Sunday, May 3, 2015

Superheroes Weekend

My weekend is full of superheroes appearances. From Avengers: Age of Ultron to Avengers figurines, never ending superheroes story for the boy.

I thought of keeping these after finished the popcorn and drinks but was quite exhausted after the movie I threw both away 😂😂😂. I only realized that after I'm preparing to sleep. #failmoments

Xuan wore as Transformers to the cinema last night to watch Avengers. This suit was a souvenir bought by his cousin bro on his work trip to Bangkok. Pretty nice imo. The only thing is the mask that comes along, even Xuan feels embarrassed and not wanting to wear that out to the public hahaha. 

Now only I realized how much Xuan likes Captain America!!! Captain America is his favourite Superhero. I guess this will make me sourcing gifts for him easily next time - just buy anything Captain America, or even a Captain America cake on his birthday perhaps! 

Forced to buy this book when Xuan accidentally tore it in the bookstore. Well I guess this makes a good start for him to force him read English story book tho. *think positively* Nowadays all he reads are Chinese reading materials I guess he is slowly losing his English reading and comprehensive skills, must train him using this book then lol. 

Well I guess this pretty much sums up my happening long weekend with Xuan. Busy week ahead back in the capital city I'm starting to feel tiresome looking at my hectic schedule. Boo. 

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