Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 1, Bangkok Trip 2015

Hello Bangkok ala 2015! All the happenings during my Bangkok trip last year still felt like yesterday and now I'm there again, but this time with a different partner - Freda. 

Didn't do any research on where to go what to do this round. Maybe I just wanted a casual trip with a friend to just feel the different vibe of another city. Hence didn't really stress about our itinerary at all. 

It was raining back at KLIA2 when we're waiting to board on our flight. The sky changed immediately right after the plan took off and soar into the sky. In fact was much a pretty perfect weather to start a trip I guess. 

Did a pretty 'brave' decision when touched down at Don Mueang airport - to buy local SIM card and book a taxi through the GrabTaxi app! Lol! Me and Peiyue used once and thought it was fair enough to tourist as they use fare meter throughout the journey instead of haggling the fare to a certain destination. 

I booked the first taxi, the lady taxi driver called me to confirm the booking but it was all chicken-talking-to-duck kinda scenario I really don't understand what she's saying at all and of course vice-versa. So I had to cancel the booking, and try my luck for a better English comprehension taxi driver. Luckily found this uncle who can speak a tad bit of English, although not perfect but we still manage to understand what he's saying. It costs us 230baht from Don Mueang Airport to Pratunam under a traffic jam situation. 

Checked in the hotel, and headed straight away for food and shopping around the area. 

Banana Nutella Crepe. I want pancake not crepe *flips table* 

Had our dinner at the food bazaar in front of Central World, kinda upset that there's not even one stall that sells fried rice. :( 

During the end of the day we spend so much at those roadside stalls shopping. We haven't even visit the malls yet! But I guess this is what girls do when they visit Bangkok - Shopping. 

Still discussing bout our day 2 itinerary... Let's see where we will go then! 

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