the Chinese New Year period with the help of my friend, but unfortunately the can burst when my friend put it in his car while trying to pass to me after work that night. Sobs!!! I thought I gotta wait super long till the next time I get to make a new one but here it is, my own can of Coca-Cola Name Can!!! So happy! (I like it better without the Chinese New Year edition wordings one) 

I did walk around and have a look at those booth where they sell their collections of Coca-Cola. I am so near at buying the Daft-Punk ones! And also the Karl Lagerfeld. But nah I guess I'll just wait for the next time then since I'm saving up for my next trip. 

All the limited edition bottles are so pretty!!! I wonder how long it took to have all these collect. It is such an eye-opening event because I get to see all types of collections from all around the world! From cans to bottles to merchandises, these true Coca-Cola fans are everywhere!!! 

Decided to get these for my bb Sheena and Amanda! I hope they like it tho.

And now my fridge look like this!!! 

Hahahahahaha omg I wonder how long will it took me to finish all these Coca-Cola! Hopefully I won't be Coke-phobia after. 


Arisa Chow said...

OMGERD! still have or no more dy? Always wanted to make one with my name but missed the one during CNY :(

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

No babe, it's only a one day event, last Saturday. :(
But I think Coca-Cola company will always held this name writing kiosk event from this year onwards.