Thursday, May 7, 2015

Faces of 2morrow

Do you wonder about "behind the scenes" of a photo shoot? Gonna let you take a peek about what's really going on bts when it comes to a photoshoot, a current project called Faces of 2morrow that's going on this Saturday. 

Did my own makeup for the shoot. 

The Korean style "Biting Lips" 

Official T-Shirt for the event 

There are 30 contestants of this event, so the photoshoot starts from 8pm and ends past 12am. Took plenty of selfies out of boredom during the wait for my turn to shoot.

Hunks at the back

After almost 4 hours of wait, it's my turn! 

Well I still feel nervous when I look at all the other girls doing their thing effortless. I guess there's always so much more to learn from everyone, everyday. My mind almost go blank when it's my turn and I was thinking like: oh shit oh shit what to pose I gotta think of something. Thank god it went through smoothly, but I reckon that it wasn't my best. 

Well anyway, if you would like to see us strutting the Malaysia's longest runway, do drop by Avenue K this Saturday and Sunday start from 11am. See you there. 

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Jean said...

Ur hairstyle super cute. And all the best!!!