Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Summertime Sadness

KL has been very gloomy and wet lately that it almost rained everyday. I really miss the sun so much! Sorry for hating you during Chinese New Year sun because you were scorching hot but I promised I won't say a word so please could you just come out and play? 

Wore this sundress and hoped for a sunny bright day but failed. Gloomy and raining. Kinda defeat the purpose of wearing a sundress out. 

H&M Sundress, Vincci Sandals

Did a not usual-self kind of makeup. It's hold, brown and cyan blue blend with a blue under-eye-liner. Talking bout going full flash of summer. 

And and also, my fake sun-kissed skin using blusher to achieve. What's been really missing is the sun. 

How to achieve this look: 
Kate Duo Eye Palette, NYX Blue Eyeliner, Kiss Me Heroine Make Eyeliner, Silky Gilr Blusher and Nars Lipstick and gloss. 

Sun, do let me know when you're going to come out and play ok? 

And also I've been posting videos and stuff in snapchat, do follow me if you're using too! 

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