Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wanderlust, Solaris Mont Kiara

It's been more than a week since I'm back from Bangkok and my schedules are still super packed these days due to work, events, meet ups and of course, the most wonderful news of all - my sis Peiyue just gave birth to the cutest baby in the world!!! So proud of her!!! 

Okay, let's not get too distracted by the happy news. So last week me and my friends had a meet up and decided to dine at Wanderlust located at Solaris Mont Kiara. 

Blue and white! So Santorini, so vacation-ish! 

Interior of Wanderlust: 

Makes me wanna go for another vacation again!!! 

Wanderlust has a unique menu which combines cuisines from everywhere and trying to give your taste bud the impact of east meet west. 

Deep fried beetroot paired with mayonnaise. This is the first time I see people deep fried beetroot! It has a special taste which those beetroot lover definitely will find interesting. 

Beetroot Smoothies 

Curry chicken in Chinese Gua Bao. Deep fried Gua Baos are so crispy, when paired with the spice oriented curry chicken, it gave us a different feeling when eating the Man Tou-like Gua Bao. 

Pan Seared Salmon with Egg Omelette. Homemade tomato paste with a block of egg omelette and a huge block of fresh, tasty salmon. 

Tiger Prawn with salted egg pasta. This is yum yum for people who like salted egg dishes, someone like me! This dish is one of my favourite of Wanderlust. 

We ordered 2 main dishes for sharing among 3 pax and we were full! Despite that our tummy running out of spaces, skipping dessert is a big No-No! Hence desserts time:

Sago with Espresso and Cream. I thought sago is only meant for mango and honeydew desserts, didn't know that when combined with espresso shot and milk cream, sago desserts can become so unique and tempting! 

Tiramisu with Guinness Stout. Did you say Guinness Stout? Hell sure for it! Another groundbreaking creation to the Italian's traditional desserts. Different layers different texture but together they have the most fantastic texture and taste together. Who would've thought that stout can go so well with Tiramisu's cream and espresso. 

I had one of the most satisfying dinner at Wanderlust that night and were introduced to all those fusion dishes that never crossed my mind. If you are looking for something exciting in your meal, Wanderlust is the place to go! 

For more information:

10, Jalan Solaris 4 
Solaris Mont Kiara 
Mont Kiara 
Kuala Lumpur 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

A big thank you to my girl Lisa for giving me such awesome birthday gift that I've been wanted for some time - Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. 

And also a hankie from Innisfree! Thank you Lisa! 

I've been wanting to try clay mask ever since I heard the goodness of it - cleanse your pores so thoroughly and also help restore the firmness of your skin because of clean pores. I've know a makeup artist which he have such good skin texture he told me he uses clay mask very often to cleanse his skin. I hope Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask can give me a skin texture that everyone envy! 

Its texture is kinda gluey, although it's a bit hard to smoothen out the clay on skin but its extension is quite good, just a small amount can cover my whole face. Super saving clay mask! 

It took about 10minutes for the mask to be all dry, and during the dry out process, it's so cooling due to the volcanic mud of Jeju Island that has such a great cooling effect when apply on skin. I would say it is a type of clay mask that suit Malaysian women to cool off our skin under such hot weather. 

After first try 

Although the effect is not visible, but can see that redness of my skin is immediately cool off and also I can feel my skin is smoother. It also helps my skin to be able absorb all those skincare products I applied on face faster than before. I shall continue use and maybe update again about this super volcanic pore clay mask after some time using it. 

Once again thank you Lisa for giving me this wonderful birthday present! You know me best! 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Beauty Day Out with Beauty Guide and The Butterfly Project

Nothing much can wake me up early in the morning unless it is a very important person that I'm attending to, or to a whole day pampering session! Yes! Whole day meant for beauty and pampering session with the bloggers, that happened a day before my birthday and I consider it as an early birthday gift for myself from the Blogosphere!

with Jean oh Pretty Jean

Beauty Guide was set to launch in Malaysia and they've found The Butterfly Project for a collaboration hence this Beauty Day Out with bloggers. Started in year 2014, Beauty Guide is an E-Directory about salons, spas, shop listings, beauty informations and so on to all Malaysians and those who visits this country. The website has also pricing, locations and reviews for your reference if you were to visit some spas or salons that you have never been to. It is pretty convenient to know more about the services and price before you head to a place knowing nothing, it is pretty much everything in your phone/laptop with just few clicks away! Yay to Beauty Guide!

Founder of Beauty Guide gave us a sweet short speech before bloggers en route to Beauty Day Out!

And guess where is our first stop of the day...

Waxing Time!

It's been ages since I last did waxing. I'm a hairy baby. =X

Thanks to Beauty Guide's arrangement, this is the first time I try waxing at Strip. I've heard many good reviews from friends that they are good and finally my own to evaluate now.

It's just waxing, breathe!

Pre-surgery kinda photo hahaha

Just gonna wax my lower arm la hahahahahaha

Still feeling a bit stingy pain when she tear the waxing strip off tho

Well I guess Strip did a pretty good job in waxing my lower arms, they are smoother and softer to touch after the wax. And also just learned that if we use shave method to remove unwanted hairs, there maybe ingrown hair developed in pores and may cause infection. Scary! Definitely gonna take very good care and remove all the unwanted hairs in a more gentle method such as waxing. Thanks Strip!

Furless and Fearless! ROAR!

We'll be heading to 4 beauty stops that day, but how do we get around? The answer is by Uber X! It is my first time taking Uber taxis not to mention Uber X! We have a very funny and kind driver for that day and he told us many amusing stories as an Uber X driver. It is actually so fun and comfortable taking Uber X to your destination and heard testimonials from Lisa and Jean that they often take Uber X/ Uber to some places and it costs wayyy cheaper than normal taxis! How could that be!!! Imma try Uber X/Uber next time when I don't feel like driving.

Since no need to drive can press phone kao kao
#antisocialgang hahahaha

After waxing at Strip Bangsar, our next destination located at place much further - Sunway Resort. Yes, it is massage time at Sunway Resort's Mandara Spa. OMG I heart massage so, so much it is one of my favourite relaxation activity. Let's see how are the skills of Mandara Spa's Masseuse.

Pretty greens around

Selamat Datang ke Mandara Spa

Mandara Spa was located at about 10 minutes walk into a serene place inside Sunway Resort. The trees that surrounded Mandara Spa is actually very therapeutic, you felt relax once you walking towards the spa centre. It almost felt like we're somewhere in the middle of jungle or Bali when walking through the trees to get to the place. Reminds me so much about Bali, I wanna go back to Bali again!!!

Pretty and natural settings in room

Getting ready for an hour of massage yay!

Mandara Spa practises a more Balinese style of spa and massage hence they don't bend you here and there to get your nerves fixed. It is more to relaxation of mind and of course, the blood circulation improved during the massage session so that you'll feel all revive again. I had a wonderful one hour massage at Mandara Spa and it was so comfortable I think I dozed off quite a few times during the massage session. Lol. 

Do you guys fall asleep during massage session? If yes, do you feel the massage is wasted because you can't "feel" anything during the session? If no, is it due to pain or maybe you wanna enjoy the "feeling" of massage? I've always have these questions in mind when it comes to massage, feel free to drop your comment for discussion haha. 

After a much relaxed massage, we took Uber X and ride back to Bangsar Shopping Centre's WIP to fill up our noisy tummy! We were so hungry we could eat up two cows I swear, but of course WIP offers a much better option than just cow. Look at the beautiful menu they designed for us on that day:

Of course, Detox Juice for us!

Starters for our lunch

I heart their Greek Berry Salad so much. The berries, crispy romaine lettuce, red radish, and of course, not to forget my favourite feta cheese cubes! It is a bowl of happiness for me. (Okay makes me wanna have one right now and it's middle of the night!!!) I will definitely go back to WIP for this bowl of Greek Berry Salad again!

Our main: XO Fried Rice

You know that sometimes human will tend to be more skeptical when it comes to restaurant serving street food? That's how I thought so too when I saw XO Fried Rice on the menu list I was like: XO Fried Rice? Can make it or not in a western restaurant? I was so damn wrong! Of course they done plenty of research how to make it as a plate of XO Fried Rice that you can't find it on the street. Well done fried rice with crab meat and crispy fish skewer at side, each spoonful is bursting all my tastebuds in my mouth and it totally changed my perspective of restaurant serving street food.

Look at all the good food we were having that day!

Beef Espatada

A chunks of sirloin marinated in garlic and traditional herbs then grilled to perfection. Each bite from Beef Espatada is juicy, tender, tasteful. I love how the garlic and traditional herbs blends so well with the sirloin meat that the more I ate the more I crave for it! Totally forgot about the couscous that comes with it. lol.

Desserts - Tiramisu and Rocky Road Brownie with Häagen Dazs Ice Cream

Their Tiramisu is to die for. I've never had Tiramisu so soft and fluffy and yet, fully loaded with espresso and a touch of alcohol in it makes it even better. Okay, probably I'll go to WIP tomorrow for Greek Berry Salad and Tiramisu. Haha.

After lunch, here comes our last stop of the day:

Apronbay at Bangsar

Apronbay, which is the docking bay for an aircraft, is the name of this travel-themed beauty treatment place which provides beauty services such as manicures, pedicures, massages and even waxing. It looks like an aeroplane cabin for each room with a destination board in front of the room. Gah~ I wanna go to Paris! We were arranged for a pedicure session on that day, pretty much needed that for quite some time. 

Totally spoilt for choice!

Air stewardess do my nails.

Let it dry~

They say you can tell a person's personality from the colour of their choice. 

It was a wonderful Beauty Day Out with Beauty Guide and The Butterfly Project indeed! I've never had so much pampering in one day straight for myself in recent that this day recharged my battery to fight in life again! Thank you so much to Beauty Guide and The Butterfly Project for arranging this Beauty Day Out for all of us, and also not to forget, these collaborators for this wonderful day:

And our official ride of the day - UBER X.

Are you moved to give yourself and your loved ones pampering sessions? Hop over to Beauty Guide's Website and look for the best place and services near you!