Saturday, May 16, 2015


Passed by this café corner hundred of times but never once I try their coffee, so I decided to give them a try yesterday. 

The café is located at the corner of the link bridge from MidValley to The Gardens. I had pretty bad muscle ache due to 10 minutes of Jung Da Yeon exercise I really had to find a place to sit and rest after all the walking with my high heels. This quaint lil café at the corner made it just right for me to get a little breather after all day's hustle bustle.

Ordered their Iced Café Mocha and it turn out super tasteful. The coffee taste a bit sourish to me (they say coffee with sourish taste are good coffee, is it?) more to the bitter side too. I usually like my coffee sweet so this is a bit out of my liking scale. 

But anyway, I believed they have good quality coffee as I was unable to fall asleep. The caffeine hit me pretty bad until this morning 😂 well I guess it kinda reminds me that I'm not young anymore and I should watch out what I drink/eat before I sleep. 

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