Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Monochrome Day

Some said that when you style yourself in monochrome, you're out of ideas, I kinda agree to that. But you know there are some days that you really really feel like wearing black and white? Monochrome is one of my favourite when it comes to fashion style but I would love to try different colours too. 

Current favourite: dark lips colour and knee high socks 

Outer one piece from F-Block 

Went to karaoke that day. It's been 3 months since I last went to a karaoke session. I kinda damaged my vocal chord during the previous karaoke session and I can't really reach the pitch I used to nowadays. Sobs!!! 

And for that day's makeup, I went for the "dark eyed circle and dark lips" style. 

Love this M.A.C lip colour to the max! Feels like wearing it out everyday! If only I  have so many places to go lol. 

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